Monday, June 13, 2016

So-called Establishment “Terrorism Experts” are LYING to you

After every episode of politically convenient violence in America, the professional cockroach class known as “terrorism experts” emerge from their dank crevices to spout approved pablum to keep the sheeple in line and the credulous “informed” and “right thinking”. The terrorist attack on the noted gay bar “The Pulse” is no exception. I'll be direct so that you can take away what you need and hammer these home with your circles or anyone who insists on the “party line”. America now realizes that it has indeed crossed the line of departure, anyone doubting this really needs to check their in-box for the memo.


After the Fort Hood terror attack by lone wolf jihadi infiltrator Major Hassan, our Pretendident insisted that a man shooting up a staging area and shouting “Allahu Akbar!” killing his own fellow soldiers, was merely “workplace violence”. The news and court system bent itself into a pretzel to avoid discussing his muslimness as it pertained to his motivation, but oft discussed his beard or other spiritual needs. Let me cut to the chase – the terrorist Army Major should have been tried and executed, not put in jail. So what if he was crippled... he should have been executed by firing squad or hung by the neck until dead for his crimes against his country and fellow soldiers.

As a point of comparison, noted Floridian and local neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman was immediately identified as “white hispanic”, a previously unknown racial categorization to further demonize him and make him prosecutable. Being hispanic does not fit into the racist narrative of the black grievance industry (BGI, a term coined by none other than YTZ who operates this site). Riots ensued, political deals were cut, lives were ruined over the useful tool of a “dindu nuffins” who received his earthly reward for his behavior, which was a shot through the heart for trying to murder George Zimmerman.

See how this goes? One is “workplace violence”, the other is a manufactured story engineered to feed the Pretendident's domestic political agenda. Anyone who did not support the progressive thrust was a racist, a hater. Naturally, the Pretendident's progressive agenda advanced.... er, progressed.  Ask yourself who really benefits from the mass public shootings, the atrocities, the wave of crime and degeneracy... it is none other than the Pretendident and his obscene agenda that benefits. It is my thesis that a number of the flagship cases are actually engineered at his behest by his minions and operatives. Nixon had his “Plumbers”, Obama has something akin to a public/private Einsatzgruppen doing his bidding.

The Riverside California jihadi couple were only revealed after the story came out to be muslims, after the initial shock of the story. Again, the terror angle was downplayed and the “gun control” angle was stoked. All to feed the Pretendident's domestic agenda.

Jared Loughner, diseased madman who wantonly shot up Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and a host of other unfortunate victims, had no jihadi connections - he was just a lunatic apparently on meds with real serious side effects. However, again it fed and continues to feed the gun control narrative. Giffords and her husband are now poster children for the “gun control” movement and with disgraced General Petraeus just started up another affiliate gun control group with her husband. How convenient that THAT came out 2 days before the gay bar massacre by a jihadi bastard. Loughner has no Islam nexus, but what he hath wrought is used as a career ladder for the husband of the former congresswoman and a disgraced, pathetic former General.

To the point, the terrorism “experts” that emerge to explain all of this in exchange for fees to media audiences provide a continuity of Pretendident messaging, that what we know in our minds is terror is not actually terror, that the obvious international/ethnic/”religious” connections are not so, that if they cannot prove an international nexus, it is just garden variety violence. 

Wake up, people! Anyone who claims to be an expert in terror and does not understand/communicate that ISIS/AQ et al are ideas and ideologies that DO NOT require a central authorization is just a clown with moldy credentials. That these terror attacks take place in the method and style of the Islamic radical (just go read Dabiq magazine) is all that you need. Coupled with the blatantly obvious statement that the terrorist made to 9-1-1 that he had sworn allegiance to ISIS (hey, “Pretendident and national security staffers... this is what Intelligence Officers and Analysts would call an INDICATOR), this is clearly an act of TERROR.

In the coming days, the Pretendident will compel citizens to dial back any criticism of Islam, musloids and instead focus on “guns”.  This will fit with the Pretendident's domestic agenda. For those who may be uncertain about this issue, ask what prevented the jihadi musloid attacker for making and employing a suicide vest. The answer is... NOTHING. Gun control/confiscation will do NOTHING to solve the threat, as the threat will migrate to something else. If a terrorist is committed to the lifestyle, they really care not a whit for any “gun control law” and certainly any laws or prohibitions against explosives, poisons, radiological methods or incendiaries. There is no penalty for them, given that their faith grants them martyr status, and the Pretendident and his stenographers in the "media" covers up for them. They are the APEX minority class, and are able to “off” the gays without the ironically gay Pretendident complaining about that aspect too much. Way to go, Barry. Time will tell if the LGBTQXYZ community will stay with him, or vote against his predations. It is a valid question if the LGBTQ community is in full on Stockholm Syndrome. Ponder that.

