Friday, May 27, 2016

Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

Wishing everyone a safe and fun-filled Memorial Day weekend.

We'll be back on Tuesday with a new book review.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Swiss Report

Back in the days of big hair, walkmans and God knows what else, the "Swiss Report" was issued by the Western Goals Foundation, a think tank of conservative and patriotic bent.  The authors produced the report for USMC Gen (ret.) Lewis Walt and Army Gen (ret.) George Patton.

It is a study of how the Swiss organize, train and equip the citizen militia that has kept the wolves at bay.  I offer it as a discussion point because it reflects cohesive, strategic thought and purpose for militia structure.  While many will argue minutiae, this short study (really, how long will it take you to read and absorb 30 pages?) should get you thinking about systems, logistics and the reasons why.  Why?  Because all effort requires a guiding focus, a principle, a drive.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

SHTF Self-Education Series Tuesday Book Review: The Interrogator

This book review is of a text that really is more a biography of an extremely interesting man than a handbook on interrogation.  So, if what you are looking for is more KUBARK-ish, go here.  KUBARK is a CIA manual that has long since been declassified (January 1997).  It was originated in July 1963 and was originally classified as "SECRET NO FOREIGN DISSEM".  The link provided to KUBARK is legitimate and is part of the NSA archive.

5 Things to Think About for Emergency Evacuation from your home

Like many families, we have college age children studying away from home.  They happen to be living and studying in "weather-challenged" parts of the country, with higher-than-average risk for earthquakes, wild fires, hurricanes and tornadoes.  As parents, we worry about their safety should things go sideways and they have to evacuate (ie: it is not safe to shelter in place).  The recent fires in Alberta, Canada have brought home the realization that sometimes "bugging in" is NOT an option.

"Hurricane Preparedness Week" public education awareness week by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) was this past May 15th - 21st. Their timely tips and information guides generated an overdue discussion about various emergency scenarios that could arise in the near future in their specific locations. The Red Cross also publishes various guides to suggested preparations for a variety of disaster situations that would be most appropriate for your specific situation.

FREE RESOURCE:  Hurricane Safety Checklist & valuable hurricane info

HAMAS, Rockets and the future of asymmetrical warfare

HAMAS, Rockets and the future of asymmetrical warfare
- an anxiety provoking discussion that is not going to go away

I post this here as a means of putting this topic out there.  As ye are all men and women with a technical bent and are interested in all manner of things, consider this a gateway into more information and data that you might find handy later for other intellectual pursuits.  Who says that you are not a "rocket scientist" ?  Read on, and prove them all wrong! (usual disclaimers, you assume all risks for application of knowledge).

Connecting the Dots: EgyptAir, Fundamentalist Islam and The Not So Friendly Skies

Today, it became clear that the EgyptAir flight #MS804 reported as "vanished from radar" astonishingly via Twitter, has been confirmed as crashed and lost.  Infrared imaging points to a working hypothesis of an explosion from a detonated bomb or bombs.  The point of departure for this flight was Paris, France.  This is not the first terrorism incident EgyptAir has dealt with in 2016.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday Morning Roundup

Were both EgyptAir Flight 804 and Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 crashes caused by Jihadi Kamikaze pilots?  Both had strong ties to fundamentalist Islamists.

Fast and Furious scandal finds a new life as Judge orders release of documents Obama WhiteHouse tried to hide with spurious "executive privilege" diktat.

Brazil's new government halts funding for planned low-income housing program. Socialists called Temer's government "illegal" and plan street protests.

Learn how to make homemade flat bread, which can be quickly cooked on a stovetop or bbq grill.  Switch it up by using whole wheat or spelt flour, and adding herbs (fresh garlic, thyme, rosemary are popular choices). 

Thanks for stopping by!   Wishing you a great week!


Saturday, May 21, 2016

#TrumpTrain is a Black Swan Event; Establishment in full meltdown

Nassim Taleb, the author of the pop culture phenom, "The Black Swan" is not highly regarded by actual statisticians but seeped into the collective consciousness by penning a book at precisely when the fulcrum of public opinion was tipping from unshakeable belief in the known to concern of the unknown in the months leading up to the 2008 financial crisis.

It isn't just the improbable rise of Trump's political success, when compared to historical norms, that is the "Black Swan Event", it's that his deeply flawed campaign is succeeding precisely because of its Establishment-defined "flaws" that makes the #TrumpTrain a "Black Swan Event".  It has been the Establishment's relentless excoriation of Donald Trump that has supercharged his ascent into his position of "most likely" to win.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Affordable Armor - the OT64 in review

In my personal and professional life, I refer from time to time to the concept of expanding the horizon.  I am going to do that here by introducing a relatively obscure bit of armor that is actually affordable (at least from an acquisition perspective).

