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Traditional Healing, Part Three: The First of the Three S's - Source, Sanitation and Skill - "Source"

 Traditional Healing, Part 3 

First of the 3 S's:

Source, Sanitation and Skill


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As discussed in Part Two, so many of the commercial preparations we have all been conditioned to buy have their genesis in natural herbal remedies.  In many cases, the natural remedy that you can make yourself is far superior to any of the commercial products on the market.

In fact, in your kitchen right now you have some very powerful herbs with incredible anti-pathogenic and healing properties.


We recently had a major water leak in our house from a failed kitchen connection that flooded our basement overnight.  Our insurance carrier sent a professional company to mediate the water damage before the contractors could come in to do the repairs.  Of high concern was the potential for black mold to get traction.

What did the professionals use to not only kill the existing mold and mildew, but spray as a preventative?  Some high powered bleach?  A highly toxic industrial chemical formula?

Nope. They used a commercially prepared proprietary blend of herbs that consisted mostly of thyme and rosemary oils.

Yep.  You're reading that right.  This is a large, well known company with regional reach and they relied upon scientific research and double blind studies to determine that thyme and rosemary were superior in not only killing black mold but preventing it from re-establishing itself over commercial bleach and other "anti-fungal/anti-mold" chemical preparations.

The number two alternative that they stated was better than bleach, but not as effective as thyme and rosemary?

Apple cider vinegar.

This was confirmed to me in lab, where we did standard plating and compared our herbal tinctures for anti-pathogenic activity to the standard references taught in basic undergraduate microbiology lab. Thyme was hands down, the most effective across the broadest spectrum of pathogens: viral, bacterial, fungal.  

Remember how I mentioned metformin, a well known drug for managing diabetes, has it origins in French lilac?

Several commercial cleaning products have thymol - one of the main constituents of thyme.

For everyday cleaning, I now add fresh thyme and rosemary sprigs (that are free of visible moisture) to a gallon of white vinegar. Shake, and allow to "steep" in a cool, dry, dark place for at least three weeks before using. Strain, and add to a spray bottle for cleaning bathrooms, especially touch surfaces: door knobs, taps, handles. It works really well on kitchen countertops. The vinegar as the carrying agent also does double duty by reducing lime scale and soap build up in addition to disinfecting and sanitizing.

"Thymol, as the main active ingredient responsible for the activity of thyme EO, has been shown to possess antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, anthelmintic, antiviral, antioxidant, expectorant, antispasmodic, carminative, diaphoretic, sedative, anti-rheumatic, and even anti-cancer, anti-hyperlipidemic and anti-hyperglycemic action."

Source: PubMed Central ID PMC7571078 Anti-viral properties of Thyme

There are a number of other papers on PubMed that discuss Thyme's proven anti-viral properties with respect to SARS-COV, HIV, Herpes, etc.

What would you rather use around your home, your children, your pets for sanitizing and cleaning? Chlorine Bleach, which is toxic, or a spray bottle of white vinegar and thyme and other anti-viral herbs of your choosing?*

(*I will provide a recipe and how-to to do this safely to avoid creating conditions for pathogens to grow in a later post).

So - as promised, a toe dip into the topic of Herbalism with the 3 S's:


Be careful, and be a skeptic.  Evaluate your sources carefully and use your best judgement.  That applies whether it is information, herbs, seeds, or promises as to its effectiveness and claims.

Sources of information is very important to me.  Perhaps because of my industrial chemical background, I tend to be a skeptic and operate more on a "show me" basis.  I was not convinced of thyme's anti-pathogenic properties until I tested it myself using standard reference lab techniques, and then sourced several well written papers for my lab write-up.

Use proper Botanical or Scientific names. This is important when doing research into an herb, its uses, its effectiveness, contra-indications, etc. For example, in one of my classes, someone referred to the "Tree of Life" plant. We had three students, from three different healing traditions backgrounds/cultures ALL assume it was a different "Tree of Life". 

There are truly evil people out there who wish people in the Prepper/Homesteading community harm.

This is no joke.  I wish it were.  On several blogs and on the "Chans" I saw posts of plants that were stated as "medicinal" and urging people to go out and "forage" them and consume them for a wide variety of ailments - "you'll feel better immediately".

Two of the photos posted were of deadly White Snakeroot and Hemlock, with statements that they were "wild carrot" and "yummy".

Deadly and Poisonous Hemlock Spreading

Know your sources.

For these reasons, do not go "foraging" - buy plants from a reputable naturopathic nursery or herbalist, or support the small companies that are trying to save heritage seeds. Besides the risk of foraging something deadly, the damage to the environment and the sustainability of medicinal plants is at risk.

