Monday, May 9, 2016

Russia, China and American Hegemony

Go to and read the article.  Then read the comments.  ALL of them.  There is a depth in there that you just do not get in undergraduate America. Yes, some cranks and crackpots in the brew, but take it all in context of the article.

Consider if you will this map of the ongoing tension in the South China Sea...

Don't forget how much shipping moves through that area...

Now, for a view from Russian eyes...

Why was Georgia such a prize?  Not the yogurt, for sure, but energy distribution.

And here is the infrastructure....

 As you may have surmised at this point, the next big war will be a war over resources and the control of the flow of same.  Oil, Gas are the currency of that realm.  Russia and China are physically close to these spots, America IS NOT.  This is no small disadvantage. Let's take a look at some maps of Ukraine and the ongoing chaos there:

Ukraine, circa 2014

If you want to see what the Donbass situation looks like, check out this YUUUGE map

Then consider what this portends in America, when your ethnicity is your vote.

What all this means, other than some fascinating maps and graphics to absorb some fairly banal but critical points, is that the coming war is a war that will redefine the world order.  Consider that Obama has been like a handicap upon America, slowing it down so that America's enemies can deliver the killing blow.  It is standard tribal hunting of large, dangerous mammals.  The Trotskyites and Maoists have dulled our senses, hypnotized Americans into a false sense of well being as they set up the predicate for the take down.  It is a resource control war.

Now, when will this go hot?  I suspect in time to distract from the electoral folly of November.  It will be a crapshoot, as the Russians and Chinese DO NOT WANT a Trump administration.  Look for the play to make Killary the "savior" of Western civilization.  It will be unpossible to indict/try/jail the savior of Western civilization now, would it not?  I'll take your questions in the comments section.  Feel free to let fly.  My outside prediction is that Russia will go into Belarus in some form if they do not toe the Russian party line 100%.  That will seal the deal and pull NATO's punk card HARD.  KILLary will cave and again, "save Western civilization".  You'll wish at that point for Trump's stance and unpredictability, his pragmatism with the Russians and Chinese.  There are real stakes on the line, debt and debtor, interconnected trade and resources.  It will not be pretty.

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