No, Amazon does not seem to carry this  :(

SHTF Self-Education Series Tuesday Book Review: The Naked Warrior by Pavel Tsatsouline

As a diversion from the usual crop of categories that I blog about here and in the interests of diversity, I am reviewing a book that was given to me by a Colonel who I served in Iraq.  Without divulging him, I will just say that he is a physically imposing guy who has a life story that legends are made of.  He could regale the troops with song, a story woven expertly or quote Wilford Owen in depth. I owe him much.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: 4GW & The Reluctant Suburbanite, Complete Series

4th Generation Warfare (4GW) and the Reluctant Suburbanite

Deliberately importing chaos and fear to the suburbs - understanding the warning signs and what it means for YOU.

This is a repost of articles originally published in Dec 2015 and Jan 2016.  Given the most recent news of the Obama's Administration to export Section 8 voucher holders into wealthier, predominately white suburbs and exurbs, this series is timely.  Click on the links to be directed to the original article.

Three Part Series - Reprisal

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Iceberg Warning:  4th Generation Warfare brought home 

Survey Course on 4th Generation Warfare by a retired US Army Col.

5 Stages of Urban Guerrilla Warfare - 2016 US Edition

Warning:  The "No Buy" List follows a well worn path to Tyranny

Frantz Fanon, Black Lives Matter and the Philosophy of "Absolute Violence"

5 Things You Need to Know about Baltimore, Freddie Gray, Foco Theory and Urban Unrest

The Red in the streets of Chicago

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

SHTF Self-Education Series: "From the Library" The Soldier's Load and the Mobility of a Nation

The Soldier's Load and the Mobility of a Nation - Col S.L.A Marshall (US Army)
A Partyzantski Tuesday Book Review

     One factor that bears down upon us all - prepper, military, police, Wal Mart shopper alike is the load that one carries.  One cannot help but sense the physical pull of gravity, especially after carrying a pack all day.  It robs you of attention, sensation and energy with every step.  To provide some historical perspective on this subject, I am breaking out the S.L.A. Marshall classic, "The Soldier's Load and the Mobility of a Nation" to provide you with some solid background on how much people can realistically carry and do their job.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Why "Moderate Middle" Voters need to issue a DNR to the Republican Party and start fresh

**This is a Throwback Thursday Repost.  This piece was originally posted on December 29th, 2015.
I've been asked to comment on the news about Trump being the Last Man Standing - but will wait until the GOP response becomes clearer.  In the meantime, the core fundamental problem of why the Republican party isn't "salvageable" remains the same.  

Many pundits are cutting their commentary teeth gnawing over the intricacies of state ground games, who has made ballot cutoff requirements, and whether or not the Republican Party is going to leave Donald Trump before Donald Trump leaves the Republican Party.

To cut through all the chaff, the short answer is, it doesn't matter.

The Republican Party is dead.  All that is left is to decide who's getting stuck with the bar tab at the Wake.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Review of Regime Survival Formations


All totalitarian regimes require a loyal inner cadre of political hatchet men.  Those men and women are typically protected, guarded and even surveilled by a form of military force or secret police that is bound to the "Dear Leader" by blood, by deed or some other bonding ritual or social tie.  Examples are legion, and I will cover a few here to establish patterns that I believe will become increasingly apparent in America as the Regime becomes more...obstinate.  The concept of the Praetorian Guard goes back to Roman times, and is discussed here.  Yes, a Wikipedia link, but it is concise and makes my point.   Ask yourself if any of these patterns are exhibited in today's American military, para military and political formations.  Without any further ado, let's get into the meat of the matter of how Extortionist Rentier States survive.  We know it is not on good looks and charm.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

SHTF Self-Education Series From the Library: Battle Leadership

     I wanted to write about a book that I have had on my professional book stack for years.  I bought it as a young(-ish) 2nd Lieutenant.  The tag on the back reads MCX LEJEUNE, and I paid the amazing sum of $2.50 for it back in the day.  There are those that consider the price of the book is commensurate with the value of the contents.  I assure you that the relationship is nonlinear, which is why I want to communicate to you that good information is where you find it, and that you don't need to spend a King's ransom to get it.

Monday, May 2, 2016

A short comment on Forward Observer's "Introduction to Counter Intelligence"

“O that thou hadst hearkened to my commandments! Then had thy peace been as a river, and thy righteousness as the waves of the sea.”

If you have not already read it , you would be well served to read Forward Observer Magazine's piece "Introduction to Counterintelligence" .  If you are reading my article here first, go to it as your next stop.  Do not pass go, you get the picture.  I will state off the bat that the author does not misstate the nature and importance of counter intelligence (CI).  I do veer off his path in that it is my firmly held belief that CI is not a function that you do AFTER an event, or after "SHTF"..., you do it now, you do it continuously, you practice what you preach and you protect you and yours, as well as your interests by doing so.