In the United States, American Ginseng, Saw Palmetto and Purple Coneflower (Echinacea) are some of the medicinal plants at risk because of over harvesting. Don't be a jerk. Buy from a reputable nursery, or grow from seeds purchased from an honest seed saver.  Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. 

Many of the items sold on Amazon originate in China. Investigate the source - several companies dishonestly buy product from China cheap, and then repackage it in the US and claim it is "US origin".  

Rosemary Gladstar and James Green, the "Godmother" and "Godfather" respectively of the modern American Herbalist movement, both taught at the California School of Herbal Studies (CSHS) in the 1980's and mentored an entirely new generation of herbalists.

They have both published several books, and are exceedingly generous with their knowledge, wisdom and recipes.

This again is one of the differences between the allopathic approach and the naturopathic approach. Allopathy is all about proprietary information, procedures, methods, etc that are grounded in secrecy and provide a revenue stream; naturopathy is all about a culture of abundance, sharing, giving and openness of heart and information.  

These are two of the sources recommended at the beginning of my learning journey:

Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health by Rosemary Gladstar. 

"175 Teas, Tonics, Oils, Salves, Tinctures and other Natural Remedies for the Entire Family".

400 pages, easy reading, also includes instructions on dosing.

ISBN 978-1-60342-078-5

It's about $15 new on Jeff Bezos' Company Store, but you may find it in your local library or used book store to save money.

I recommend this as a great beginner's reference, and I have purchased it as a gift to give to others.

(*As an aside, Amazon has deactivated my Affiliate account, so I do not earn any commissions from links to Amazon.)

James Green, "The Herbal Medicine-Maker's Handbook - A Home Manual"

370 pages, not as much plant pr0n photos as Rosemary Gladstar's, but a good beginner's reference guide and addition to your home library you will want to have "off line" IYKWIMAITYD.

ISBN 978-0-89594-990-5

You can use your budding knowledge and interest in herbalism and nutritional gardening to help build a community of trust, cooperation, mutual aid, resiliency and openness.  The time to do so is now - not when you actually need to rely upon it.

For example, Indian Gooseberry, aka Amla, (Emblica officinalis) is a powerful plant used in Ayurvedic medicine. I am attempting to grow some plants from the seeds I harvested from frozen Amla berries I purchased at an organic Indian health food store. If I am successful, I will keep one for myself and I will gift the others in my class that are interested in Ayurvedic medicine.  Gift - not sell.

It costs me nothing to show someone how to make an effective first aid tincture or herbal based bug spray that is effective against mosquitos, biting insects AND ants.  But it does buy good will, fellowship and community.  The hunger for community and knowledge is there. I will discuss different strategies for building community in my post on Nutritional Gardening. No matter your personal feelings, "food is medicine" and what we put into our mouths has a greater impact on our healing and well-being than pretty much anything else. 

Part Four I'll continue with the second S - "Sanitation".

Just like not knowing your sources can be deadly, so can lack of knowledge about sanitation.


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Traditional Healing, Part Two: How are Allopathic and Naturopathic Medicine different


Part Two:

How are Allopathic and Naturopathic Medicine different, and how is Naturopathic better?

*Photo credit to Portland Community College,

I was going to start this post by tendering some anecdotal examples, but I opted for the hard open instead, and ripped the band aid off.

The revenue model of allopathic medicine is not designed to keep you well.  It is designed to keep you on board as a continual customer.

Allopathic medicine is great for trauma and acute care situations, but there is no - as in zero, zilch, nada-  financial incentive to keep you well.  The entire revenue model of allopathic medicine is not to heal you, but to keep you on the Rockefeller Plantation. 

Many items of an allopathic pharmacy formulary have been stolen from traditional healing modalities and been commodified. The vast majority of allopathic medications that are dispensed have a natural plant origin, which was then isolated, modified slightly so it could be patented, synthesized and then manufactured on a large scale for profit.

You can't patent and protect as IP a living plant.  That creates huge problems for the allopathic revenue model.  There is no revenue stream in cures and/or lifestyle changes for optimal wellness and health that negates the need for pills, potions, injections and expensive imaging. 

And, as many people learn, the slight changes between the "generic" version of a drug and the brand name can mean it is not as effective.  How much efficacy is diminished by isolating and extracting only a small portion of the healing properties of a plant, instead of prescribing consumption of whole parts of the plant, as Oriental Medicine does?

Astute readers will remember the controversy that erupted when an internal report prepared by Goldman Sachs said out loud the quiet part:  curing patients does not provide a revenue stream, and is therefore an unsustainable business model.

That is allopathic medicine, as it is practiced today, in a nutshell.

The big money that is behind allopathic medicine - and I'm not talking about your local friendly family doctor who delivered you and is now taking care of your kids like something from Mayberry USA, but the BIG money behind allopathic medicine, has zero ethical issue with stealing the knowledge of herbalists, shamans and other traditional healers, through threats and coercion if need be, and then taking this "knowledge" back to the lab, where it can be synthesized, patented and sold to you at outrageous markup.

And then to add insult to injury, they will gaslight and shame you into believing that "natural remedies" are "dangerous", "unsafe" and "ineffective".

Mark Plotkin wrote a very interesting book about his time with Shaman in the Amazon basin, and how big Pharma was sending out scouts to source new revenue streams.

Ayurvedic practitioners in India have come across the scouts/spies of big Pharma as well.  There was a notorious incident where a large US manufacturer of toothpastes and mouthwashes, etc tried to steal recipes for herbal toothpastes, mouthwashes and tinctures from local herbalists.

The Daily Mail in the UK ran a story headlined, "Colgate-accused-stealing-1-000-year-old-Indian-toothpaste-recipe" and it has since been removed from their website.

So, we've already covered (2) big reasons why allopathy and naturopathy differ.

A personal anecdote is a good way to highlight the differences between the allopathic and the naturopathic approach. One of my teachers explained it to me this way:  your body is on fire, and showing acute symptoms.  The allopathic fire truck races to the scene, puts out the fire, then packs up their hoses and their equipment once the fire is out, and leaves.

The naturopath also recognizes your body is on fire.  Like allopaths, they seek to put out the fire.  But unlike the allopath, the naturopath then wants to find out what caused the fire, what was the underlying genesis, and how to prevent a further fire from breaking out again.

My 4 year old grandson developed a wart in his foot, which had become so painful it was difficult for him to weight bear on it.  My daughter had taken her pediatrician's advice, and had applied topical OTC (over-the-counter) "anti-wart" preparations, which contained isolated salicylic acid.  

Not only did the wart not begin to recede, it grew and became even more painful for my grandson, and the skin around the wart began to get badly blistered from being burned by the topical ointment, adding to his discomfort.

My daughter then tried some folkloric solutions:  duct tape overnight, banana peels, etc.  Her pediatrician then suggested the next step was either freezing (cryotherapy) or micro excision (local surgical removal).  Before she went that route, my daughter asked me if I had a "natural" solution. 

Being a new student, I asked one of our supervisory practitioners for some advice.  After reviewing the photos of the wart and hearing the history, my daughter was informed that the wart was not healing because my grandson's immune system was depressed/compromised/weakened. Warts like the one he had are viral in origin, and normally a healthy four year old would be able to shed the virus. Instead, because of his weakened immune state, from lack of sleep, high sugar intake and loads of fast food on a vacation recently it not only took foothold (pun intended), it continued to grow and flourish.

Therefore, in the naturopathic approach, until the body was returned to homeostasis and the immune system flourishing again, the wart WOULD NOT GO AWAY.

This is the partial protocol that was prescribed (after about six weeks of the allopathic attempts, which only served to have the wart grow, not shrink).

 -No more sweets/sugars in any form during the "acute attack phase" of treatment.  That means not only sugar, honey, and all other sweeteners, but breads, pastas and cereals and especially gummy bears. No fast food. That part was a hard sale to a four year old.

-No more peanuts or chocolates.

-Bolster the gut health with probiotic yogurt and cheeses.

-Home tissane* of chamomile (Matricaria recuita) and lemon balm dried herbs, sipped in the morning and before bed for immune rebuilding and systemic anti-viral support (fortunately, he loves chamomile tissane aka his "sleepy time tea" so that one was not such a hard sell.)

-Foot soak nightly in warm water with epsom salts, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil (this was purchased as a pre-packaged blend) with added lemon balm  (Melissa officinalis) leaves. He actually really enjoyed this and would remind my son-in-law if he forgot and was tardy in setting it up.

-Apply drops of calendula and licorice root tincture to a cotton ball; hold in place with bandage (we used cheery colorful "vet wrap" from Tractor Supply) and cover with a sock.  Remove cotton ball in the morning and reapply with a fresh cotton ball soaked with both tinctures.

Calendula officinalis (a type of marigold) is considered a vulnerary herb - it increases the rate at which skin cells regenerate and rejuvenate, which makes it ideal for slow healing wounds or ulcers often experienced by long term diabetics. It has excellent anti-viral properties, and it also contains salicylic acid in a natural form, so it is not as harsh on delicate skin as the isolated allopathic OTC formulations. Calendula is also great for diaper rash.

 Glycyrrhizin (licorice root) is "one of the best documented antiviral substances derived from the plant kingdom and has been shown to be effective against a variety of viruses, including those which cause influenza and the common cold." Topical licorice root is also powerful in reducing age or sun spots on skin.

How did the naturopathic approach compare to the six weeks of trying the allopathic suggestions?

Within one week, the burned skin around the wart from the topical ointment had begun to heal, and the wart had begun to recede even that weight bearing on the foot was not nearly as painful.

Within four weeks, his wart was completely gone and his foot had returned to normal.

So, the approach was to "put out the fire" with herbs that have powerful anti-viral properties, and to treat the underlying cause by cutting out sugars, fast food and rebuilding his gut flora as well as providing immune support to return his body to homeostasis.

No trip to the dermatologist to have it frozen or scraped out with a remaining hole in his foot stuffed with neosporin after cleaning with hydrogenperoxide. He got to be a minor celebrity at preschool, as all of his fellow students wanted to see what color of vet wrap he had on that day, and they watched with gory fascination the status and saga of the wart.  

Now compare his experience of cutting out sweets, drinking "Peter Rabbit tea" , a soothing pre-bed foot soak and having a soothing tincture applied by cotton ball to his wart to the advice/explanation of a stubborn wart removal posted on the internet by a Podiatrist:

Wart Removal Surgery Explainer with photos by a Florida Podiatrist

As the podiatrist states, warts are viral, very hard to treat, and "often recur within a year after treatment".

To which the naturopath responds, "Yes, because the immune system isn't functioning optimally enough to be able to shed the virus!"

Which treatment plan/approach would you prefer for a four year old?

Both methods (naturopath vs. podiatrist) took about four weeks to heal/resolve.

A second example I would use is the treatment of diabetes.

Most allopaths will treat diabetics with allopathic medicines, such as metformin or insulin.  They tell their patients that this is a life long progressive disease, and teach their patients how to monitor their blood glucose with painful finger pricks and how to self-inject insulin.

The naturopath will work with the patient to institute major lifestyle and diet changes including low carb and managed carb and supporting with herbal supplements in the transition phase, with the goal of not only weening them from medications like metformin and insulin, but to completely discharge them AND keep them in a state of "whole health" and "homestasis".

Dr. Tro, while not a Naturopath, adopts many of the naturopathic approaches in managing diabetic patients, with the goal of successfully discharging them from diabetic medications and returning them to more optimal overall health and well-being.

Dr Tro Reverse Diabetes

The origins of patented and big Pharma metformin are French Lilac, a herb used since the medieval ages in Anglo-Saxon herbalism to regulate blood sugar. Are you starting to see a trend? 

Ayurvedic healing also uses several different herbs/plants that regulate blood sugar and reduce the cravings for sweets.  Not surprisingly, several big name pharmaceutical companies are "investigating" these traditional recipes to bring to market, while WebMD will tell you they have "little proven effects".

Gymnema Sylvestre is one of the more popular herbs used in Ayurvedic healing for blood sugar management and sugar cravings.

From my background in chemistry, I would have to say that to me, one of the biggest differences between allopathic and naturopathic healing is the use of highly isolated and synthesized compounds taken from plants vs the use of whole plants.  The human body is a complex organism, and modern medicine is just beginning to understand the full interaction of various biochemical co-factors in the whole plant. 

Stereochemistry is a good analogy for this. All of nature has a ying/yang. Male/Female. Hot/Cold. In stereochemistry, compounds have a roughly equivalent mixture of left and right hand orientation of molecules. Chemists figure out which orientation is the "active" component, and discard the remainder. This is what Big Pharma does.

For example, when you freshly grind pepper, your olfactory senses only recognize one orientation of the ground pepper mixture. However, that does not necessarily mean that your body is only using the molecules with the orientation your senses "smell".  More research continues to be done on this. Allopathic approach discards whole plant herbalism in favor of only isolated and synthesized active ingredients, essentially.

In summation, I would state:

* Allopathic medicine is great for trauma and for highly specialized care, like surgeries and acute emergencies. Hands down, no substitution or equivalency in naturopathy. In my experience, for primary care or chronic conditions it is a revenue model incentive to keep you on the allopathic plantation, rather than "heal" you and keep you from needing to interact with them on an ongoing and consumer driven model. Rather than address major lifestyle change and the concept of holistic health and homeostasis, the allopath will typically put you on an endless treadmill of statins or glucophages.

*Naturopathic medicine can be a wonderful alternative to allopathic primary care, by allowing you to take responsibility for your own wellness and health in a holistic ("whole body approach") way, using plants you can grow in your own garden, or order online at much less cost than the typical American pharmacy bill monthly. Naturopathy encourages you to continue to support a healthy immune system by what you eat and what you do as the best line of defense against chronic and acute disease.

*Allopathic medicine is threatened by the rise of alternative healing modalities, and in response, they have created the specialties of "integrative medicine" and "functional medicine" to compete with naturopathy. Do not be fooled. They are still "allopaths" and most do not use naturopathic approaches, philosophies or treatments/remedies.

