Saturday, January 16, 2021


The "Post-it" Note campaign is going viral!

Part of the charade employed by the existing Regime is to continue to make people believe that they are alone in their dissent and/or dissatisfaction with the ruling class. They need to isolate you and make you feel YOU are the outlier. A recent example is the derision lobbed at those who questioned Obama's background and credentials.

This has been written about extensively in various professional military training manuals. It has also been the subject of many papers, dissecting the evolution of an underground movement that overthrew an entrenched Regime, where to outsiders, the “sudden collapse” of an oppressive regime catches them by surprise, when in fact, it was predictable all along.

The reason for the “sudden collapse” is that the group knowledge finally reached a tipping point, where the “dissenters” realize that they are the MAJORITY, not the minority as the Regime would have them believe.

Sticky notes, as advocated at gas pumps and on stores shelves, represent what is known as “Counter propaganda”.


1. It is important to maintain a belief in final victory. Morale is everything.

2. Large numbers of [counter propaganda] appearing day after day, night after night, everywhere, will make the Regime nervous and raise the self-confidence of the population since such activities demonstrate the inefficiency of the existing Regime and the power and strength of the resistance movement.

3. Whenever practical, successful guerrilla forces use non-electronic means to communicate.

4. It is a principle of political science that it is easier to persuade people to vote against something or someone than to persuade them to vote in favor of something.

5. Liberty guerrillas form centers of resistance EVERYWHERE and they are always in action. Thus, when the Regime attempts to confront/solve one "media" crisis of anti-Regime opinion, another flares up. This serves to also drain the Regime's manpower and resources.

6. Always, always, ALWAYS be on the offensive.

7. Short, snappy slogans spread the message. Advertising/marketing gurus know that to gain traction, a slogan must be 7 words or less.


Turn the tables on the opposition: Palin's "Obama: WTF indeed" is classic.

8. Mix it up. Never be predictable. But always be lawful.

9. Undermine the Regime's morale and their propaganda by exposing their methods and by constant emphasis on the unjustness of their cause and effects on the population.
(Higher prices? Thanks, Obama).

10. Exploit the alternative media to communicate the ideas of the Liberty movement and resistance to the Regime. Be everywhere; be informed; make it known you are aware of the lies disseminated by the Regime and aren't falling for them.

THE MOMENTUM IS ON OUR SIDE. Do not be deterred!

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Yours in Liberty,

A very special "Thank You" to Prof Jacobson @ Legal Insurrection for honoring me with a mention on his blog. Getting linked by Legal Insurrection is like an Instalanche, but tastier, with cheese.
Legal Insurrection Likes "10 Rules"

Update #2
Thanks for the Shout-out from The Conservative Treehouse!
Conservative Treehouse Signs on to Sticky Campaign

Update #3
Woke up this morning to an Insta-lanche! Thanks for helping spread the word, Prof Reynolds. Law Profs rock!


Linda in TX said...

Wow! You actually make me feel a little optimistic. Good ideas. I believe I'll get going on them.

k6whp said...

To add historical perspective, we were all enmired in the incompetence that was Jimmy Carter back in the late 70s. We wandered around in an isolated manner (no internet and a suffocating party line, onerous MSM) but we all had rage in our hearts for the doofus POTUS who could not do anything right.

Now, some 31 years later, with a fool who is arguably three times as bad as Carter and either completely stupid or a conniving socialist/communist, we are connected and the rage simmers below the surface.

This is a great idea! It will fill in the crevices untouched by the internet, blogs, FaceBook, and other social media outlets, It will bring this to the streets. As you say, "..we are not alone.."

I am stopping at Staples this afternoon and getting me a couple of Sharpies and a pack of PostIt Notes.


Insufficiently Sensitive said...

This tactic of constant, relentless pointed messages, is much the same as has been employed by the left since the 60s, particularly on campuses. Little sticky handbills, little sneers in professors lectures, little slogans chanted in demonstrations. They become a reliable part of the environment, and do wear down their opponents.

