Friday, December 10, 2010

Needed Some Motivation Today ....

What a strange, strange day.


The boy king playing hooky so he could get to the kiddie's Christmas party and not invoke the wrath of the Bitter Half.

Slick Willie back in the groove, clutch player par excellence, fielding the tough questions from the press pool as the boy king's pinch hitter.

Is it 2012 yet?? (Please ?)

So, it was time to go to the way back machine and
play The Wolverines.

"Teleprompter this .... OTP".

One Term President

Yes, he really did say, "I'm gonna take off".
If only.
Pay attention to the body language.
It tells you all you need to know.

Even his true believers in the press room ask,
"Should he be a One Term President?"


Roger Simon asks, Should we gloat over Obama's childish behavior?

It's time to hold the LSM accountable for this.
They are the ones who did the "selecting".


"After the snark".
Just a Grunt @ Jammie Wearing Fool voices some reasonable concerns about the final two years of Teh Won's Administration.

After the Snark

Which is why the R's need to starting asking some very tough questions come Jan 2011.

Including if America can afford to keep the boy king in his current sinecure.


Moogie P said...

"Should he be a one-term president?"

Short answer: Yes.

I am sooooooo ready for 2012.

The Phantom said...

"Should we gloat over Obama's childish behavior?"

Oh H*LL yes!

"Should he be a one-term president?"

No. Most definitely not. He should be a half-term president. The impeachment proceedings should start in January.

Impeach him for what? How about killing the Gulf oil industry, for starters? Can't be constitutional, can it?

AFinch said...

I was having a discussion with someone over the weekend about whether this was a move by Obama to somehow make Bubba the scapegoat for some of the criticism from his base. I'm simply not able to give him that much credit. To me, this looked entirely unplanned. I think Clinton was just as surprised as everyone else when O left. Has BOR's body language expert examined this yet? Any professionals out there with an opinion?