Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Morning Roundup - Monday April 25th, 2016

Anzac Day:  Centenary celebrations of Anzac Day began at dawn in New Zealand, as is tradition, with concurrent ceremonies also being held in Australia and the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey.  Google and other key search engines of course chose to ignore the historical milemarker in their ongoing quest to redefine "history" for the electronic generation.

South Africa:  A civic group stated that Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) party leader Malema was guilty of "abusing his right to freedom of speech" after his declaration in an Al Jazeera interview that his party was willing to take up arms to oust the ruling ANC party.  A spokesperson from the ANC party stated that the government intended to lay criminal charges against Malema for inciting violence.

Al Shabaab:  Who supplied the intel? inquiring minds might ask: Kenya reports that its military jets bombed Al Shabaab bases in southern Somalia, targeting its senior leadership.

Spring time pleasures:   Pancetta-wrapped asparagus spears with citronette is a refreshing addition to al fresco grilling.  Choose asparagus by looking for thick stalks (thin stalks mean the plant is tired), with compact tips and a stalk that is firm to the touch.  The cut end should not be cracked as this indicates it's already drying out.  If not using immediately, store at home by cutting off about 1" from the bottom of the stalks and place upright in a container filled with fresh water (like you would fresh cut flowers) and cover with a plastic bag.  You can extend the life of your asparagus for about another week using this method.

Mario Battali's Pancetta Wrapped Grilled Asparagus

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