Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Rebuttal to a Progressive who Admonished Me to Play Nice ....

The following rebuttal is mine alone. I do not speak for my husband, for my friends, for my children, but solely for myself.

I am tired of being told to sit down and shut up.

I am tired of being told what I can and can not say.

What is “acceptable”, while my ideas and values are mocked and trampled.

Enough. I have had enough.

I remained stoic when your acolytes spit on my car and called my husband a “baby killer” when I crossed through your phalanx at Walter Reed to take my children for medical care. I refused to respond as you smashed your fists into the hood of my car, destroyed my mirrors with bottles and keyed my doors in California, my children mute and terrified as you screamed your hate and bile.

I remained calm the day after 9/11 when the progressives in my office, in typical overwrought hyperbole of your side, were shrieking about “TANKS IN THE STREETS”, when in fact it was nothing more than two National Guardsman, fresh-face boys of about 19, stationed at an intersection, armed with whistles and a Humvee, deployed as extra eyes and ears two blocks from the White House.

I stayed silent when your leadership called my friends and my husbands' colleagues “Cold Blooded Killers” and judged them guilty in the court of media opinion.

I turned the other cheek when your liberal propaganda outfits refused to report on the humanitarian success stories in Iraq and Afghanistan, but delighted in the roll call of the lost as a way to bludgeon and demoralize our military.

I stopped listening to CNN and MSNBC when they openly reported lies about Marines in OIF – I know-- my husband was one of them.

I began paying attention to FOX news when only they – Oliver North, Bill Hemmer and like-minded conservatives like G. Gordon Liddy, had the courage to travel into the most dangerous parts of the battlespace to actually report on the successes of the surge, rather than filing reports that affirmed the narrative of the LSM from behind the Jersey barriers of the Green Zone.

I have been silent long enough. I have bent, I have yielded, I have endured slander, dishonesty, ad hominem attacks and actual physical threats.

Anger is a powerful motivator.

I began to push back. The first time was when I decided to counter demonstrate against the Code Pink harridans who had set up shop outside the Pvt Bolio gate at the Defense Language Institute on November 18, 2007 to ostensibly run a “Torture Teach-In” and to demonize and excoriate our troops.

Approaching them first with logic, facts and civility didn't work.
I explained that the School of Americas isn't even on the west coast (it's on the east coast), and has nothing to do with the mission of DLI.

That pertinent fact was “irrelevant” and dismissed.

I then patiently explained that the SOA does not teach “torture”, and that policy is in contravention to the doctrine of our military forces.

I was called a liar.

I tried a third time to explain that my husband had just returned from a tour of duty in Iraq where he was an advisor to the Iraqi army, and he had specifically advised them against torture as a method of intelligence gathering and intimidation.

I was called naïve.

So, you see, I have had multiple first hand encounters where it has been obvious that your side is intellectually lazy, refuses to do their own research, and dismisses facts that don't fit with the pre-established narrative.

I then disengaged, but not before telling them I was personally very proud of my husband, and the thousands of other men and women in uniform, who chose to defend their right to conduct protests, (even fallacious ones) against US policy and the military, but asked simply that they honor that by being at least honest with their facts and information.

No acknowledgment.

My girlfriends and I then retreated to my home where we elected to play by their rules and stage a protest against their encampment and Islamofascist “love-in”. We tried very hard to channel our best moonbattery, but it was difficult, since we were still tethered to reality.

Some of our signage included:

I will never be a Dhimmi.
Hands off my clitoris.
Got Freedom – Thank a Vet!
My husband fights for your right to protest!

We staged ourselves on the sidewalk on Lighthouse Avenue, with our backs to Camp Pink(o), and facing the oncoming traffic.

We got honks, cheers, chuckles, and a plethora of thumbs-up out of the windows of passing cars.
In very liberal, deep blue Monterey.

The Pinkies were very pleased with this turn of events, and started to cheer as well when cars gave us an energetic “toot-toot” of approval.

Then we turned around to face them and showed them our signs.

Some moments in time are priceless. That is one I will cherish for a long time. The look of the faces of the Camp Pink(o) will be forever etched in my mind.

The Left likes to use what they believe to be witty signage (although I am not sure how BUSHCHIMPHITLER qualifies as “witty”), props and sheer numbers of die hard believers and rent-a-students to validate the “justness” of their cause-du-jour and to manufacture a sense of widespread support for their “issue”.

So we took your tools and began to employ them against you. And you don't like it very much. Except we don't have to pay anyone to come to our rallies, and that just infuriates you further.

I don't “do” protests, because I think the time and resources are better employed elsewhere. I also don't do sarcasm and contempt well either, because I prefer to discuss facts and measurable outcomes, but you have framed the terms of the engagement, and I am learning as fast as I can.

Contrary to your false accusations against the genesis of the Tea Party, I began protesting the bailouts before Obama was selected and around the time that McCain had elected to suspend his campaign in order to rush back to Washington to sell us all out.

I went to the big April 15th rally with a “violent” sign forged from pink posterboard which simply stated, “Give all of Congress Pink Slips”. Frightening imagery, I know.

I went to the first 9/12 rally in DC, which you did your best to disrupt by shutting down the orange metro line and turning away buses, and which your scribes and stenographers diminished and which the White House refused to acknowledge. We weren't deterred. We were there. We knew the size of the crowd – and more importantly – the fastness of their determination. A sleeping giant had been awakened.

I went to 8-28 and to the following 9-12 rally. I began commenting on blogs, writing letters to the editor, and showing up for Tea Party strategy sessions.

I donated money to outlier Tea Party candidates who were mocked by the “all knowing” media and had been dismissed by the Establishment. Some of them actually won. They are the hired mercenaries of the Tea Party. Do not underestimate or misunderstand their mission and their support. They are on the front lines in the upcoming battle of ideas and the direction of our nation.

No where in the history of civilization has the welfare state succeeded over the long term. From Plato to Thatcher, warnings about the propensity for the professional politicians to expand the looting of the public treasury and to debase the currency as a mechanism for retaining power has been well documented and a rallying cry for sound money and conservative principles.

I challenge you to name one state where it has survived longer than two generations, for it is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme predicated on the willingness of our youth to voluntarily shackle themselves.

You have seized the public schools and the universities and conducted a purge of any non-compliant conservatives; a massive re-education for the faculty was in order. You believe you can turn our children against us. Unfortunately for you, all it takes is one look at their first paycheck as working adults for them to question the validity of your wealth redistributive economic policies. Homeschooling, constitutionally upheld, is on the rise; Ron Paul now fills college auditoriums, while the Won struggles to fill them without piggybacking on the coat tails of a free pop concert.

Your side knows you can not prevail on the battlefield of open and honest ideas, so you retreat behind the fortification of expanded regulation, unelected czars who rule by decree and diktat, and a boy-king who is being urged by the janissaries to complete the transformation to a totalarian state by executive orders.

