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Runup to Bio War - Predictive Programming

     It may surprise many that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is planning to release a non-toxic gas into New York City's subway system.  In this article, some of the highlights are provided of an upcoming event designed to use some gas or particle, to be released in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. The stated reason is to track how bio weapons or chemical weapons would disseminate throughout the subway system.  Inquiring minds may want to know, "what's up with that?"  Well, read on for some history and some speculation.

Get the offical .pdf here:

Here is some fascinating trivia regarding the MTA subway system that even the locals generally don't know.  It will give you an idea of the size and scope of the operation.  Understanding this aspect will reveal to you that the attack surface is so YUUUGE that it is indeed a major anti-terrorism concern.  Imagine the utter chaos, nay, sheer BEDLAM that would break out if even a fraction of the system were to get hit (slimed) with bio or chem.

Most citizens would recoil in horror at the thought, and think one was wearing a tinfoil hat if you suggested to them that this sort of thing has happened before.  Well, read on. Might as well put the tinfoil away, because that won't help you.

"In 1966 the U.S. Army and the CIA released Bacillus Globigii throughout New York City subway systems to determine the vulnerability of personnel to covert BW attack. A series of trials were conducted in three major north-south subway lines in mid-Manhattan. Biological agents were disseminated within the subway tubes and in the open air of the streets via some creative methods. Many thousands of civilians were exposed unwittingly".

       From the credible NIH source document:
"A release of bacteria from naval vessels off the coasts of Virginia and San Francisco infected many people, including about 800,000 people in the Bay area alone. Bacterial aerosols were released at more than 200 sites, including bus stations and airports. The most infamous test was the 1966 contamination of the New York metro system with Bacillus globigii— a non-infectious bacterium used to simulate the release of anthrax—to study the spread of the pathogen in a big city".
To be blunt about it, there is nothing new in the DHS releasing bio or chem agent simulants into crowded spaces full of unsuspecting people.  They did it before, they are doing it again.  Imagine a future where the bio weapons are instead replaced with crowd control phermones.  Sound implausible?  Are you willing to take that bet?

     There is precedent for chemical attacks on subways.  Look no further than the cult of Aum Shinrikyo who attacked the Tokyo subway on 20 March, 1995.  You can deep dive on that here, but the summary is that a cult manufactured Sarin nerve gas and used it in 2 attacks.  The subway is just the better known.  19 died, thousands were injured.  Why are subways attacked?  Well, they concentrate the multitudes, they are relatively difficult to secure and they present not only a contained area that maximizes effect of chem or bio weapons, the very action of the trains themselves in the tunnels will disperse the agents hither and yon.  It is that aspect that the planners are trying to sort out.  I will assume that they want to see how it differs from the original data (validate planning assumptions).  Either way, nice government that treats the serfs with such utter disdain.

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Hong Kong is no stranger to pandemics and takes biohazard risks seriously.  The free pdf pamphlet,
"Biological Hazards: Prevention and Personal Protection for frontline workers" offers some basic tips for those that are interest in planning for this type of contingency.  Basic personal protective gear, such as N95 respirator masks, disposable gloves, disposable shoe and boot covers, disposable protective clothing (aka "Tyvek Bunny Suits) and properly labelled biohazard trash bags for incineration are all items that were mostly unavailable during the last "bird flu" scare.  (FWIW, we have all of these items in stock in our medical kit in the TEOTWAWKI prep locker)

Given the rampant antibiotic-resistant TB strains through most of Asia, it is not uncommon to see average persons wearing disposable face masks while out in public.  Given that our own government has acknowledged that the recent flood of "undocumented migrants" across the southern border has elevated the risk to US citizens to exposure to antibiotic resistent TB, typhoid, and a host of other communicable diseases previously considered vanquished in the West, self-education regarding basic precautions to reduced the risk of exposure to the infectious is probably a wise choice.

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