Friday, April 1, 2016

Shadow Structures

As America continues to circle the drain, replete with those awful slurping/sucking sounds of faulty plumbing, know that humans have responded in some interesting ways to tyrannical impositions over their rightful liberties.  America is at that point in time where alternate means need to be explored, short of the all-out final resolution. We still have some decency and civility left.

What possible examples predate what we are experiencing today?  There are a few that spring to mind.  All of them revolve around the principle of building an alternate system of governance.  The examples range from what was seen in Iraq, with shadow "Emirs", to the IRA and how they operated, to the Polish Underground State in Exile.

Shariah Controlled Zone Warning, East London, UK

What is the purpose of developing, maintaining and using an underground, government in exile?  Does it have to be in exile?  Why?

The purpose of such a parallel institution is to give the people an alternative to work with.  It may take decades, it may take longer than you have, personally.  It provides a counterbalance to the existing structure.  If one looks into various Muslim enclaves in France, for instance... each of those is a manifestation of a shadow state.

The shadow state concept is perhaps a better incarnation of local control than the "group of guys" training on a weekend.  The shadow state concept is agnostic, in that it works well for Muslims as well as American Blacks... so, the SAME concept of operations applies to Caucasians as well.

What makes up a "No Go" zone?  A No Go zone is an area that has essentially seceded from central state control, and is in the hands of local players.  In the case of Al Sharpton, he is merely an intermediary puppet of high level communist handlers.  How else would he have survived the Tawana Brawley and Crown Heights fiascoes?

A No Go zone, at its heart, is an ethnically and culturally homogenous zone.  The landowners are not pressured, or pressurized, by ethnic SJW concerns.  Their interests are long term, on the order of several DECADES, not in flipping crappy condos.  The true value of an area is in its people, not the structures thereon.

A Night Letter from Afghanistan... a form of anonymous intimidation
What does one DO with a shadow government?  You hold shadow elections.  Even shadow trials.  Match local offices 1 for 1.  You mirror the functions of what a legitimate state would do, dog catcher up to Congress, Senate.  Even a shadow PTA.  You become familiar, involved intimately with the local formal and informal power structures.  Hobnob, even marry into them.  The shadow state becomes the de facto power broker for an area, a people.  This takes TIME.  It beats chronic violence, as you gradually become the local, then regional power broker.

A shadow government goes through the motions, year after year.  It builds credibility.  It runs homeschool cooperatives.  It helps take care of the elderly.  It runs low cost clinics. It trains its young men and women in the ways of hybrid warfare, of guerrilla warfare.  It abjures the credentialism of the external world in favor of its own rationale and value system.  In the contemporary era, it would also run maker shops, tool libraries and the like.

No matter who "wins" in November, a shadow government structure is necessary for what will in the out years be called the Continuation War, which will be a continuation of America's 1st Civil War... which is what the original Revolutionary War was.  I say this because more Americans fought each other than British fought the Insurrectionists.  There is no voting our way out of this.  The only solution is to build upon the revolution, one social structure at a time.  Yes, some neighborhoods will have knitting circles, others will have "not a rifle club" structures.  In the end, what matters is social, ethnic and cultural homogeneity.  Nothing else is sustainable in the long term.  Viable solutions take TIME.  Be patient.  It takes time... you may not be around (nor I) to see the end result.

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Abe said...

Excellent post. This is an area IMHO that FREEFOR/Patriots do not think enough about. Ultimately an insurgent group has to build a shadow structure to gain/maintain political or social control of a battlespace. In the rural areas the VC did this and essentially made the RVN government concede vast territories to the VC. Black Panthers on a smaller scale did this in some cities and achieved the same (for a while).

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts. To me, it's like the old ATLAS family of rockets and missiles: they had a booster engine and then a sustaining engine to launch the "payload."

Our "payload" is freedom--pure and simple. If I contribute, work, and am finally expended on the initial "boost" stage, I die happy knowing my efforts will help launch the payload for future generations.



Scott said...

We already have shadow governments in the US. The Latin Kings ran (supported? By threats of violence?) Jesus Garcia for mayor of Chicago. Hartford mayorial candidate Yolanda Castillo drafted a gangbanger to run for constable but he got shot. Dallas has John Wiley Price has choked (maybe literally) opposition for years.

Sgt. Roberts said...

And as a wake up call, FUSA would never tolerate a "no go zone" of those who embrace the founding principles of America. As a comparison, look what happened to the Branch Davidians in Waco, Tx. But yet militant Islamic compounds are allowed to stand. Now you know where you stand. Whatcha gonna do?

Contrarian View said...

In a small way, perhaps not sufficient in our in extremis situation, the growth of conservative power in local and state governments is an example. Once they have enough courage to start putting limits on federal power in their jurisdictions, we can begin to reclaim our Constitution. Watch those economies and populations swell as free Americans make pilgrimages to them.

Our last hope for peaceful restoration is to win the November federal elections and convene an Article 5 convention to prune out the rot of 100 years of Progressive fascism. I think we still have this chance, but it is our last.

Partyzantski said...

Forming shadow structure is not necessarily an overt act... Irish Democracy is the act of passive-aggressive refusal to play ball. It avoids presenting a target that they can Waco/Ruby Ridge.

lineman said...

That's why I harp on community... It's always easier to take people out that are ostracized from the community and are able to be isolated and villified... We as Freefor have to stop using those two incidents as examples against coalescing together to form Patriot Community's... It's harming the only thing that will be truly effective for our Liberty...