Except, that to emplace your policies and “vision” requires the consent of the people. You can not hire enough guards, build enough prisons, operate enough courts to entrap and control the whole population of these (for-now) united states. It only takes a small percentage of dissenters, non-conformists and cascading acts of strategic civil disobedience to bring your entire command-and-control crashing all around you. Decapitating by legal and tax retributive means, a few titular heads of the resistance, will only serve to strengthen and embolden the diffuse movement. Look back at how the Solidarity movement was organized and how it ultimately prevailed before you declare Victory.

Your side has chosen to engage in a low-level, asymmetric campaign for decades. Deceit, dishonesty and exploiting the mechanisms of state have been your weapons.

Unfortunately for you, you can no longer hide and your methods have been revealed and exposed for what they are. The Fabian operational concepts are only successful when they are hidden and cloaked in disingenuous “narrative”. Thousands now are aware of, and have read, Alinsky and his fellow socialists and have formulated a counter strategy.

At first, your team mocked and lied and delighted in debasing our ideals and beliefs. Why wouldn't you feel confident? It had worked so well in the past, and you had the stenography class to support you.

Then you lowered yourselves even further by deriding anyone not in agreement with your viewpoint as “low information voters”. Given what we know now about the mortgage fraud, the chicanery of the stimulus, the hidden deceptions of Obamacare … who, pray tell, is the “low information” voter?

You were jubilant November, 2008. You strutted, you crowed, you reveled. Newsweek triumphantly declared, “We are all Socialists Now!”.

Except for one thing. You misunderstood the battlespace. You failed to recognize the numbers who stayed home rather than vote for a progressive RINO like McCain. You misread the temperment of the people, who wanted an end to the theft, the lies, the spending, the corruption and the deceit. Instead, you doubled down.

The people went underground. Everyday work folk, alarmed at the rising tide of tyranny and the rhetoric of hate, weary of the false accusations and the lies, joined the libertarian and conservatives and forged an underground resistance. The town halls in that raucous summer were not an aberration – they are the new norm. Get used to it.

Word spread – from uncensored blogs, to private e-mails and forwarded commentary, meet-ups large and small, the resistance grew and strengthened. There were gatherings of the clans across the nation. The movement began to grown organically, a leadership structure evolved, and a long term plan developed.

“Burn down the House”.

Yes, in your world, graphic or martial imagery is only to be exploited by the Left.

“We bring a gun”

“Get in their faces”

Oh yes, your side “went there”. Not only was there no outcry about the “violent imagery”, there were claps and cheers of agreement. You framed the imagery. Own it.

“Retreat and Reload”and “Burn down the house”. Get used to it. Don't think for a moment you've earned the right to open your mouth in protest.

Here's some more martial imagery for you.

Yes, we will burn down the house of Progressive Democrats and lay waste to the entire construct of the welfare state. It will be a long, decades-long battle, but we will prevail because we learned the consequences of not teaching our young ourselves. We delegated that to you, and that was our first mistake. We assumed you were honest brokers, but now we know better.

Carthago delenda est.

I accept that's the intellectually lazy response, but I have to work with what you can understand.

My preference is more of a “Thucydides account of the no-mercy overthrow of the oligarchs at Corcyra” type of historical reference.

Either way, I am confident you can deduce the “tone”of my rebuttal.

Realizing that you are losing your grip on the public schools, that the youth that propelled the boy-king to victory have abandoned you, that the bitter, blue collar white workers are now Tea Party grandmas and grandpas, that you have lost control of the federal checkbook and the legislative calendar,

now you want to petition for peace?

now you cry out for civility and consensus?

I have a message for you:

Go. To. Hell.

When you retreat back to the comfort and safety of your salon filled with like-minded Hopeium addicts, perhaps you can rouse them from their stupor long enough to send them this message.

We don't want civility.
We don't want to “play nice”.
We don't want to “compromise” with you.

From coffee shops to soccer fields and everywhere in between, the message has been clear.

Draw a line in the sand.

Those who we have sent to Washington this January who yield will be removed from the field and replaced. Make no mistake about it.

We came to you with ideas and a sincere intent to find common ground.

Our emissaries were told,

“I won”.

We tried to engage you and bring alternative solutions to the health care crisis. We met in good faith at Blair House. Our concerns and our emissaries were rudely dismissed.

So, this is our message to you:

The scorched earth policy is in effect.

A court of accounting will be convened.

Fix bayonets.


Sent to me via e-mail from an Infantry officer:

“The bayonet charge remains one of the most frightening acts an enemy can face and there is nothing better to prepare your men for battle than issuing the order to fix bayonets," said a senior Army officer.”

Source: Evans, Roger D. C., and Stephens, Frederick J., The Bayonet: An Evolution and History (Milton Keynes, 1985).

Thanks! - Fix Bayonets, Indeed !

Update #2:
Thank you to Prof Jacobson for linking me as "Post of the Day".
I'm humbled, sir.

Wow! Instalanche! Was only kidding that an Instalanche would make my day. Now I can rightfully claim that more than 3 people read my blog ;)
It seems to have hit a nerve. Thank you, Prof Reynolds!


Jeannie said...

I will send a link to this post to everyone I know. I agree 1000 per cent with every word you wrote. I am reading "Rules for Conservative Radicals" by Kahane and your post exemplifies the best of the book. I am with you. I may go down, but I will not go down easily or quietly. Thank you for letting me know I am not alone.

BigFurHat said...

We picked up this rant over at


Tanalark said...

I am incredibly impressed by this powerful, articulate piece. Your anger burns like the carefully controlled, white-hot blaze of an acetylene torch. Blistering invective combines with elegant and eloquent execution to thoroughly eviscerate the opposition.

I only wish that I could have written such a well-executed piece. Kudos to you... you have won a loyal reader and a staunch supporter for your causes, for you have perfectly expressed the seething rage that burns deep within my own heart at the desecration of our beloved country and values. Scorched earth, indeed.

I must admit that a somewhat malignant glee infects my heart when I imagine the accounting that I hope will occur come January. I desperately want to see these Progressive stooges suffer the full consequences of their deafness to the American people, and I am willing to expend a great deal of effort in pursuit of that goal.

Thank you for providing such a bold rallying cry for our cause. This will go out to everyone I love, who shares my dismay and concern for our country, and they, too, will be inspired as I was. I hope that they are as moved to action as I am.

I am no longer afraid to take on the Establishment head-on, teeth bared and screaming defiance into the ranks. My bayonet is fixed, and I will be rallying my own "troops" for the reckoning as loudly and as often as I can.

Anonymous said...

excellent post!! and dead on accurate.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely and perfectly stated!!!!! Excellent!!!!! I would like to share!!!!

Unknown said...

The rants of another paranoid right-wing lunatic. I know damn well there were no people screaming Baby Killer outsider Walter Reed at your children.

You know this too. Why do you lie to make your points? Or are you just so deluded that this IS your reality now? Facts and real life no longer matter to you.

