Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday Morning Roundup

DOHA Detente collapses:  Oil prices slid on Monday after a meeting between major producing nations on a proposed output freeze fell apart, leaving the world grappling with an excess of unwanted crude.  Saudi Arabia intentionally torpedoed the agreement and was willing to accept its failure.  This has severely damaged the credibility of oil producers in general and of OPEC in particular,” Commerzbank said in a note.  Economically struggling socialist Venezuela responded that "trust in OPEC is badly damaged" as a result of the DOHA agreement failure, and pinned the blame on Obama Administration interference.

Singaporean Motorcyclist who regularly commuted to Malaysia for cheaper gas fined $3,800 for entering Singapore illegally and without proper inspection.  Note well that non-Western countries seem intent on strictly enforcing border and migration policies.

All of your propaganda are belong to us:  Home of Orwell himself, the British BBC produces and publishes "7 charts that explain the Migrant crisis" .  Can you spot the badthink banishment rhetoric?

Rustic is all the Rage:  Zuppa or Minestra?  "Rustic" peasant cooking is now in vogue again as people seek to stretch their food budgets, and lower their blood cholesterol and triglycerides through dietary changes. Both "Zuppa" and "Minestra" are soup choices found on a rustic Italian menu, but Minestra traditionally is lentil or pasta based.  This twist on a traditional recipe offered by Blue Apron online combines end-of-season winter and pantry staples with crisp spring asparagus for a satisfying and filling low cost meal.

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