It's about time this tactic was turned back against the regime, and all the better that the post-its don't have that neatly printed or at the bottom.

Lefties hoist by their own petard. It's about time.

Anonymous said...

StopShoutingBlog, You've done it again! All free citizens (yes, YOU!)should take joy & comfort in the camraderie of the anti-regime, lawful guerilla movement to restore Liberty to this great land & people. Even if you are in solitude, you can still keep Solidarity with the masses, yearning to be free by speaking your mind and making your desire for a free Republic known. I'm going to go find my ink stampers and make my own counter propaganda!

Mark Parker said...

Well done! Nothing like whipping then in thier "own" environment!
Tried the link to the Facebook page, but it did not go to a specific location?

Stop shouting... said...

Thanks for letting me know the FB link is broken. I tried re-activating it, but apparently the "event link is not working".

Not that Facebook (who recently held co-hosted a Townhall meeting with Teh Won) would be "biased".....

Doesn't matter. Sticky trumps FB, every time.

Jane said...

I've been thinking of doing this for a long time! Can we all sign them Simon Jester? :-)

JAL said...


LeslieP said...

You can make a quick post-it graphic to be your icon on twitter and facebook here:

There are quite a few post-it generators out there, but this one lets you customize font size and move the text around a bit, seems ok to me.

Stop shouting... said...

Hey Less,
Thanks for that -- that was fun!

Tomato Pundit said...

Excellent post. I have Friday off this week, so I'll be doing some patriotic spending on sticky notes at Office Depot.

James L. Salmon said...

Great idea.

I would suggest getting with a local printing company and having the sticky's / post it notes pre-printed - with a bit of room for personalization - and folks and order a set to carry in their coat pocket / purse / briefcase / glove compartment / manbag etc. etc.

Many of us who are on your side are the F'N PRODUCERS who are feeding the Leviathan and we are very very busy. That said, I'd be THRILLED to leave a trail of sticky notes of the kind you are describing behind me EVERY DAY, I sjut don't have time to write them all. Pre-printed versions would be the BOMB, I would order THOUSANDS and I would post EVERY LAST ONE of them. The last one in the packet should read: "Gone Gault!"

Anonymous said...

Great places to post them, because this is where it is easiest to see: Fast food drive thru!
McDonald's- Small Mac is inflation, thanks Obama!
There is no inflation.
The cows just got smaller,

Or for Taco Bell:
Bring Back the $.99 Menu
Y'all can come up with better, but the venue is a good one.

Anonymous said...

Just beware that you don't print them where some libtard works, who either fingers you on their blog, or even to the police as a "terrorist."

A Pilgrim said...

When Obama finds out about this, he'll put a tax on Post-a-Notes.

Stop shouting... said...

Actually, Pilgrim, my guess was he would first (a) appoint a Post-It Note Czar and then (b) require anyone who wants to purchase or sell Post-It notes to fill out a 1099.

Francis W. Porretto said...

An Eleventh Principle, if you please: Pick a topic, concentrate on it, and trust your fellow "freedom commandos" to handle their jobs without your meddling.

Peter Drucker, renowned business guru, has harped for decades on the overriding importance of concentration. Don't try to do a little of everything. Don't try to be all things to all men. You can't and you aren't. Stick to a single subject or activity for which you're well prepared, and give it the whole of your efforts, in confidence that others will do the same in their own areas of expertise.

Trust me. It works.

Z Malfoy said...

Huzzah for the Instalaunche! Yaay!
So excited to see this getting passed around the "big names" ^___^


JUST posted this on Facebook:

Just bought a gallon of milk at the local dairy outlet.

Price went up 9 cents this week.

Thank you, President Obama.

Steve White said...

One point, as a conservative person --

I am not anti-regime.

I am against this administration.