You quite simply are insane. Sad to see but typical of the blissfully ignorant.

Billll said...

This is the kinder, gentler reason why you never negotiate with terrorists.

Ambrose Bierce defined "grapeshot" as the only proper counter argument to socialism, and he was certainly right.

Unknown said...

Bravo! This should be required reading on the GOP side of the aisle in January 2011.

Toaster 802 said...

So, this is our message to you:

The scorched earth policy is in effect.

A court of accounting will be convened.

Fix bayonets.

...Uh-F*ckin' Rah.

Quoted and linked at

Added to my blogroll also.

You said what a lot of people are feeling now. And the frauds refuse to see it. But they will.

Oh, and how will they...

Semper Fi.

Amy King said...

Reading your post was like peeking into my own mind. My husband is also a Iraq war vet (4 deployments) and still active duty. I went back to school in 2006 to finish my B.A. and get my M.A. and had to listen to so much nonsense while my husband was over in Iraq risking his life. However, I could not have said this quite as eloquently or eruditely as you have--kudos! You have given me food for thought and motivation. We will not go quietly into that good night. Prepare to March!

Nate Whilk said... you want to petition for peace?

now you cry out for civility and consensus?

I have a message for you:

Go. To. Hell.

Damn right.

Hubie Stubert said...
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Hubie Stubert said...
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Hubie Stubert said...
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Hubie Stubert said...
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Stop said...

It saddens me that I have to point out the obvious about comments, but here it is:

Pithy = Published.

I'm not going to reprint entire blog posts( Hubie) and treatises (Songbird).

2 - 3 short sentences, be polite, make your point and I'll post.

StrangeAppar8us said...

I can't believe you're this pissed off because someone who offered you sanctuary from HillBuzz at a Liberal blog asked you very politely not to be a dick.

Obviously, bad manners aren't your biggest problem. Too bad. You seem halfway smart.

Greg said...

Right on and very well said. Forwarding this to a few people.

funeralpudding said...

It's amazing the "liberal media" (which in reality is just corporatist and was rather pro-war at the beginning) won't report on the good we've done in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes, we may have wiped hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians off the face of the Earth, but we built a school or two for the ones we didn't kill!

Anniee451 said...

I am linking to this at my blog and adding you to my roll. I have made similar posts though I do not have anyone in my family who has served in the war; you have that added credibility. I too was involved in the Tea Party from the beginning and saw how it grew; I too stayed home rather than vote for the progressive RINO McCain...they don't get it. But they're going to. When they called us astroturf, I called them outright liars - because it is willful ignorance, not mere ignorance. And yes, we may go down but we go down fighting. Again, everything you said. Kudos!

sybilll said...

I hope you don't mind that I posted this at Free Republic. I have come back to this post at least 6 times today. That is how powerful I found it. Please just remember that only 21% of Americans identify with the liberalism that is poisoning this country. The other 79% of us have your back. Carry on.

Mick said...

You go with the bayonets . . . I'll snipe. As the lefts old buddy Saul said, Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. I'd change it just a bit though. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and PULVERIZE it.

Unknown said...

Well done. Re-posting this to FB, where all of my HuffPoetic acquaintances will roll their eyes and dismiss me as a pot-stirrer again. They can bite me. This pot needs stirring.

Fromz said...

Raw power, revolutionary power.

My conservative friends will be emboldened. Liberal acquaintances shall wither before your fusillade.

daddyquatro said...

Sharing on Facebook right now!

Chuck Pelto said...

TO: All
RE: McCain the "Sell Out"

....McCain had elected to suspend his campaign in order to rush back to Washington to sell us all out. -- Stop Shouting

Nice to see other military folk are recognizing that McCain broke his oath as an officer to....

....uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic....

....vis-a-vis McCain-Flamingo. [Note: One down. One to 'go'.]

Now, if only the rest of the country would recognize it. And DO SOMETHING about it.


[God is alive....and Airborne-Ranger qualified. -- Chaplain at Benning School for Boys Airborne chapel]

Chuck Pelto said...

TO: SimbaJoe
RE: 'Baby Killers'

I know damn well there were no people screaming Baby Killer outsider Walter Reed at your children. -- SimbaJoe

Why do I doubt your veracity?

Perhaps because I've been called a 'baby killer'. And on numerous occasions.

Then again, your high-school education level is showing, as you can't read English. The report was not that they shouted baby killer AT her children. They shouted it at her husband, while the children were present.

Hope that helps, but I have SERIOUS doubts.


[Liberals aren't. Progressives won't.]

Chuck Pelto said...

TO: All
RE: The Citing of 'Mental Illness'

You quite simply are insane. Sad to see but typical of the blissfully ignorant. -- SimbaJoe

Typical 'progressive' rhetoric. If they can't argue with you, they label you as mentally ill. SOP for communists.

Next we'll see that approach used to put away people who disagree with their philosophy. It worked for the Communists in the Soviet Union. It works today for the Communists in China. And Bill Ayers—Obama's political science mentor—was planning this sort of thing back in the 1970s.


[History repeats itself. Especially when it is 'successful'.]

redc1c4 said...

oh hell yes.... as an old 11B/19D baby killer myself, i find it difficult to express just how much i agree with your post, given the admonition against "profanity".....

you've got to be kidding me: how else are we mindless myrmidons of the world supposed to express our support for the puppet masters who send us off to die for international corporate profit?

/white smoke

Chuck Pelto said...

TO: Stop Shouting
RE: 'Baby Killer' Revisited

I'm reminded of an incident where I was called something like that in my own church.

When I was stationed in Denver, I sang in my church choir. For rehearsals, I'd frequently come straight from work in BDUs.

One day a 'gentleman' in the choir confronted me and asked, "Why do you participate in a profession that kills people?"

I replied, "Just so you can have the freedom to insult me with impunity."

He said, "Good answer."

Two weeks later, he left the choir. Two months later, I noticed he was no longer in the congregation on Sunday mornings.

Some time later, at a Halloween party, dressed as tactical self, a minister for some 'liberal' church asked me how I reconciled my Christianity with my profession.

I asked him what John the Baptist told the Temple guards they should do to be saved. He couldn't answer. I 'reminded' him that he told them to (1) do not violate people, (2) do not bear false witness against people and (3) be content with your [lousy] pay.

The REAL 'killer' was when I asked him what was the profession of the first Gentile converted to Christ. Again he was silent. And I 'reminded' him that he was an officer in the Roman legion of occupation. His name was Cornelius.

It's amazing how ignorant of their own 'faith' so many christians can be.


[He who has Faith -- has everything.]

True San Franciscian said...

Fantastic post! You have summed up the feelings of a lot of people that live under the yoke of leftism. Some of us are even in San Francisco.

Let this be our manifesto!

Bob said...

Rock On! Well said! As someone once said, it is easier to get people to protest "against" something than "for" something so it often appears as if no one is supporting our soldiers, but posts like this obviously prove that is not true.

