Monday, November 28, 2016

"Team Skiff" Sunday Read: Review of the Final Report on Combat Terrorists and Foreign Fighter Travel Task Force

Repost - In light of the attack at OSU today, people should be mindful that the Obama Administration has been well aware of the danger that the Somali muslim resettled population poses to Americans and has consistently lied about it.
We appreciate feedback, questions and concerns from our Readers.  The following article is in response to questions posed to us by Readers wondering if the recent government report had any actionable recommendations. More detailed information is provided by the embedded links 

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A Team Skiff Executive Summary:

Final Report of the Task Force on 
Combating Terrorist and Foreign Fighter Travel, Sept 2015
US House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee

Readers should consider reading it themselves so that there is no ambiguity in what is said by whom. The document may be downloaded for your convenience at

As this document is 66 pages long, it may take some time to discover the lines of argument and the data on which this was based. For your convenience, the Committee provided a summary and a pocket card (!) of the document. That a committee report can be distilled down to a pocket card is rather a new one on me, but this method ensures that harried folks will just cut to the designated chase conclusions and mouth the talking points without much critical thought.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Goodbye FUSA, I enjoyed our time together.

The press must grow day in and day out — it is our Party's sharpest and most powerful weapon.
 Stalin, addressing the 12th Congress of the R.C.P., April 1923

"Fraction Magic", posits possible voter fraud through electronic voting machines, outlines exactly how the Corporatocracy that runs the modern West is able to remain self-assured that their "choices" will always prevail. "Voting" has been transformed into a sleight of hand magick trick to keep the masses believing that they are "invested" in the outcome.

DO take the time to watch the full video - digest - and share - posted at

As I blogged before, the modern GOP party is unfixable and will always "lose".  This video further explains why the Hillary coterie was so self-assured and smug that a Clinton "Victory" was inevitable, no matter what the evidence of the genuine ground game/enthusiasm/momentum trending for Trump was.

The Wikileaks and surprise announcement of the re-opening of the FBI investigation into Clinton Corruption (Hillary, the Foundation, Bill....) is making "justifying" the results of an already "rigged" system almost insurmountable now.  

 I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this —who will count the votes, and how.
-Attributed to Stalin by his former secretary Boris Bazhanov in his memoir, "The Memoirs of Stalin's Former Secretary"

If understanding actual Voter Fraud is important to you, check out the many resources investigated and posted at BlackBoxVoting.Org. 

The full length HBO award-winning documentary, "Hacking Democracy" is currently available on Amazon.

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