Friday, April 29, 2016

The BRDM-2 - Ideal SHTF Daily Driver? Discuss.

 Boyevaya Razvedyvatelnaya Dozornaya Mashina

     As a light hearted way to usher in the weekend, I present the BRDM-2. There has been some buzz about armored vehicles for the prepping community.  Some claim that they are not daily drivers, parts are hard to find, yadda yadda.  I am writing this article to dispel some of these misconceptions, present some size comparisons and offer up a perhaps more reasonable alternative to armored transport - the vaunted BRDM-2!
Yes, there are some Central Europeans who use these as daily drivers.

WARNING!! Interrogation techniques are being used in the schools

     While America has slid down the slippery slope during the "Global War on Terror" and the concomitant rise of the fascist American police state, a once innocent venue has become more like a Guantanamo Bay waterboarding session than not.  Yes, you read that correctly... interrogation techniques reserved for hardened criminals and terrorists are being used on YOUR children, in schools that many of you willingly keep sending them to.

The Juvenile "Criminal" population is a fast growing segment in the private prison industry

     This article by Lambert Strether lays it out for you.  The purpose of this is apparently to shake down confessions out of the student body.  I submit to you that it more likely is a means to provide coercive control over the students.  The fear of interrogation can be quite a motivator to keep your head down and color only between the lines.

Tuesday Book Review: "Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises" ~ Believable EnterTRAINment

**Originally published Tuesday, April 26th, 2016** -- **BUMPED** --  

Max Velocity, the nom de guerre of the author of "Contact!" (You can read my review of Contact!, published in March 2016, HERE) has written more than just an invaluable tactical "how-to" manual for those wishing to prepare and be informed.  He has branched out and written two works of near future political fiction, of which I am reviewing the first, titled "Patriot Dawn", here.  The paperback is suitable for a wide audience - no prior military exposure or political vein is required to enjoy the book on several levels.  I am finding that Max Velocity's writing works to not only entertain, but to do so with purpose and vigor as a means of training.  I will use this post to inaugurate a new genre named "enterTRAINment".  It is through compelling story elements and structure that the Reader is exposed to and absorbs the tactical lessons, tactics and procedures that Max Velocity pounds home on in his work, "Contact!"  As such, consider it to augment the book "Contact!", as it is really a training enforcer for that work.

SHTF Self-Education Series Book Review: CONTACT! - Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival

**Bumped - Companion to this week's Book Review of Max's Fictional Novel, "Patriot Dawn"

"Contact! - Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival:  So good you may want to buy it before it gets banned!"

I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of the 2nd edition of CONTACT! so that I could review the work and provide some information to the reading consumer on the content and value of the work.  First and foremost, understand what you are getting when you buy this manual- you are buying the condensed wisdom and talent of a man who spent most of a career in the British Special Operations Forces in the Parachute Regiment.  To put it in perspective for an American audience, Max Velocity describes its function as most closely aligned with that of the American 75th Ranger Regiment.  The author spent several tours in Afghanistan and Iraq in a variety of roles, both military and as a contractor.  Upon retirement, he moved to the United States with his American wife and joined the American Army as a Combat Medic and Civil Affairs Specialist.  Understanding the breadth and depth of his experience, you will know immediately the value of what is between the soft covers of this work as being forged in battle and in hard circumstances.  What you get within these pages is no bluster, no nonsense and of practical use.

So good, you may want to buy it before it gets banned!

Calls to DeBaathification

 ~ Violence, Intimidation and Intolerance have ALWAYS 
come from the Left ~

OK folks, this has gotten serious.  Understand that your class and ideological enemies now are floating the idea that you (and me, brother) are to be subject to some form of political tribunal and "rehabilitation" or adjudication, as the case may be.  If you don't think this is serious, might I remind you of what happens when your group falls into the hands of our class and ideological foe - as an example of the extreme ends of this ideological dipole, I present to you the Katyn Forest Massacre.  If you have time, review the 400 page list of the dead.  Imagine the format filled in with Americans and you will begin to see where this "progressive" idea has led to in the past.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Musings "On Secession"

     While I was doing what I do for a living the other day, I was totally not thinking about this subject, until it emerged under its own power.  I was passing the time, going between job sites and situations, passing roadkill and the buzzards, all under a clear azure sky.  And it just .....formed.

Monday, April 25, 2016

What patterns exist in a Shadow State?

     Over the previous few weeks, I have taken a detour into the world of the Shadow State, what they are, why they exist and so on.  There remains a question about the internal psychology of the people within a Shadow State.  Might there be a mental pattern, a particular outlook that is conducive to the creation and sustainment of viable Shadow States?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pro-Liberty PsyOps: Intuition Bias and Semiotics to influence behavior

Dear Readers,  it is a great moment in time to review the concept of semiotics and the deployment of symbols to shift/influence mass behavior.

Of what possible use is this? you may ask.  I put this here today as a reminder to us all that the words, actions and symbols we use can have multiple meanings. You can use these concepts to leverage symbols to better suit your intended message as well.   As symbols gain in popularity or are seen to increase in number/visibility throughout the populace, their ability to influence through "wisdom of the crowd" or "herd mentality" also increases.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Violent Balkans Past as Prelude in FUSA - Manufactured Crisis & Ethnic Civil Unrest

     As an icebreaker, I am writing this to tune up my neurons for my next book review.  It has occurred to me that the dearth of historical understanding in the X/Y/Z generation calls for a brief review of what functions were performed to effect national policy in the Balkans.  I am writing this from the view of Serbia, although the lessons in this are universal and need to be understood.  Take advance note that the so-called "Western" style of warfare gives short shrift to these topics.  These are not for the squeamish, as it addresses the intersection of Europa and Islam, of who gets to rot in a field and devoured by the crows, and who does not.  Never forget that the propaganda of such events is of critical importance.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Shadow Structures

As America continues to circle the drain, replete with those awful slurping/sucking sounds of faulty plumbing, know that humans have responded in some interesting ways to tyrannical impositions over their rightful liberties.  America is at that point in time where alternate means need to be explored, short of the all-out final resolution. We still have some decency and civility left.

What possible examples predate what we are experiencing today?  There are a few that spring to mind.  All of them revolve around the principle of building an alternate system of governance.  The examples range from what was seen in Iraq, with shadow "Emirs", to the IRA and how they operated, to the Polish Underground State in Exile.

Shariah Controlled Zone Warning, East London, UK

What is the purpose of developing, maintaining and using an underground, government in exile?  Does it have to be in exile?  Why?