Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Thank You and Updates from E-Mail feedback

Thanks to everyone who stumbled upon our little blog during their meanderings through the blogosphere.  We certainly appreciate the comments, e-mails, suggestions and hope that the books you've discovered here help you in your preparedness plans.

It's also been great to see people buy things that they need to be better prepared, whether that's sturdy hiking boots they're buying and breaking in NOW, thermal imaging sights, Mil-Spec compasses for learning land navigation, first aid supplies that are rucksack friendly and necessary for working in the field or items closer to home:

beginning to rethink personal information security, upgrading window and door security in your personal residence or planning ahead for contingencies by buying emergency pantry supplies and non-powered tools.  We've certainly received feedback that there is a growing sense of unease and people want to, and are willing to, prepare for "whatever"and your Amazon purchases reflect that.

The Home Security and Prepper Posts continue to be popular, we've added sharing buttons now to make it easier for you to share on your social media accounts which can be found at the end of each post.  You can click on the Twitter, Facebook and GooglePlus buttons to share without having to cut and paste.  I hope that this works out and thanks for the many suggestions that this would be helpful.

One issue I wanted to share that I think is important:  people who are forming the Liberty movement are incredibly generous.  While it is important to "put on your oxygen mask first before assisting others", and attend to your own primary needs and those of your immediate clan members, those in the Liberty movement have a sense that to prevail, one can not be an island unto one's self.  Certainly, both Partyzantski and I have reached out to others in the Liberty movement to ask for their help and their expertise, and they have responded promptly and with information that is both helpful and truthful.  This is why those who are joining the Liberty movement will survive, and what I believe makes us different from others aligned politically primarily with self-interest and expansion of personal power in mind.

Based on the mailbag requests, we'll try and work up some posts on recipes using the dried pantry staples, and other ideas for people just beginning the preparedness journey.

Thanks for your support,

In Liberty,


15Fixer said...

Thank YOU both for all the time and energy you put into this endeavor. SS! Is on my list of must-reads every day.

LibertyBelle57 said...

I second that. I've been a follower since you wrote the Rant, and it's so good to see you posting more and diversifying outside of just political discussion. You both are straight shooters, and I appreciate that.