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Security Rules for your Home: The Citizen's Guide

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It is clear from the news and casual observation that the American population is under siege from a variety of 2 legged pathogens.  Criminality is rising to levels not seen in decades as the social rot and decay of a faltering post-industrial, post-hegemony America comes to collect the bill.

One can scarcely turn on the news without listening to some new horror.  Rapes on the rise on the DC Metro... Chicago denizens shooting and killing one another as if they were competing for top honors in a combat zone... a slow, oozing tide of gang and drug fuelled madness that corrodes our very soul.

To provide something useful for you that is a reminder of what needs to be done to maximize your chances at a secure home, I have dug into the archives for some hand scribbled notes from a long out of print book, "The Citizen's Guide", by Alex Thorhoffen (link to see that it exists, but is unavailable on Amazon... no, you'll not likely find a copy of this book.)  ISBN: 978-1877884092 which may help you find it. Good luck.

What I provide you here is under fair use and will hopefully highlight this fascinating tome - perhaps even get it back into print! I recommend the rest of the work to you for its treatment of security related topics.  It may seem a tad dated in spots and of low production value (looks like roughly copied Elite font, with hand drawn diagrams), but the fundamentals never change.  If you can find a copy, I recommend you buy it.  Below I present you the content of page 11-14 from that book, verbatim with my commentary in red.  For a number of reasons, some advice that was feasible circa 1980 just is not reasonable today or even legal.  You are an adult and can read your local, state and federal laws/regulations and so forth.  Stay legal, within the boundaries of your specific jurisdiction, you really do not need that hassle.

NEVER let strangers into the home.  No matter who they say they are.  This remains good advice. With the advent of much wider use of in home services and appointments, you will know who or what you are expecting.  It is not unknown for those cable or utility workers to slip through the cracks  and commit a felony.  Companies skimp on screening all the time... don't be a victim!   


NEVER leave an unbarred window open. Preferably you'd never leave a window open at all. It may amaze you, but criminals will go through any opening.  Even above the ground floor.  A fitted length of 1"x 2" in the window frame will prevent a lot of attempts.

NEVER go away without setting the alarm. No matter how short your trip (assuming that you have no one to house sit while you are away.) If you have an alarm, why not use it? You pay for it either way, but you only get the security that you use.

NEVER go off and leave the gate or garage door open. Criminals LOVE the garage as a point of entry! Once inside, they have free reign to work on the inner door undisturbed. Enthusiastic criminals will cut through the wall to access the interior.

NEVER discuss personal or family business with anyone not directly involved. Zip the lip! Who knows what issues anyone is dealing with.  They may use your trust and confidential information to hurt you or the ones that you love. Nip that in the bud by never talking to those not involved, and then only on a need to know, compartmentalized basis.  

NEVER have important mail sent to your home. Use a P.O. Box or a remail service to your P.O. Box.  Identity theft is rampant.  Don't make it easy for the thieves who have been known to shadow postal delivery trucks to steal likely looking envelopes and packages before you get home. 

    NEVER keep all your money or valuables in the same bank, savings and loan, or other institution. Spread the risk. Diversify. Get some of out out of the country if you can.  This advice is largely spot on.  Diversification does help you cushion the inevitable bumps in the road.  Keeping your funds and accounts at several different banks makes seizure of accounts a bit more challenging for a bit.  Getting your money out of the country is sticky... take a look at the Mossack Fonseca scandal and understand that the elite are very protective of their offshore banking practices.

    During Greek crisis, pensioners were not able to withdraw their pension funds

    NEVER rely on someone else to do anything correctly or on time.
    Given modern America's capitulation to the mediocre and acceptance of the substandard, be ever vigilant, and if practical, do it yourself.

      NEVER trust a politician's word or promise.  
      This goes without saying. Acta non Verba, indeed! 

      If you are not safe in our own home, then we truly are in dark times as a people.  Additional equipment, like firearms or animals like large dogs are really the next level of consideration and differ from this in that the list is a behavioral checklist that manage your risk lower.  However you go about managing your risks, do it from a clear head and without emotion.  Stay alert and stay safe out there. 

      Complacency on these points will eventually catch up to you or a loved one and it is never too early to train the kids in these points.

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