Monday, November 29, 2010

Tis The Season Of Giving ....

I've spoken often of the many wonderful charities out there that support our military:

Semper Fi Wounded Warriors

Soldier's Angels

Fisher House

Wounded Warriors

But, another charity also very near and dear
to my heart is hosting a
for the month of December only.

Until December 31st, for every dollar you donate to
Newman's Own will match with a dollar donation, up to $100,000.00

This is a fabulous, FABULOUS program. It serves ALL children of ALL uniformed services. I really can not speak highly enough of this program!

Children are the forgotten and often pay the highest price when a Mom or Dad is deployed, and it would break your heart if you could see how stoic they are about it.

More info on this A+ Rated Charity:

Please consider hitting the donation page directly on their web page and giving a Christmas donation to this very worthwhile Charity. I know we all are facing tough times this year, budgets are strained, but even a small donation will make the difference:

Thank You on behalf of our Wee Warriors.


Linda in TX said...

Done. And thank you for giving us the heads up about the Newman's Own match.

Karen said...

Thank you for all you do.
Love your blog, keep writing!
Just donated $50 to Camp Purple.

Mr. Casey said...

Former Marine here to say: Thanks! While I've been out of uniform for nearly two decades, I am constantly trolling blogs and have just found yours and it KICKS ASS! Well written, intelligent, insightful and with a healthy dose of the irreverent humor that sees us all through these dark days. By 'us' I mean we who believe in the Constitution and in supporting our men and women in uniform.

Keep it up! Sending a link to my long list of blog watchers, your pages are a gem! Semper Fi!

Moogie P said...

Done! Love me some Newman's Own!

From a Daughter of Navy Reserve, Wife of Army, Mother of Army National Guard(preparing to deploy), Grandmother of 3

Paige said...

I think Camp Purple is a lovely charity for young military kids. I think every military kid should be able to go to Camp Purple. Thank you for everything you do!

William said...

I find this blog to be scintillating and insightful, an excellent read every time. As a young conservative who has been put down by the Neo-Fascist establishment my whole life, I am glad someone has taken a stand against these 'Big Brother' bullies. "Fix Bayonets" has become my new battle-cry and I hope that other young Conservatives do the same! PLEASE keep posting, I look forward to your next firebrand post.

AFinch said...

Thanks for this information. Keep up the good work.

Anniee451 said...

What about those of us who are about to lose our homes to foreclosure who absolutely support our country and the Tea Party (including rallies) for piddling amounts like 2600 dollars (2 months mortgage) when we are doing our very best and support our country in every other way possible? What happens to us? :(

kx59 said...

Mr. Casey, thank you sir for your service.
I successfully made a donation to two of the charities. The other three, I'll try again.

Anniee451, You have my sympathies, but this blog is specifically focused on those who make a selfless commitment to put themselves in harms way.

Thanks for the post and the links. I'll get to the other three.
please, do keep writing.