Keep up the faith!

From a 24 year Navy vet

Tom Grey said...

A great rant.

Yes, please continue telling the truth, including leaving the insulting and dishonest SimbaJoe calling the description of your own experience a lie.

Well, I'm sure he thinks he's from "the reality community", where Ignorance is Strength. But of course, he projects his own dishonesty against you.

Blob said...

Cue accusations of being paid to write this by evil rich people. After all, if you don't agree with me, it must be for some nefarious reason, because it's not possible that I am wrong.


Unknown said...

Your post is like an echo of my own thoughts. Well said.

Fix bayonets indeed.

Iron Fist said...

Politics is War. War to the Knife, Knife to the Hilt. No Mercy.

SwampWoman said...

Woohooo! I've been saying something similar (but far less politely) for some time.

Bobby Coggins said...

Snooper likes what you have to say.

Toad Trend said...

Great, cleansing post...properly verbalizing the anger one feels when faced with ad hominems and factless rhetoric. Let us learn from the tactics of the Alinsky-ite and turn those tactics against same...minus the violence and factless rhetoric. Alinsky dedicated his destructive book to 'lucifer', and that's enough for me. I think you have highlighted, perhaps inadvertently, the problem the Republicans have had for years. They only want to play nice..which plays right into Dem hands. Now that we KNOW that there isn't a dime's worth of difference between R's and D's (progressive), it is time to take to heart the advice of Mencken: "Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin splitting throats" - of course, my suggestion is 'figurative', but makes the point that this good and tired lady has made. We can no longer with good faith trust our elected leaders. We must awaken from the fog of daily life, and make room for ourselves the responsibility of being watchdogs, rather than sleeping dogs, as they do their mischief with the direction of this country. A word to my progressive friends: join, or be defeated in the arena of ideas. Lies do not hold up over time. Do not be deterred, knowing that the Truth is on your side.

SimbaJoe, you revealed yourself in your very first words. Thank you.

Zilla said...

Best blog post ever! I'm going to share this EVERYWHERE. Well Done!

Stop Shouting! has been added to my Zilla blog roll.

Chuck Pelto said...

TO: Iron Fist, et al.
RE: Of Course You Realize that This Means 'War'

Politics is War. War to the Knife, Knife to the Hilt. No Mercy. -- Iron Fist

On the other hand, we have Sir Winston Churchill....

Politics are very much like war. We may even have to use poison gas at times.

On the third hand, members of the Armed Forces of the United States are under the UCMJ....when they are on 'active duty', and cannot speak out against elected or even public officials.

It's up to the rest of US—the retired, the reserve (not under orders), the distaff, the children, the parents thereof—to fight this 'war' on their behalf.


[Politics is almost as exciting as war, and quite as dangerous. In war you can only be killed once, but in politics many times. -- Sir Winston Churchill]


...let the moronics of the 'progressive' persuasion post. They provide fascinating evidence of all that you and others have said of them here.

kender said...

Keep Your Powder Dry

The shot heard round the world
Led to freedom ringing clear
We've kept the fire burning bright
For two hundred plus years
Now the tide has turned against us
Our freedom is being sold
Where is the courage we once had
The patriots so bold?
A once great country gasps her last
She withers in the field
While government as cancer grows
Lady Liberty does yield
So is this it? oh shall we quit?
Should freedom fade away?
Is this the final curtain call
Has freedom seen its day?
HELL NO I say as I rise up
My rifle in my hand
I'll not lose my liberty
I'll not lose my land
So stand with me brave patriots
Against the rushing tide
No longer shall we silent be
No longer will we hide
No longer will their words hold sway
No longer will they steal
The freedom God has given us
No longer will we yield
We stand atop the battlements
Our trumpets blowing loud
To spread the truth of Freedoms Call
Throughout the gathering crowd
Grab your coat, pick up your gun
Take up the battle cry
Be ready for the coming war
And keep your powder dry

Unknown said...


Brian Macker said...

I agree with most of what you have to say but unfortunately the practice of water boarding IS torture. According to US law such torture is illegal for any citizen of the US to participating in anywhere in the world. I would interpret it to mean that the renditions practiced by Clinton were also illegal because conspiracy to commit a crime is also a crime.

I suggest that you keep the tea party an open tent. I'm pissed at the Democrats dragging our military through the mud with lies (like Kerry committed) but some things are true, and we need the truth to correct our actions.

I don't expect to see Clinton, Bush, or Obama in leg irons for their crimes, but I can hope.

So stick with the economic issues and make the tea party movement a big tent. You are not going to sell me on the idea that water boarding isn't torture, and that Bush didn't approve it. It is and he did.

... and I DO NOT believe a president can approve illegal policies just because there is some emergency, and if he does then we need someone who is willing to take the legal consequences.

A Jacksonian said...

My thanks to you!

We are a very civil people, but we do recognize attacks upon our lives through our government when we see them. We understand the ill ends of trying to be civil to barbarians and the path that leads to for civilization or lack thereof. And when all is said and done we are born free and seek to retain our civility to create civilization, uphold our society and create a Nation in cooperation with our fellow man... it is too bad that we who are retain civility are targeted by those who have willingly ceded theirs to ideology.

The path ahead may be clouded over with fog from our future, but the destination is ever guided by the bright star of liberty showing us where the path of freedom lays... and it sure as hell isn't over the cliff we are currently headed towards.

Chuck Pelto said...

TO: redc1c4
RE: [OT-but not really] Corporate Profits

....we mindless myrmidons of the world supposed to express our support for the puppet masters who send us off to die for international corporate profit? -- redc1c4

Young man....

....having been an 11B sergeant and having led 11Bs and 19Ds as an infantry CSC company commander....AND being something of a military historian (amateur standing), let me suggest some readings for your consideration:

• This Kind of War: A Study in Unpreparedness
• The Art of War
• The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
• Anything by John Keagan, professor, military history, Sandhurst, England

You might get a better appreciation of what 'war' is all about. And it is not, repeat NOT, necessarily about some corporate profit-line. Or, maybe you should go ask some Hebrew with a tattoo on their arm. I'm confident they'll give you an earful.


[Those who do not learn from history are doomed to relive it.]

P.S. YOU may be a "mindless myrmidons". But for myself and my comrades-in-arms in my enlisted days in a parachute rifle platoon of the 82d Airborne in the 1970s....we certainly were not.

And maybe that's an indication of how far the vaunted American public education system has succeeded in dumbing-down anyone who graduated from their machinations since 1980. So, if you are truly a 'mindless' ruffian, I suggest you start to educate yourself out of that rut.

Chuck Pelto said...

TO: Brian Macker
RE: [Digression] Water Boarding, Illegal

According to US law such torture is illegal for any citizen of the US to participating in anywhere in the world. -- Brian Macker

Please cite the statute.


[When in doubt, ask to see it in black & white.]

mydorazio said...