That the FBI has been watching this guy for YEARS and his legal purchase of firearms did not cause a stir is troublesome. So, the guy was interesting enough to interview multiple times and had known terror links ... and we are told more gun control legislation will fix that. Does the FBI think Americans are STUPID? They dropped the ball, or were part of the event. Hard to see a middle ground on that, so mull that over.

The FBI has a long and storied history of getting involved with terror suspects, supplying them, prodding them and so on to get them to make an attack. What if the guns used were traceable back to the “Fast and Furious” scandal at ATF? Sadly, such a possibility is not unthinkable. Perhaps the firearms were known by FBI/ATF/ DOJ and the perp was enticed... I guess we'll never know now, will we? That being the case, can the government rule that out, factually? The answer is NO they cannot. Based upon the factual record of what they have done in the past, the chance is non-zero.

As I type this up, some Imam is on the evening news trying to spread the message that this is a mass shooting, not an act of terror. Amazing times! Would it be inconvenient if the truth of the matter came out? Musloids murdering the gays is not news anywhere in the Middle East, Iran, Saudi Arabia... they all kill them in inventive and horrid ways. Yet, the LGBTQ community here remains SILENT on that nexus of Islam and LGBTQ pogroms/murders/oppression. In case you need a reminder, try this to illustrate the point that Islam is INCOMPATIBLE with minority rights, in this case teh gays.

In closing, ask yourself why there is no “terrorism expert” who will buck the established narrative and call a spade a spade. If they were right, then why do we have so many episodes of terror in America where the perps just happen to be Muslim? I have left out many incidents, such as the military recruiting office attacks, the Pentagon and Marine Museum shooter... the list is expansive.

I invite Americans of all stripes and hues to get serious about understanding Islam and what exactly it is. You have the gift of cognition and discernment, so have at it. Here is a short roster of points to seek truth and get a leg up on your study:

FREE Pdf: "Reliance of the Traveller" (Islamic Law reference:  the classic manual of Islamic sacred law Umdat al-Salik translated into English).

FREE Pdf: "Milestones" by Ibn Qutb - the philosophical foundation for terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda

In closing, ponder WHY a number ofprominent Americans are alleged to have quietly reverted (look it up, you don't convert TO Islam, you “Revert” to it in their logic) to Islam. What politicians and appointees have taken on the mantle of Islam? Might it be in your interest to find out?

Written by StopShoutingBlog contributor and #FAB50 Blog Award Winner Partyzantski, coolest cat on teh inner webs, retired Mustang, former FID embedded military Advisor, SASO trainer and scenario developer, Electronic Warfare Aviator, PME instructor, certified Force Protection and Anti-terrorism officer and combat seasoned USMC (0202) field grade intelligence officer. When not blogging or maintaining weapons proficiency at the range, he enjoys cat herding and travel to off-the-beaten-track locales. You can follow him on Twitter @Partyzantski   

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Arkindole said...

Indeed. Could not one suggest that the upper leftist elite are all Raoul X, and the entire left 30% of the population distribution have becomes the "lone wolf"?

"Lone Wolf"...think about that absurdity as an explanatory strategy. An all time favorite of the feds and their communication branch at the MSM.

Yet, every one seems to buy that as an explanatory concept.

Would someone who murders his entire family, 3 dogs, and 2 cats inside of a single wide trailer in a rural county also be a lone wolf? Of course not. That person then becomes "disgruntled".

The fact is that residents of the left part of the distribution have a lower IQ, they are more prone to fantasy, and have less inhibition ability. Suppression of impulsive behavior goes along with all of that.

Compare current day mass murderers with those of the past. Different ballgames entirely, and it's just easier for Muslims to do it because they are permanently anchored to the left side of the distribution and can use their religious edicts to justify murder.

Anonymous said...

Is it really possible for one guy to kill 50 people, and injure 50 others? I'm not really an expert on high capacity firearms, but this just seems unbelievable.