The U.S. government is not a regime, not yet, anyway. Mr. Obama and his fellow-travellers in the hard left progressive movement may have plans in that direction, but for now it's an administration, not a regime.

Why do I make the distinction?

Because this country is MINE. And yours. And my daughter's, and my father's, and so on. WE are the government. We are the country.

We are governed, not ruled; governed by those we elect. Whom we can un-elect, like we're going to do to Mr. Obama in 2012.

Now if I lived in Cuba, THEN I'd be anti-regime.

I want this administration defeated in 2012, but I am not anti-regime.

Gilbert Midonnet said...

Thank you. I've used this tactic on and off for years. (Putting up sticky labels) Except for seeing them blacked out or ripped off the next time I walked down the street - sometimes only an hour later- I never knew if I was accomplishing anything.

My favorites were: "If you are for freedom why are you voting to increase government?"

And "Increasing Government Decreases Freedom"

Anonymous said...

Posted my own guerilla sticky note yesterday at a gas station here in NH. The cost went from $3.75/gallon earlier in the week to $3.87 yesterday. So I scribbled out this message on a sticky note and slapped it on the gas pump:

"Thanks for the high priced hope and change, Obama!

PS - I'm still waiting for my unicorn..."

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea that actually came to me just a few days ago in the form of stickers for gas pumps before I found/read this blog. Now lets focus on the message, make it short and sweet, tie Obama to the financial crisis and don't be vulgar. I like these ideas "Higher prices? Thanks, Obama". "Hope and Change is expensive!"

Anonymous said...

Nice job.

"Advertising/marketing gurus know that to gain traction, a slogan must be 7 words or less."

This really isn't true though. Aside from the fact that nobody uses the term slogan, a single-minded take-away is what's important, not the number of words.

arminius said...

"Advertising/marketing gurus know that to gain traction, a slogan must be 7 words or less."

"A slogan must be 7 words or less" is 8 words, so, I've forgotten it already. What were we talking about?

Anonymous said...

The "Post-It" note campaign demonstrates contempt for other people's property rights.

Maybe it's vandalism-lite, but it's still vandalism.

I thought only leftists appropriated other people's property for their own purposes.

NealK said...

This is great, thanks!!

I would just add one gentle reminder, which I'm sure no one reading needs to hear: Take care not to damage or deface someone else's property. Post-It Notes=good. Paper gently taped to a gas pump or in the bread aisle=good. Writing "TAX CHEAT" in red ink under Tim Geithner's signature on your currency=awesome.

Shoe polish, glue, Sharpies, Avery labels with permanent adhesive (as opposed to the removable kind)=bad. Leave that stuff to the leftists. (And unfortunately, I fear that as this movement catches on, we will see false-flag operations from the left where they do things like scratch "Obama sucks" or whatever onto the side of a gas pump and then promptly alert the media, so we need to be on the look out for that as well.)

ConstitutionLover said...

Thank you for the inspiration and motivation to FIGHT BACK and express our EXTREME displeasure at where this country is going.

@Steve -- I'm sorry, I consider this Administration to be a Regime and agree with the verbiage. Between the Patriot Act, warrantless spying on citizens, TSA groping, Executive signing statements, the appointment of czars without the approval of Congress, "kinetic military action" without the consent of Congress, the takeover of industries...this is indeed a "Regime", not a "Republic".

I want my country back.

Vicki said...

Have bookmarked your blog, and will check for updates often.
Please don't stop blogging!

Posted my first stickynote at the grocery store meat aisle:
"Is this the change you were looking for? Thanks, Obama!"

がんこもん said...

Post-its are an excellent idea! However, one thought for ConstitutionLover. Beware the slippery slope. Yes, this Administration has some rather obvious autocratic impulses. And they are clearly engaging in crony capitalism. But they are NOT a regime. Not yet. Calling them such makes us look as ignorant as the foolish leftists who made that claim about the last Administration - which was obviously not a regime either.

