Thursday, February 2, 2017

Trojan Horse Politics and Bitter Clingers

We urge you to download and save this video if you have the capability to do so and to share it with anyone you care about. The reason many people don't know about what is really happening in Europe is that videos like this are censored, taken down from social sharing media, and there has been a deliberate media blackout about the reality of life on the ground for the native born population of Europe.  Those who speak out are threatened and "anti-blasphemy" laws are being codified into law, which makes it a crime to criticize Islam or the prophet Mohammed.

This is what is happening in Europe today, and will be happening in the United States soon if we do not have the political will to be called racist, Islamophobic, fascist, and RESIST. The video should horrify you and give you pause about what an invasion of this magnitude throughout every small city and town in the United States would mean for you and your family. The night vision footage of the seemingless endless train of migrants sent chills up my spine, and it should yours too. These towns are being overrun, and no one is coming to save them until they rise up and demand collective self-defense.  Sweden and Germany are rape zones, which the media and government are colluding to cover up and under or not report. The same is happening here.  Violent crime statistics are being wilfully not reported. The Left has been busy broadcasting that "no refugee" from any of the 7 listed countries on the travel ban have been involved in "terrorism" or "murder" in the US.  This is false.  A number of refugees settled into the US have been involved in acts of terror, including violent rape and murder.  That threat to your safety and security will escalate if you are afraid of being called a "racist" or "fascist" because you feel you are entitled to the "privilege" of peace and freedom from violence.

Tens of thousands of military age male African migrants amassed in Mexican border towns awaiting to be granted asylum to the US under a secret pact according to documents discovered by Judicial Watch.

Judicial Watch uncovered a plot for secret amnesty for tens of thousands of  >> African economic migrants pent up in the border towns in Mexico << bordering the United States, almost all military age Muslim males, waiting for the opportunity to enter. There are many more migrants from the Americas (South America, Central America and Haiti) also amassing at border towns who had been advised that as long as they were able to enter the United States, they would be allowed to stay, would be resettled at taxpayer expense and eligible for the full range of social welfare benefits. The vast majority of them undertook this journey independently, guided by smart phone GPS apps along established corridor routes. It took significant resources and coordination for these people to finally arrive at our southern border.

We are not supposed to ask how these migrants managed to pay for, and complete, the many thousand miles journey from Africa to Central America, transit safely through Mexico with the assistance of GPS route guidance to be told to wait at the border until the time is right.  This didn't happen accidently.  The questions we must ask are: who funded this, who organized it, and how are they going to be brought to justice.  This is a planned invasion, organized population replacement and extinguishment no different from any other attack on our homeland.  This is a declaration of War by unknown entities against us.

We have a right to safety and security.  We have the right to determine who comes into our country, who is settled into our neighborhoods, and who we feel can be successfully assimilated into our culture and will be a positive, contributing force to our country.  

We've been having trouble getting the video to play when embedded, you can view it by clicking HERE.

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