As a final caution: As mentioned previously, if you are under the active care of an allopathic physician for ANY of what I call the "Big Three" (hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes and cancer), do NOT decide you are going to discharge yourself from allopathic care and go on a "throw anything at the wall and see what sticks" approach to herbalism or "self-service" naturopathic treatments developed by late night online searches.

Find a naturopathic physician and/or an allopath who is open to naturopathy and holistic medicine, to make a transition to a holistic, "whole health" lifestyle.  The big three are serious medical conditions that can create great and permanent damage in the body if left untreated, unmanaged and unmonitored.  If you are on allopathic medications for any of these, many herbal supplements can not be used safely with the allopathic medications, so you need to discuss this with your physician, and your pharmacist.  Hopefully, you are using the same pharmacy for all your prescriptions, so your pharmacist can use one of the software tools to check for contra-indications between medications and herbal supplements.

Future posts will give some resources and some ideas about home remedies for kitchen chemists/herbalists, but as always, you and only you are responsible for your health.  

Know the signs and symptoms of serious medical conditions that are acute and require allopathic intervention, as opposed to trying to "tough it out"

Naturopathic healing has its limitations, and should be seen as an adjunct to primary care to minimize interaction with Big Medicine and Big Pharma by taking responsibility for your own health and wellness. Fractures, a twisted bowel, strokes and other life-threatening illnesses are NOT going to be solved by Naturopathic healing. Get thee to an ER, stat.

Part Three, Four and Five will be an actual introduction to Herbalism, including the 3 S's:

Source, Sanitation and Skill.

And links to some resources if you are interested in learning more about how to create home remedies for yourself for basic first aid and wellness. Many of the culinary herbs you already have in your kitchen have powerful healing properties, and I will provide some examples.

Kermit sipping tea, made from camellia sinensis leaves, which is not a tissane.

*a Tissane is a hot water herbal infusion.  "Tea" is specifically used in herbalism to only refer to hot water infusions that include camellia sinensis or actual "tea" leaves.  Using the word "tea" or "medicine" improperly in herbalism means a mandatory deposit into the swear jar.

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The Only Person Responsible for You is YOU, Traditional Healing Part One - an Ongoing Series

An Introduction to Traditional Healing

Nothing in this series I have written should be construed as providing medical advice, or advice to NOT seek care from allopathic providers. These are opinion pieces, and the opinions expressed within are my own, based on my own research and first hand experiences.  

Like a happy squirrel, I am sharing nuggets of information gathered from various corners of the internet and published materials to share with you as a starting point for you to start your own discussion and investigation into whether or not having a home "medicinal plant" garden as part of your family's wellness and first aid kit is appropriate for YOU in preparation for a grid down scenario.

This is a multi part series.  I have no idea how many "parts" it will eventually end up being; that depends upon your questions and comments.

I have been asked to provide a brief overview about Traditional Healing, Herbalism, Naturopathy and the relationship to Allopathic medicine (aka, "M.D." or Western Corporatized Medicine). Although Osteopaths ("D.O.s") aren't technically allopaths and have a different pathway of training than allopaths, I include them under the umbrella of allopathic medicine, because the majority of D.O.s in practice in the US have admitting/hospitalist privileges at allopathic institutions, and are members of various allopathic specialty colleges and boards (fellowships of surgery, obstetrics, internal medicine, family medicine, etc). 

My interest in herbalism and naturopathic medicine, and my decision to begin the formal study of them, was two fold:  (1) primary care allopathic medicine had failed me, and some very close family members in some very serious ways, and I was healed by alternative medicine, including herbalism, and an N.D. and an O.M. (Oriental Medicine practitioner). (2) As someone who has worked in and around the allopathic system in various capacities, I am well aware that the allopathic model is failing and is on the verge of collapse.  I wanted to be prepared and knowledgeable on how to keep my family safe and healthy and not in need of allopathic care except for acute emergencies or trauma, and to have greater control and responsibility for my wellness and health.

As this is a subject that is very complex, I will try and be as brief as possible, and present the information in the simplest way possible.

Photo credit What is allopathic medicine

In short, "Traditional Healing", or Herbalism, is a system of primary care for wellness and health using plants as food and "medicine*" to support the immune and other systems, going back thousands of years.  The most well known to Westerners is Oriental Medicine (aka, "Chinese Medicine"), which combines herbs and acupuncture as two of the things that differentiate its practice significantly from allopathic medicine. I will be discussing Homeopathy, and my issues with homeopathy, as an alternative healing practice in future posts.

The other most well known in my estimation is Ayurvedic, (aka, "Indian Medicine") and it is closely tied to spiritual practice, as well as what in western medicine would be considered "osteopathic" treatments - ie: stretching, movement etc such as Yoga to keep the lymphatic, cerebral-spinal, digestive and respiratory circulatory systems optimally functional.  YMMV in this descriptor.

Herbalism has a long tradition in Anglo-Saxon and Germanic cultures.  In fact herbalism is still widely practiced in the Switzerland/French Jura/Austrian interconnected regions.  I will speak to that a bit more later on.  Herbalism is presently widely practiced in all regions of the U.S. with the greatest concentrations including Appalachia, the far Northeast (Vermont, NH etc) and the Southwest (New Mexico, Arizona) all springing from the oral traditions and teachings /apprenticeships of learned knowledge, passed down from generation to generation.

To many in the "Traditional Healing" world (*using the word "medicine" is a legal snafu, as that is a word that has been co-opted, codified, commodified and regulated improperly by allopathic medicine, with the legal slush funds and government regulation to back up enforcement and policing), "allopathic" medicine is the "new kid on the block" so to speak.

While allopathic practitioners like to touch back to the Greeks as their foundation, in reality, modern allopathic medicine is a fairly recent invention, beginning in earnest around the dawn of the 20th century.  As always, the establishment and eventual dominance of allopathic medicine over other alternative systems of healing and wellness arose out of the coarsest of reasons:  money.

Allopathic medicine is also known somewhat derisively by Traditional practitioners as "Rockefeller Medicine".  For brevity sake, I will not post links - I am sure all of you have the capability to adequately do an online search using the prompt, "How did Rockefeller influence Allopathic Medicine" and you will get a dump truck load of returns which will answer your questions.

In essence, allopathic medicine dominated in the 20th and now 21st centuries for much the same reasons any other system of being or doing things has trended to dominate in our modern, screwed up world:  money, consolidation of providers to eliminate the competition, control of entry to training as gatekeeping/guild protection, propaganda and gaslighting.  Allopathic medicine is now currently in its second round of consolidation, where the number of practitioners in private practice has dropped precipitously due to unsustainable overhead costs including malpractice insurance, sky high debt servicing for student loan repayments, and the gobbling up of stand alone clinics, community hospitals etc in the Leviathian based Corporate driven model managed by MBA's, MPH's and CFO's rather than MDs and DOs.

I should be clear, however:  Naturopathic and other alternative medicine is not a substitute for trauma or acute care.  There is no better system globally of optimal and high quality trauma care than what is available to people in the USA, and for that we should all be grateful.  Part of taking more responsibility for your own wellness is to know the signs and symptoms of serious medical conditions, like cellulitis or septicemia, which require immediate allopathic attention and should not be ignored.

If you are presently under the ongoing care of an allopathic physician, especially for any of the "big three" (hypertension, diabetes or cancer) you should NOT decide to unilaterally discharge yourself from their care and go "natural". A managed transition, if you decide to go that route, needs to take place with a plan and monitoring, but in many cases it can be done, and done safely. 

To be continued.  Part Two: How are Allopathic and Naturopathic Medicine different, and how is Naturopathic better for Wellness?

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Ukraine Kayfabe*, or How We Got The Western World To Buy The WEF Sleight-Of-Hand

Hmmm. Color me cynical (it's the one next to the last right in the expanded 64 pack of Crayolas), but my, MY isn't this kick off of festivities in #Ukraine awfully convenient?

I mean, we had the COVID narrative falling apart, and people like David Martin explaining the money trail between world leaders like Trudeau, and Acuitas, Arbutus, Moderna, Pfizer, et al ... the coverup of Fauxci's funding of Wuhan and other illegal-in-the-US bioweapons labs bubbling up into the public square, -and- 

We had the Truckers Freedom Convoy park in #Ottawa, which tore the fig leaf off the belief that #Canada is in any way, shape or form a "democracy" and exposed the lying state funded mass media whores for who and what they are, -and- yet! 

Klaus Schwab was there at Harvard in 2017* bragging how Putin, Merkel, Trudeau, Freeland, Singh, Blair et al are all graduates of the #WEF "Young Globalists Leaders" indoctrination camps, sent out as foot soldiers to usher in the transnational aligned "Neo-Feudal World Order" where the serfs will own nothing, and "be happy", -and- 

A desperate pivot was needed from the realization that the #WEF Individual Digital Identity system, aka, Social Credit Score, aka, Digital Slavery, was being advanced in all Western nations and people were waking up to what that really meant, -and- 

Ergo, a hot war in #Ukraine! Never mind that the Canadian gov't manufactured a false flag event with (1) carefully staged swastika flag at the #Ottawa protest, or that Chrystia Freeland, #WEF YGL graduate, spouse of a reporter with the black-budget-intel-narrative- washing NYT, has a bona fide, I sh!t you not, Ukrainian WWII "real" Nazi grandfather, #Canadians were now guilt tripped into rallying for #Ukraine! when freedom in their OWN backyards IS in actual and desperate peril, -and- 