I'd like to name specifically that if Arizona 6th congressional district representative Jeff Flake doesn't take on the urgency and dedication of a freshman tea party backed congressman this session then he will be replaced by one next session.

Nick Dorazio
Chandler, AZ

murph said...

Leftists.... Leftists.... Sigh LEFTISTS
!!! Sorry for shouting but this post is how adults talk about adult issues. Please keep this post in mind when discussing contentious issues, Online or Offline. We really, really, really, don't want bad things to happen to people. Heck most of the time we don't even want bad things to happen to bad people. And I really hope it never comes to this. We may flinch but we will never surrender. Waco vs Romanian Rules Baby!!! Molon Labe

Unknown said...

God Bless

benning said...

Shared this on Facebook. Well written! Well thought out! Well done! :D

Bart Hall (Kansas, USA) said...

We constitutional nationalists need to be very careful about one thing in particular -- to focus our attacks on the enemy's centers of gravity.

We cannot waste energy, resources, or people attacking targets that do not matter, for example Planned Parenthood.

O'Keefe's take-down of ACORN, in contrast, was a well-targeted, well-timed attack using few resources to devastating effect.

One target I view as appropriate is the entire voter-registration, voter verification structure. Most of that can happen at the state level -- here in Kansas we just elected (by a 2-to-1 margin) a very conservative Secretary of State on a platform of ending voter fraud.

We can attack the voter-fraud target from at least three sides -- requiring rolls be kept up to date and cross-checked with other jurisdictions; requiring the re-registration of all voters, at which time they must prove their citizenship and right to vote; vastly restricting early and absentee voting; ending voting-day registration ("vouching") and provisional ballots; and demanding each voter provide photo ID at the polling station.

Our ultimate goal should not be to convince lefties of anything, for that is nearly impossible.

Our overall strategy, however, should be to relegate lefties' political power and social influence to something like the 15 or 20 % of the population they actually represent.

Anonymous said...

I know damn well there were no people screaming Baby Killer outsider Walter Reed at your children

Yes! Quick, back into your liberal bubble.

You know, the place where you progressives are so tolerant, informed, smart, wise, witty, and kind.


Banshee said...

I totally approve of your message, but one thing is hanging me up.

They picketed DLI? Against the long-defunct SOA?

Mwahahahaha! Obviously Code Pink needs a roadmap and a time machine!

RebeccaH said...

From this Vietnam-era Army wife who experienced the same kind of hate: Amen. And pass the ammunition.

T.L. Davis said...

Stop, please stop by my blog and leave me an email from there, if you would.

I have a project coming up that might be of interest.

Thank you

Willys said...

Tea and Bayonets... let's Party!

Hucbald said...

Rock on!

Susan said...

Thank you for writing what I think. I'm sending this to all contacts. Bless you.

Debbie said...

Best blog post I have ever read!!!

I'm sending this link to other like minded people. You covered all bases.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had wrote this. Very well said.

Moogie P said...

Nicely, nicely done!

Found you at Legal Insurrection -- adding you to my blogroll.

Preach, Sister! (But, keep the bayponet fixed behind the pulpit)

BobG said...

**Thumbs up**

Bohemian said...

I would proudly put my "John Hancock" on that!!!!!

Lilac Sunday said...

Beautiful. Spot on and deeply appreciated.

Tweeted and linked via my blog.

Fix bayonets indeed!

Bag Man said...

Madam, I stand in awe of your blog-fu.

I'm somewhat jealous that I couldn't write something of this caliber. Of course that may just be a result of a lack of life experience.

Regardless, you have my unquestioning respect.

cmblake6 said...

This was sent to me by one of my readers, and having read it, it is about to be linked at mine as a post.



Radish said...

Fabulous. Bless you, and your friends, and your husband.

kx59 said...

found my way here via Borepatch. You've perfectly summed up the thoughts brewing in my mind for years now. You are not alone. And, as I and many conservatives are finding, we are not alone either.
I am not the least bit interested in playing nice or compromise any longer.
Bayonets! to quote TheDailyBayonet, "skewer the clueless".

mintycrys said...

When I was working with security at DLIHQ from '05-'07, putting up with those annoying Code Pink and Moms Against Torture harpies really put a damper on my day. California was (and still is) a rough place for DoD personnel and families, what with the DoD sticker being a the golden Star of David that signifies which cars are safe for the Progressive brown shirts to vandalize.

Take that anger. Pass it on. Never forget it. It only gets worse from here on out.

Cyndi said...

AWESOME!!! You said so much and said it so well. Thank you!

philmon said...

As I like to say, Stop an Echo every chance you get.

kokome said...

Say it Sister! Extremely well done. I saw from an earlier post that you were considering discontinuing your blog: please don't. We civilians need to be bolstered by intelligent, informed voices such as yours!

Christina G. said...

What has especially liberated & strengthened me is, with your knowledge as a military wife, you've shown me that things I knew in my heart but could not prove, were true after all.

The fact that you put up with so much, for so long, adds power & credibiity to what you've written.

This link was included in a comment on my blog, and I will do what I can also, to spread it.

Danielle said...

She nailed it. Each and every perfectly written word is true. I am beyond fed up and as my friend Katy said to Harry Reid, "You have awoken the sleeping giant". I am no longer sleeping. I am fully awake and ready to take this one to the end. I have never been more prepared to fight for my nation than now. My husband and I will do our part as TEA party activists. Please get involved. We do not have much time!!! Thank you dear blogger for speaking the truth girl! I couldn't be prouder of you! Now off to forward this to a bunch of libs. EG: my entire confused family.

Joe Koday said...

Thank you. I hope you don't mind that I have converted this to a downloadable podcast.

Absolutely brilliant essay. Thank you!

libertyforusa said...

An excellent account of what most Americans think and feel despite the impression of reality the left's many delusional factions attempt to manufacture.

I would like to republish this entry on our newsletter. Please see website for archives. Please email with permission to republish for our Dec. 3, 2010 issue.

Thank you for this heartfelt and accurate expression of your thoughts and feelings about those who seek to dismantle the country we love and our way of life.

Maggie said...

hey, you might want to remove SimbaJoe as well. That person is a troll.

Good rant

Chuck Pelto said...

TO: libertyforusa, et al.
RE: Actually....

An excellent account of what most Americans think and feel despite the impression of reality the left's many delusional factions attempt to manufacture. -- libertyforusa have a good grasp of what is infamously known as 'The Big Lie'.

That's what the so-called 'main stream media' are perpetrating on US. It's as if all of them—or at least MOST of them—are graduates of the Goebbels' School of Journalism.


[The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers. -- Thomas Jefferson]

P.S. Something of an 'indicator' as we say in the Army. And from a reliable, i.e., A1, 'source'. He's one of the few great Democrat presidents. The last one, in my honestly held opinion, being Harry S. Truman.

