Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Somali Jihadi shooter at Wal-Mart in Amarillo, TX DEAD: "Workplace Violence" ~ Another day of Ramadan, another day of Islamic Anti-Freedom Violence

"Workplace Violence"

Another day of Ramadan, another day of Jihadi violence and terror inside Obamerica:

Update: Local news is reporting an "active shooter" situation at the Walmart store in Amarillo, Texas has been resolved.  Unconfirmed reports that the shooter was holding the store manager hostage.  Shooter was described as being a "Somali, in khaki pants".  Police report the two hostages are safe; no other injuries or death aside from the death of the suspect.

Updates via local News 10

Police confirm gunman dead in Amarillo hostage situation 

Add: Twitter had it wrong - Amarillo PD confirms dead jihadi is
 Mohammad Moghaddam. He is 54. He was an employee of the store. Investigation indicates that there was a dispute between him and management over a promotion. The first hostage taken was the manager that was involved in the dispute.

While we wait for more details, it might be a good time to read and digest THIS
which was published in December 2015.

A Team Skiff Executive Summary:
Final Report of the Task Force on 
Combating Terrorist and Foreign Fighter Travel, Sept 2015
US House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee

".... The page 2 graphic is disingenuous. While the graphic depicts Syria as the end point on one side and America at the other, the reality is more complex. Somalia gets a mere 3 mentions in the report, although Somalis are 14 of the 58 listed American adherents who tried to or did join ISIS. Again, Americans of Somali extract made up 25% of the category in question (assumption based upon very large contingent of Somalis settled in Minnesota by the federal government, numerous stories of shahids from that community), yet Somalia gets 3 mentions. One may wonder if Al Shabaab, one of the most violent and successful terrorist organizations in the world, is paying lobbyists to keep their achievements on the down low. Indeed, al Shabaab gets ZERO mention in this, yet the ties between the expatriate Somali community in America and in Minnesota particularly rate no ink. Fascinating. They must have hired Inspector Clouseau."

Link to full Executive Summary HERE.

And:  this is pretty timely as well:  WARNING:  No Fly, No Buy List travels a well worn path to Tyranny 

- We will update as more information becomes available -

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