Not for nothing, #Putin is a #WEF YGL graduate as well, and this whole #Ukraine thing seems to be yet another one of those pre-planned off-the-shelf solutions to a problem - the "Great Awakening" - that they always seem to have ready, with of course, the ready made "solution" for easy public consumption and buy into. Interesting that #Russia seems to be embarrassingly and ahem, theatrically, incompetent in its prosecution of the conflict, and a lot of outdated materiel seems to be now rendered useless!, being blown up, stripped of usable parts, etc. Why, even #Poland helpfully stepped in and offered up their vintage Soviet MiG fleet to #Ukraine! You can't buy new stuff if you've still got old stuff!! How do you get shiny new stuff?? You have to find a plausible way to dispose of the old stuff! 

So, all the players in this drama are #WEF YGL graduates, the timing is suspiciously helpful to distracting the growing #GreatAwakening plebes, (look OVER HERE, not THERE!) but if you feel #Ukraine is Kayfabe theater and you're being played, you're a "Conspiracy Theorist". 

Oh, and has anyone else noticed that all the recent players on the World Stage aren't well educated statesmen in the Western tradition, but have some sort of theatrical background, and are comfortable playing a part? Trump - WWE, The Apprentice and now his new social media launch would be really given a "Y-U-G-E" assist with something like a WAR that people would want to chat about and share their armchair quarterbacking strategery! Putin? - to be successful in his role as a foreign intelligence officer - what chameleon qualities would that have required? Trudeau - a former drama teacher. Zelenskyy - actor AND comedian! That skill set would be incredibly helpful for making Kayfabe "war" theatre actually believable! 


*Klaus Schwab bragging at Harvard in 2017:

"Vladmir Putin.... has been a member of the Young Global Leaders Forum" 

Update: Most of the "information" being disseminated by the "Legacy media" about Ukraine is .... deliberatively, shockingly untrue and incorrect.

First Casualty of War is Truth

Someone else who isn't buying what they're selling:


Sunday, February 13, 2022

Your Request for Freedom Has been Denied

"Dear Little Working Class Person, 

We regret to inform you that your request for "Freedom" was denied as it has been not been approved by your local Commissaries, and failed to have the necessary supporting documents attached, was not in triplicate and was completed in blue ink. Our policies regarding all "Requests for Freedom" specifically state that they must be completed using only black ink. This decision is final."


To all those that are "angry" about the #FreedomConvoy, especially the blockades, the comments section at Small Dead Animals Blog, a Canadian blog that has been following the Canadian Trucker Protest intently, is enlightening: 

"This was my response to a neighbor here in Florida (votes consistently “Blue”/Democratic) who stated that they shouldn’t be blockading bridges, etc and should “just go home” and “protest peacefully” (ie: write their MPP/MP, etc) 

(I also asked her why the greatest genuine grassroots working class uprising in a generation has been so viciously demonized and resisted by the parties that purport to represent working class interests (Liberals & NDP in Canada; Democrats in US) and got NO answer.) 

 Dear Friend, 

You state that the protesters have no right to blockade the bridges or “occupy” downtown Ottawa, that they need to just go home and “protest peacefully” by means that you feel are “appropriate”, such as “writing letters”, or “starting petitions”. 

Unfortunately, that is a much harder task than you realize, to have your voice heard, when all the checks & balances of a democratic system have been denied to the working classes. Blockades & a growing insurgency is all they have left, and their courage is contagious.

Let’s take a roll call: 

(1) Parliament? The leaders of two of the major parties are both of the same political party – the “#WEF party, Riding of Canada." Steve Bannon calls them “the party of Davos” and he is not wrong. Both Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh used inexcusable and unacceptable inflammatory speech to demonize an entire group of people who had differing views, with no blow back from the mainstream media. If their opponents had used it, it would be categorized as “hate speech”, but they get a free pass from the media. 

The “Opposition” ? Timid and gutless, they tentatively move forward with pseudo opposition to the ruling party, as long as it doesn’t upset their big business donors or deep pocket lobbyists. The base – well, screw ’em! We’ll say the minimum we need to say to appease them & then do what our donor class wants. The first Conservative (CPC) politician to announce he is running for the now vacant leadership position of the CPC, Pierre Poilievre, is yet another WEF (World Economic Forum) “Young Global Leaders” graduate. Do you understand the concept of “Controlled Opposition” in psychological warfare operations? 

No one in the “Opposition Party” has so much as mentioned the WEF-mandated “Individual Digital Identity” – a permanent QR style digital passport, that all jurisdictions in the West with a significant WEF footprint are rushing to implement. The QR “Vax Passes” were just the toe in the water and the beta test for what is to come. Saskatchewan has an outstanding RFP (Request for Proposal) for a “Level 3”, Individual Digital Identity framework. This is more than just “dropping all mandates”. This is the last line of defense before we are all corralled into a digital fence that they control, similar to the Chinese Social Credit System – and yet, the CPC remains silent while pretending it is demanding “ending all mandates” in support of the "Truckers for Freedom" and protesters camped out in Ottawa.

