Saturday, February 18, 2017

Revenge of the Teabaggers

The February 16th, 2017 impromptu press conference hosted by President Donald Trump was an epic for the history books recitation of populist politicians.

The immediate howls of outrage from the corporate press was entertaining to the many who had long grown tired of themselves being bashed by the press.

Let's have a brief recap on whether or not the corporate media does in fact peddle "fakes news", or even "very fake news" and whether or not the corporate media deserves the self-appointed honorific of "prestigious" media.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

SHTF Tuesday Self-Education Series Book Review: From the Library: The Last Hundred Yards

This book review is for Americans interested in the tactical operations of small units.  The scope of this work, while mostly geared for Platoon sized elements, encompasses techniques that span from individual skills to concepts that are best employed at the Battalion or Regiment (or whatever your affiliated branch or persuasion's equivalent is).

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Trojan Horse Politics and Bitter Clingers

We urge you to download and save this video if you have the capability to do so and to share it with anyone you care about. The reason many people don't know about what is really happening in Europe is that videos like this are censored, taken down from social sharing media, and there has been a deliberate media blackout about the reality of life on the ground for the native born population of Europe.  Those who speak out are threatened and "anti-blasphemy" laws are being codified into law, which makes it a crime to criticize Islam or the prophet Mohammed.

"Survival" in a Food Desert

This is not a typical post for this blog, but after mucho positive feedback about our "experiment" on other social media platforms I frequent, I decided it would be worthwhile to post and share the "results" here as well.

This past year has been a challenge and brought about alot of radical changes for some of the crew here. Partyzantski has stepped away from blogging for a bit and is currently enrolled as a 1L student-at-law in fly over country at undisclosed location in what is widely acknowledged to be a "food desert" as well as completing physical therapy and pain management appointments for injuries sustained in an unplanned encounter with a tractor trailer on the I-95 beltway this past summer which exacerbated his existing combat injuries. There are too many hours for him, not enough day.

Two of my children are currently enrolled as college students and live off campus in private housing.  As is typical, they aren't eating all that healthy or making good food choices. Ramen.  Alot of Ramen, I assure you. I can tell my son is the bigger culprit from the multitude of GrubHub and Domino's charges on his debit card - which is not only not-very-healthy but expensive.

Concerned for people I really care about - but are geographically remote from me, so cooking healthy meals for them in person was a non-starter - as an experiment, I tried out and compared two of the meal delivery services that have become popular recently as a solution. Although there are several programs to choose from, only two delivered to all three of my test cases (Partyzantski and two college students geographically remote) as well as my location. I also earned "free boxes" from both services based on the volume purchased, which I sent to a friend and my older daughter, a late 20's professional who works crazy hours and who also orders in ALOT, and asked for their impressions and feedback as well. The two chef designed meal delivery services were Blue Apron and competitor Hello Fresh!

I chose the "2 person" meal plan. For approximately $60 per delivery, the service sends 3 recipes for 2 people, for a total of 6 servings.  Blue Apron also has a wine pairing delivery service, which I also tested.  I've tested both plans for two months, and requested feedback from my "independent testers".

This is what we found: