Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Musings "On Secession"

     While I was doing what I do for a living the other day, I was totally not thinking about this subject, until it emerged under its own power.  I was passing the time, going between job sites and situations, passing roadkill and the buzzards, all under a clear azure sky.  And it just .....formed.

The idea of secession in American history is considered by the elite and mainstream to be tainted, something for the hicks and rubes to get worked up over at re enactments, usually involves some specific variant of flag, and the favorite color is often gray, with gray highlights.  HOWEVER... what American public so-called "schools" prattle on about, The Revolutionary War, the "Pilgrims" and the God-favored Yankee juggernaut... these all played a role in secession that, if we open the aperture a tad, it is worth reworking in our minds what exactly secession means.

Like it or not, this scene embodies what the coastal elite holds at the vision of "flyover country", i.e. any place not occupied by a self defined "elite" and their closely held tax serfs and human pet groupings.  The line "I'm lost!" has deeper meaning, in that not only is the gang of smug elitists geographically lost, they are also spiritually lost.

I will define it for you right here... secession is when hicks, rubes and the lumpenproletariat do it... Revolution is when bearded radicals who have tee shirts with their likenesses on them do it.  Revolution is "respectable" in the vein of George Washington and the founding fathers, when carried out by those in ideological alignment with the gatekeepers of information and money, secession when those "damn rebels" do it, followed quickly by mutterings of "rayciss!" and ad hominem attacks.

To recap, "secession" is the dog whistle for the entrenched when people who the establishment elite abhor do it, "revolution" is the term "polite society" uses when the guys with poor dentition and chewing tobacco get thrown into holes in the ground by pop icon tyrranoclowns like this guy:

Ever leftwards, faster!
Consider also that the revolution in America may be seen as the people not moving away from the "Crown", so much as the "Crown" is moving away from the people - through creeping diktat and usurpation, through tax levies and all manner of discomforts that alienate and disenfranchise the people.  It is all relative motion.  Think of pool balls on the felt, smacking into one another on a break shot... is it the ball hit that is the reason for the motion, or the cue ball slamming into it?  Which moved?  Which is moving?  In a larger, galactic scale consider the role of red shift and blue shift of light determining what is approaching and receding.


In contemporary America, is it the regime that people are breaking away from, or is it a degenerate, syphilitic entity changing leftward, ever faster away from the historically center right nature of the American people?  Consider who or what is moving away from the center of gravity.  For those out there that have not read Dr. Joe Strange on "Centers of Gravity", try this:

 As this "election" draws nearer, consider well what this conceptual model of relative political motion means, and how the evoked set reasoning is used to try to shame, manipulate and intimidate people into reflexive action away from grassroots secession, and towards agitated leftist revolution.

For those of you interested in MOAR:

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