Ever since Truman, all the rest of them have been lecherous scoundrels. Or total buffoons. Even both....

P.P.S. I'm not particularly 'impressed' with the latest 'lot' of 'Republicans' either.

Doug O. said...


Brian Macker said...

§ 2340A. Torture a) Offense.— Whoever outside the United States commits or attempts to commit torture shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both, and if death results to any person from conduct prohibited by this subsection, shall be punished by death or imprisoned for any term of years or for life.
(b) Jurisdiction.— There is jurisdiction over the activity prohibited in subsection (a) if—
(1) the alleged offender is a national of the United States; or
(2) the alleged offender is present in the United States, irrespective of the nationality of the victim or alleged offender.
(c) Conspiracy.— A person who conspires to commit an offense under this section shall be subject to the same penalties (other than the penalty of death) as the penalties prescribed for the offense, the commission of which was the object of the conspiracy. § 2340. Definitions(1) “torture” means an act committed by a person acting under the color of law specifically intended to inflict severe physical or mental pain or suffering (other than pain or suffering incidental to lawful sanctions) upon another person within his custody or physical control;

(2) “severe mental pain or suffering” means the prolonged mental harm caused by or resulting from--(A) the intentional infliction or threatened infliction of severe physical pain or suffering;(B) the administration or application, or threatened administration or application, of mind-altering substances or other procedures calculated to disrupt profoundly the senses or the personality;
(C) the threat of imminent death; or
(D) the threat that another person will imminently be subjected to death, severe
physical pain or suffering, or the administration or application of mind-altering substances or other procedures calculated to disrupt profoundly the senses or personality;

Chuck Pelto said...

RE: Uhhhh....

....could you please verify somthinks with me?

Re-reading and contemplating your initial item, I'm curious as to how it is that you are so unfortunate as to have experienced ALL of this events yourself. I'm beginning to remember how that movie Platoon, portrayed events in Nam. Not like EVERY infantry platoon in Nam did/experienced such. Rather it was a composite of everything that happened there. And all of your reported experiences seem to be akin to what happened in 'Platoon'.

I've been around for a while and even though I appreciate all that was reported in the initial item, I wonder....

....did it ALL happen to YOU?

[Note: Please provide your husbands unit ID. You can do this in private. Should 'blogger' give you my e-mail address.....]


[Things are never as bad, nor as good, as first reported. -- Army Intel axiom]

jstol3 said...

I too will post a link to this blog in many places.

I am so proud of my brothers and sisters in the Tea Party and 912 groups that I'm overwhelmed by my own emotions and the sense of commitment that we all have to this movement.

Right on. Fix Bayonets!

SiGraybeard said...

Excellent! I join the large number who are linking to you on this.

Jaded said...

I absolutely loved your line in the sand and I stand on your side ready to do battle against the pathetic, disgusting, hateful regressive left.

NotClauswitz said...

Thank you for that.

GSain said...

Your rallying cry reminds me of the moment in the film "Gettysburg" when Colonel Chamberlain orders the 20th Maine to fix bayonets and charge. Fix bayonets indeed.

Wraith said...

This one's going viral, and it should! Welcome to my blogroll!

Unknown said...

What a magnificent rant!! Whatever "they" say, you are right. I give you a big tip of the helmet. You inspire all us vets.
Fix Bayonets indeed! Take no prisoners.
RVN 12B20, 10/15/69-10/12/70

Chinese Gordon said...

Right on baby. I am in no mood for compromise. As I reckon, they have had their chance, and proven their intent and capabilities. I have seen all I need to. I argue no more. I brook no idiocy.

nora said...

Brava! Posted on my facebook. I want to thank you and your husband for your dedication to our country.

Keith Glass said...

Truth: raw, unvarnished, and powerful. I'm doing my best to spread this gem around.

Fix Bayonets, and No Quarter !

Navvet55 said...

Thank you for sharing such a well thought out post. You do not only yourself proud, but present a most accurate reflection of what a majority of the country still believes and holds to be true.

Came over from Eternity Road ... I shall visit again.

Maggie said...

I was still a student during the Vietnam War. My husband at the time was also a student wanting to join the Royal Australian Air Force as a cadet.

My mother's brother was in the Army in Melbourne Australia.

At the time service men and women were warned not to wear uniform in public places. They had to wear civilian clothing because of the high risk of being attacked by the left wing rat bags.

These people do not change their stripes.

Werner said...

I'm not an American, but I have a lot of friends Stateside and I have seen with sadness what has been going on for so long now. I am glad people are starting to rally and I hope y'all can steer away from the abyss. I will link to it on my FB Wall as well.

Susan (rainy) said...

Loved this. Have now subscribed to your blog and forwarded it to many friends and family. Thank you for expressing what I have felt but could have never articulated with such eloquence.

Many thanks and blessings to you and your family for your service and sacrifice.

Ssg Ken said...

These Luddites would rather tear down the capitalist system rather than fix anything. I only wish I could write so well as the original Poster. God Bless, and bayonet charge!

Stepperg said...

Thank you. That was so well said and as the wife of a Veteran, I know it to be true.
Rock on, rant on and keep the volume right where it is.

Laine said...

Thank you for so eloquently expressing how so many of us feel. We will not go quietly into that night of horrows that the progressives would lead us into.

Thank to you and your family for your service to our country.

Trish said...

Congratulations and keep up the good work! Having been in a similar situation as you, minus moving to different locations-I had been putting up with a despicable group of Peace Activists in a local town for years until one man stood up, and I joined him soon after. Now we outnumber them by far, and show support for the troops EVERY week while their numbers dwindled to about 7. (shortly after Obama became President) Quite often more 30 people come out to show our US Troops how much we love them. Please chekc out our website, and see how we have actually beaten them back!
Glad to have found your blog! And thank your husband for his service please.

PhosChemEngr said...

Your writing captures my sentiments and observations exactly! (Based upon following the 'news' and observing events for now 50 years). And that is why I am now a proud TEA Party member/co-organizer!

EaglesDominion said...

As a Vietnam Veteran and the Proud Parent of an OEF Combat Veteran just back from deployment all I can say is... OUTSTANDING!!

Dan said...

"Without the pen of Paine, the sword of Washington would have been wielded in vain."

What an incredibly well-written post. I've long thought we needed a modern-day Thomas Paine in this battle -- are you him?

DiscConnected said...

Far too many comments for me to read right now, so if I cover ground already covered, I apologize.

I was and am one of the peoplw who believed from day one we do not belong in Iraq. I voted for Ron Paul, who shares my belief.

However, one an American boot sets down of foreign sand, I want every American to return home.

A disagreement with our leadership on policy should not turn into spewing bile at soldiers or their families.

I would say that even those in the Armed Forces are allowed to, and in my opinion have a duty to, question the American policy they are being called to sacrifice their lives to enforce.

Accordingly, I salute LTC Larkin and have publicly supported him on my blog.

