Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"Swedish Problem" is Here: Media Lies by Omission: Muslims Gang Rape 39 year old woman in upscale DC exurb; crickets in major media

Note to Readers:  This post was originally published in December 2015. It is reposted today in response to the news that the media has covered up the alleged sexual assault of a 5 year old girl in Idaho by minor age Middle Eastern/African migrants.

The Swedish problem is here.

The following story unfortunately is a sad and growing problem across the Western world, one that is going to be replicated in every town and city across the US unless citizens begin to vocally, forcefully and equivocally say NO.

The Swedish Rape Epidemic is being imported to America
Haymarket, VA is a wealthy, upscale exurb of Washington DC that has gone in less than 10 years from a sleepy majority white rural hamlet to a sprawling landscape of McMansions occupied by the multicultural box checking apparatchiks that fill out Tables of Organizations in bloated DC agencies.  It has turned a formerly solid red Republican congressional district rabid Blue.

With the multiculturalism and diversity and tolerance comes a crime wave that was before unknown.  If it's not black males in hoodies committing armed robberies, which has now come to be "expected", it's that most pronounced high water mark of multiculturalism:

Muslim gang rape

Not a word in any of the major media.  Crickets.

Even in the local media .... "comments are closed".

Change.  Fundamentally transforming America.  And they're not finished yet.

Develop your own networks of local information, share, serve and protect.

No one else is going to do it for you.

Knowledge free of shibboleths is power, and it might just save your life.

If you are interested in learning how this fits into the larger plan for "fundamentally transforming" the West, read "5 Stages of Urban Guerrilla Warfare" and other posts we have written about the intersection of Marxist ideology, leveraging of violence as a tool of "fundamental change" and deliberate alliances with Islamic terrorists.

Update:  In response to a Reader e-mail, and after doing some additional research, it appears that this is one of the mostly highly rated versions of the civilian grade Pepper Spray product in the marketplace:

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