Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday Morning Roundup

Iranian spokesperson states: 'The political and military balance is changing in favor of the government, nation and allies of Syria" Velayati told reporters on Sunday.

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German military files complaint that ammunition goes missing during troop deployment from Berlin on Air France to peacekeeping mission in Mali.

The article notes that the flight stopped in Paris before continuing on to Bamako.
This would be the same Paris that has an ongoing problem with radicalized muslims working in its airport operations.  Coincidental, I'm sure.

You would think that even if suburban Moms can afford tracking technology to keep on top of their easily misplaced valuables, the German military could as well. /s/

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SWIFT payment system, backbone of the Western financial clearing system, is successfully hacked at the Bangladesh Central Bank.  Most were caught and denied, but $81 M was transferred to a bank in the Philippines, never to be seen again.  Experts say the sophisticated hack has the potential to undermine the entire global financial system.

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SMOKING is the new hot food trend for this summer.  Not just brisket, but pretty much anything you can grill can be successfully smoked.  Two popular choices are Whiskey-cured cold smoked salmon and onion bombs.

Smokers have gone high-tech: 30" digital control smoker ensures perfect results every time.

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