Isn't it interesting that people who are exercising their right to free speech are usually the first to tell you not to exercise your right to the same?


Dave in Pa. said...

Wow! That's a powerful, moving post!

To "Stop Shouting", thank you very much. Also, please thank your husband for me, for his service to America. God bless you and your whole family. :-)

CanadianSense said...

Thank you for your thoughts and your service to taking back democracy.

A Canadian that feels the same way.

Anonymous said...

I don't do this often...But....



lady red said...

Thank you for a brilliant post!

You speak for me and mine.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...


Dances With Typos said...

One of my co-bloggers at The Conservative copied your post (with all credit to you) and I just wat to say 'Thank you, ma'am.'

Dances With Typos said...

Somehow, part of my prior post disappeared - the name of our Blog it 'The Conservative Kitchen Table' and when I go back there I will add you to our blogroll (which means you have to write more now)

PS - 'wat=want'

The Phantom said...

Dear Stop Shouting, that was an inspired rant. I've added it on my blog for the edification of my reader.

I have but one question: Who was the Leftard dumb enough to get in your way? Whadda maroon!

Bing said...

Talk about some fire coming out of that pen and perfect aiming!

You are definitely a Traditional American!

I will RSS this to our website.

Thank you so much and we are extremely grateful for your service and that of you husband!

Mattexian said...

That was awesome, and certainly more eloquent than I could hope to be on a good day!

rojode said...


Matt said...

This was one of the best blog posts I have ever read. Thanks for posting it, and I will link it at my place.

Ritchie The Riveter said...

As I recently declared to the GOP establishment ...

... see all those Dimocrats who just lost their seats?
... see Mike Castle and Bob Bennett over there going into retirement?
... see Lisa Murkowski sweating it out in Alaska as an independent write-in?

You will join them, if you don't listen to Jim DeMint and turn away from business-as-usual.

I and many others, inside and outside the Tea Party movement, are not interested in your horse race or perpetuating your careers ... we are interested in the quality of our governance and the securing of our unalienable rights.

We can, and will, turn our incivility towards RINOs and faux conservatives just as easily as we have towards Re-, er, Progressives.

Do not take our losses (among our many wins, including the win of driving a wedge between the messages of individual Dims and their Progressive leadership) this cycle as an indication of our limits ... this election was only the first waypoint on our learning curve, and we learn quickly.

We are the game-changer ... and we aren't going away soon, if ever.

As for Re-, er, Progressives who read this ... understand that the GOP Establishment no longer can hold the fear of "the other" over us ... we are now capable of action that will take you BOTH down.

Alinsky's rules will either be ineffective against us ... or turned against you, by us.

We will now be executing that long march Gramaci described, but in the opposite direction from his.

We know your tactics ... and will exploit them with a twist; we will do so from a basis of intellectual honesty that is a mile wide, but a lot more than an inch deep ... unlike the basis you Progressives operate from.

And, when it comes to securing the rights of the individual ...

... when it comes to defending the proven-sound principles of governance that have put this nation into a position where we are strong enough to both liberate and feed millions upon millions without turning them into colonies, despite your accusations of "imperialist hegemony" ...


... we are NO WORSE ENEMY

We have learned that civility in the face of intellectual dishonesty like yours, is counterproductive to the defense of liberty ... for it gives the dishonesty the false appearance of legitimacy.

Or ... in terms that may be more understandable to you ...


Test Blog said...

We actually saw you protesting on Lighthouse and gave you a toot!
Thanks so much for all you've done.
I am inspired to fight!

David R. Graham said...

@ Brian Macker - You are thinking in cloud castles. Laws? There is one law in war: win. War is an extra-judicial activity. It has its own internal rules, but like God Himself, war has no external standard by which it can be judged.

creeper said...

Arrived here via No Quarter and Michelle Obama's Mirror. Glad I made the trip. Good rant. Write on.

Unknown said...

Greetings from Loudoun County!

Found this through a Facebook post. Just Awesome!

Just remember, the other end of the rifle is useful too.

Bayonets and butt strokes!!!

Kaffir_Kanuck said...

If my hostess hasn't posted this already, a link to it will be forthcoming I'm sure.

Excellent piece. I really felt like punching a fascist today, but instead I'm steeled by your like minded words.

Thanks from Afghanistan.

Sean Peake said...

Stop shouting, I believe you have started a movement and it will be interesting to see the T-shirts start popping up at rallies—and how the MSM reacts?

Zaphod said...

Bravo Zulu

Unknown said...

Applause! Standing Ovation.
Fix Bayonets indeed. Glad I stand on your side of the line.

bsfootprint said...

It was only a matter of time until the sub rosa, slow-motion civil war bubbled to the surface and picked up speed.

What happened to the old "question authority" gang, now that they are in positions of authority?

What's your B.S. Footprint?

mf7lakes said...

In 1970 to 1971 I served in the US Army. I carried a rifle and was a member of B company / 2nd battalion / 506th Infantry / 101st Airborne Division.

I know your frustration. I have felt and continue to feel the same way. The LSM are repeating the same actions of 40 years ago. The anger keeps burning and now has reached our newest and best warriors.

I would like to quote author John F. Flanagan from his book Vietnam Above the Treetops: "Every night the evening news had the latest from Vietnam. I didn't recognize the war. The press reported nothing but casualties and the stripping and burning of villages, always with American troops in full view. I never saw footage of the advisory teams running clinics, or a new irrigation pump obtained through AID and installed by Army engineers. No one told about the bags of coffee that were flown out of Khe Sanh's plantations because the roads were ambushed, or about the French plantation owner who was providing work for the people. I heard about the disappearance of US material in the Vietnamese supply channels, but I never heard about how they were dying in far greater numbers than any Americans. I watched graphic descriptions of the occasional bomb that hit friendlies, but I heard nothing about the pilots who faced relentless odds braving monsoons, mountains, gunfire, and darkness to relieve besieged units, outposts, and camps."

Between the Reids and the other brave dinner-table all-knowing progressives, I have to wonder what version of peyote-based reality they buried behind their brown-filled brains.

Now -- Now, we talk of exit dates. Of abandoning our fallen, slain, good warriors. To hell with that -- FIX BAYONETS..........

Bryan said...

I believe "Fix Bayonets!" may be the new rally cry of the movement to restore our constitutional republic.

Gay_Cynic said...

Eloquent and well-stated, if not a precisely cheery prognostication.

It's going to get interesting out there.

Unknown said...

Bravo, Ma'am. Bravo. They still haven't figured out that they have lost, and it will only serve to seal their fate. They still have power. They still have their pride, if even only in their minds. When they fall, it will make a mighty crash that will be heard around the world. You put it right. We will not be diminished.

Nesher One said...

I too, have linked to this post on my blog and am doing what I can to make it go viral.

To Mr. Macker: Quoting a law written by people who see the Constitution as a "living, breathing document" is meaningless. The U.S. code books are filled with unconstitutional and immoral laws.