(2) The mainstream media? Once a check on power, they now are little more than stenographers & hagiographers for the establishment. They don’t challenge establishment viewpoints, they harangue, hector and bully the “little guy” for his “unacceptable views”, especially if those “views” are embarrassing to those in power. Dr. Malone was recently “fact checked” by a reporter from the BBC – someone who had NO science experience, let alone formal training – and “corrected” for his statements on findings, technology and protocols that he had invented, and had successfully secured 9 patents for. As mentioned in (1), the Leadership of two of the four major political parties, can use vituperative language with zero comment from the media. Oh - and the Liberal party subsidizes the "free press" to the tune of approximately $600 million CDN$ per year. They are smart enough not to bite the hand that literally feeds them.

(3) The courts? Ha, ha, ha! Time & again as we slowly slide into full tyranny, they don’t view their storied position as a check on power and a much needed source of equity for the underdog in a stacked system. The recent court rulings against the #FreedomConvoy in my view are further evidence of the corruption of the Justice system in favor of the powerful. If not outright corruption, then certainly a corruption of ideas and principles. 

(4) Banks? Instead of being neutral business people, TD Bank went out of their way to grovel and suck up to the #WEF party of Davos to proactively find a way to return the grassroots donations of the "Deplorables/Fringe Minority " held in trust by Give Send Go to Leviathan, in advance of any express court directives to do so. That’s “Democracy” in action! 

(5) State power? With little more than offended feelings and the sense of a threat to the status quo, the state now goes door to door in an intimidation campaign against soccer moms, or declare anyone who dares challenge them, “Terrorists” in order to apply the full lever of power of the state against them. Unlawful stealthy and warrantless intelligence collection with the full cooperation and support of Big Tech on innocent citizens is done under the guise of an “Emergency Order”, for “Public Health”, yet nothing is done about it nor are the fruits of the illegal data collection ordered destroyed. The Cheka would be impressed. 

But you’re right – it’s the “Blockades” – the one remaining thing the little guy has as a check on unrestrained power and tyranny that’s the problem. 


TD Bank to hand over money to Court (before any specific Court order to do so - the order was the "freeze" the funds, not surrender them to the Court. (click link for Rebel News explanation)

Saturday, January 16, 2021


The "Post-it" Note campaign is going viral!

Part of the charade employed by the existing Regime is to continue to make people believe that they are alone in their dissent and/or dissatisfaction with the ruling class. They need to isolate you and make you feel YOU are the outlier. A recent example is the derision lobbed at those who questioned Obama's background and credentials.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Ten LAWFUL Acts of Political Resistance for Liberty Guerillas

A few years ago, my co-blogger Partyzantski had mentioned the self-help book,
"Total Resistance", which is this week's SHTF Self-Education From The Library book review selection in an online "conservative" discussion forum.  Many of the comments from those without any military background or training were negative - they couldn't understand the value of a manual dedicated to "Total Resistance", and found that the guerilla operations information to be unsettling and unhelpful in a "peaceful democracy" like the USA.

Well - things have changed, haven't they?

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Pro-Liberty PsyOps: Intuition Bias and Semiotics to influence behavior

Dear Readers,  it is a great moment in time to review the concept of semiotics and the deployment of symbols to shift/influence mass behavior.

Of what possible use is this? you may ask.  I put this here today as a reminder to us all that the words, actions and symbols we use can have multiple meanings. You can use these concepts to leverage symbols to better suit your intended message as well.   As symbols gain in popularity or are seen to increase in number/visibility throughout the populace, their ability to influence through "wisdom of the crowd" or "herd mentality" also increases.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

I know I need a TEOTWAWKI Pantry, but where do I start?

WWII Rationing Food Line Up at Butcher Shop, England 1942
The most recent 60 day (and counting) free trial of communism (the lock downs go way beyond mere “socialism”) offered up by the COVID crisis have caused many families to pause and consider what they would do if going to the grocery store didn’t just mean reduced quantities or choices in foodstuffs, but if literally the shelves were bare, and the resupply was uncertain. As in, Venezuela bare. As in, people in Poland “unavailable”.  Under communist rule, those in the Soviet bloc would join any line and buy whatever was on offer because inflation was so rampant that you had to exchange currency for SOMETHING tangible, tradeable or useful immediately, before your money was completely devalued and, supply chains in the modern American sense were a joke and so you bought what was available, when it was available, and a thriving barter economy resulted. Speak to anyone who lived in the Soviet bloc during this era and they are quite clear it sucked.