Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday Morning Roundup - Monday May 9th, 2016

Russia claimed in a briefing to the UN Security Council that chemical weapons seized from terrorists operating near Tikrit originated in Turkey.  There are concerns that ISIS/Daesh is developing a chemical weapons stockpile independently of any other outside supplier.

Smart phones uncover how the world sleeps - we're losing the war between "social" and "solar" timekeeping. People who get exposure to some natural sunlight daily tend to go to bed earlier and have a more restful sleep than those who primarily live in artificial light environments.

After an extensive two-year renovation, Pieskowa Skała Castle has re-opened to the public. As part of the "Eagle's Nest" trail which was a line of defenses to protect the trade routes from Krakow is considered the "cradle of Polish culture" and a major hallmark of Central European History.

Comfort Food:  A French answer to Blackbeans & Rice

Comfort food from the Pantry:  Braised Beluga Lentils.  These jet black small round lentils are the "caviar of beans" according to foodies.   Pulses, such as lentils or beans, are part of glucose-monitored diets, similar to those that follow the GI index.  Link to Buy Beluga Lentils on Amazon.

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