If water-boarding is torture, why do we do it to our own Special Forces members?

But regardless of that, when it comes to ruthless barbarians who don't even respect the rules of the Geneva convention, and openly mock any society founded on a rule of law other than Sh'ria, I don't give a damn what methods are used to secure information from such scum.

We didn't pick the fight.

newsguycom said...

Well said, and I'll be passing this along to friends and family! Our company has also grown frustrated with the condition of our country, and having to temper our words and actions if they're not politically correct.

We recently staged a mobile anti-Obama protest in Washington D.C. that drew favorable feedback from folks on the street. If you have an interest, here are links to the video and photos...


Rosey said...

Nice screed.
Down a shot & post again.
Fix Bayonets!

Stop said...

Your blog doesn't allow comments by people without google or blogger accounts, so I'm e-mailing it to you.

I have one daughter in AIT at Fort Gordon and another who expects (no official orders yet) her Army Reserve unit to be deployed to Afghanistan this spring. My co-blogger's daughter has already served a tour in Iraq.

No one wants war, and that's doubly true for soldiers and their families. But sometimes war is necessary, and is preferable to a peace of oppression. Soldiers and their families understand that, too.


Joseph said...

Let none say that you speak for the fringe Republican establishment, as doubtless some will claim. Your words echo the voice of a nation at the limit of tolerance. Moreover, you deliver these words with an eloquence that reflects true scholarship founded upon a desire to know, rather than a desire to reflect what has been assumed as part of establishment Progressive dogma deeply rooted in the American educational system.
You have earned my respect, my esteem, and my gratitude. Fix bayonets indeed!

RonF said...

A couple of things:

Do you all agree that what these people want represent progress? No? Then stop calling them 'progressives'. It's only helping them promote the falsehood that what they want to do to this country will improve it.

Second - Joseph, you are correct. In fact, what's going on here has nothing to do with the Republican party except as they serve as a convenient path to the ballot in primary elections. This is not Republicanism. It's conservativism.

Test Blog said...

I agree with Ron that we need to stop using the term "Progressive".

Your cri de coeur speaks to what many of us have felt for a long, long time. You can not negotiate with these people, as they do not want compromise. Anything that humiliates and weakens the US is "good" in their eyes.

Anonymous said...

To: Chuck Pelto
War is not about money? Read Charles Higham's "Trading With The Enemy". You will see just how we dealt with the enemy in WW2. Be not decieved by moralist platitudes and all that crap.

I am very sympathetic to the plight of the Jews in WW2, among other times in history. You fail to note that our complicity with the Commies allowed Eastern europe to suffer the tortures of the damnned after the big sell-out at Yalta. That was a low point of shamefulness, as was American inaction in the face of known atrocities wee before we joined that fight.
It was disgusting, and tens of millions suffered and died for it. Remember the Holomador & the Ukrainians being starved to death in the millions by the Communists. remember the rising in east Germany, the rising in Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, the Baltic Republics. Everywhere the Communists tread, they tread with a heavy boot upon the face of humanity.
The Communists, having won over thier brother Fascists (communism & socialism compete for the same demographic) proceeded to infiltrate into American life, like a cancer. The Commies are now known as Progressives and they will stop at nothing to impose a controlling, stifling bureaucracy and its watchdog police state upon us (ask yourself how many security cameras you see around you daily.. how many DON'T you see?).
Doubt what I say? Look at your property tax bill. What % goes to public "schools"? As that is a lot of $, why then are they in a continual crisis of poor achievement, high dropout rates and lack of any safety for the students? Doubt what I say? Try having a rational discussion on social issues. None of it is for the public good, it is about control. Control and money go hand in hand, you either have it, or don't.
We all need to open our eyes and see the world as it is, not as we want to believe it to be.

This message brought to you by
-The Condittori

GhostRider99 said...

I do so enjoy items which cause me to ponder and think. It has been too long since any captured my attention long enough to invoke any pondering. Well done and thank you.

Joseph said...

@RonF @Karen, they began using the term “liberal” when “progressive” became unfashionable—that whole tie to the eugenics movement, WWII, etc—but now that they have destroyed the term “liberal”, they have chosen to name themselves “progressive” once again, figuring we have forgotten.

All we gotta do is teach people the lost history of what it meant to be “progressive” prior to WWII: Population control (Hillary is all over that), eugenics (Holdren is a disciple of Peter Singer), prohibition, the tactics of Saul Alinsky, etc. If you make that clear to people, and make clear also that they have control of the Democrat party, people will be repulsed by it.

Either they will vote far away from these nutjobs, or they’ll get angry and take their party back from them. Either way, the nutjobs lose, and we hopefully get sanity in government.

Unknown said...

Well done! I will post in our website and e-mails. Every American needs to read your post.


Mark XAW1 said...

Just so you know, this is still getting read, thank you Glenn Beck! I am a retired Navy petty officer working on my second career as a high school physics teacher. An overriding purpose for that choice is to re-educate the re-educated, undermine from the inside. I am sick to see lies exposed only to hear that the truth doesn't matter. I will tell my friends do what I can to get the grass growing! thank you for speaking truth! Stand by for Naval bombardment!!

Bruce said...

Fix Bayonets!

Indeed. However, when combat gets to that stage, you had better be sure that your aircraft, artillery, mortars and machine guns have already shredded your objective.

If not, you will be unlikely to succeed on a major scale without horrendous losses.

From an Australian perspective; Gallipoli and Fromelles. For a somewhat better, but equally sobering outcome, think USMC; Tarawa.

And on "D-Day", make sure you land your shock troops on the right piece of beach.

admin said...

Hello, my name is Nelson, and I herald from I absolutely am astounded by your article. It is brilliant and eloquent.

Look,I hope you do not mind, but I reposted your article on was built for this purpose.

You have email address, and I would really like to open a dialogue with you. Thank you so much for this article you have written. I shall leave you with this comment and I wish you well. Remember always, "Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum" this must be our resolve. I have tweeted this article to the world by now.

wstrn_patriot said...

Huzzah for the cause!

Fixed bayonets - remember this is a battle between Patriotism and Tyranny - as it always has been.

Patriotism is personal choice and liberty.

Tyranny is government control and oppression.

Don't let political correctness prevent us from stating the truth in ways all can understand.

Take a stand - for liberty, freedom, and patriotism. NO EXCUSES, NO APOLOGIES.

Onward to VICTORY!

Michael said...

This article says it like it needs to be said.

cathy said...

This is, simply, magnificent.

Thank for saying so eloquently what I feel, and what I know, so much better than I ever will.

(DaTechGuy led me here.)

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Linked in from Facebook and will be sharing.... we radical conservative military spouses are and always have been a force to be reckoned with - lead the charge my friend!

Anonymous said...

Most EXCELLENT! Thank you for the most accurate / honest portrayal of our current national situation.

Joe Kidd said...

Shared it again today on Google+ and Facebook!