If Obama is defeated in 2012 (as we hope) and then attempts to retain power illegally, only then will he be a regime. And I don't think even the Democrats are quite ready to try that one. So let's concentrate on getting the message out about his policies instead of engaging in attacks and over-the-top rhetoric. That is what Democrats do. We are better than that. Sunlight and facts are the best antidote to their poisonous policies.

Stop shouting... said...

@ がんこもん, @ConstitutionLover, @Steve White --

You're all "overthinking" and "over-reacting".

"A political regime is a set of political structures that make up a state. A political regime may also be known as a form of government, a state system, or a political system. The term political regime may also sometimes refer to a specific ruler or set of rulers within a political system.

There are many different types of political regime in the modern world, and many more have existed historically. These range from the directly-democratic political regime of Anarchism to totalitarian regimes such as Military Dictatorships or Fascism.

The political regime that Americans are most familiar with is Representative Democracy. This is a political regime in which representatives are directly elected by the citizenry, and these representatives then make political decisions for the populace, with the assumption that their decisions will reflect the general will of the Republic. This can be compared to a Direct Democracy, in which the citizenry directly votes on all issues of importance."

Anonymous said...

Linked at Arctic Patriot. Nicely done.



CCK said...

You will loose if you follow rule 8. In fact that is why the FreFor has lost so far. When you define what you won't do, you define exactly how far you will be pushed (right up to YOUR limit).

Now if you make a mental note of always being lawful that may be fine if you decide never to cross it, but don't put that out there as one of your tenants. It will get you killed.

Don't forget your rules of fair play don't mean a fart in the wind to the OpFor.

CCK said...

Not necessarily talking about violence in my previous comment either.

Dedicated Dad on Sipsey Street made the point about civil disobedience wrt to obamacare.

He's not going to have coverage. It will be against the law.

“Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison”.

Rich Vail said...

Don't know how to do a track back, as I'm still new at this, but here is my link...I quoted your rules with a link back to your entry.

My wife isn't hip to the idea, but I'm going to start doing this as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm hear via Instapundit.
What a great idea!
I recommend lefty "anarchist" movie Culture Jamming as a primer for a guerrilla movement.

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

Great idea. My Sticky Note is up and will stay up. I've linked you and the SignGenerator.

Really, really wonderful idea! Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

I left a little trail of "Change? I'm getting no change back with these prices! Thanks Obama" post it notes throughout the grocery store today. Great idea.

rridgebacks said...

Vista Print has GREAT deals on sticky notes, and even has one with NObama! See my Facebook posting (rridgebacks) if you want to help me order more (referral bonus {g}), and order some of your own. I ordered 1k, but am sure I could use LOTS more between now and 01.20.13 :0)

TuscaloosaTommy said...

With "NOBAMA 2012" on the bottom. Hmmm, I wonder if that domain is taken...

Gas 2008 = $1.88/gal.
Gas 2011 = $3.69/gal.

We don't have any change left!


Anyway, I think that it would be really effective if, when looking at food prices, I could see a small comparison. That way, I can see for myself how hopenchange is working out for me without someone else "telling" me how to feel or seeing a "slogan" that rubs me the wrong way. For example, see above except instead of writing all the years, just write 2008 and now. There is such a HUGE difference that it will wake some folks up that are still woozy from the media's ether. Just SEEING what that can't unsee will slowly burrow past the hardened shell that protects one's heart against politicians. If only there was a way to quickly look up a price comparison from my phone...

Woody said...

Great idea! I made some templates for printing out sheets of sticky notes.

Let's do this!

Green said...

Our only HOPE is CHANGE in 12

Erkl Holder said...

I do not know if it is true that new printers all have some identifying marker, but older ones definitely do not. So I am printing some up on Avery labels, more permanent than sticky notes. So far:



>>> NOBAMA 2012 <<<

Stop shouting... said...

@Erkl Holder:
While I admire your enthusiasm, I would like to dissuade you from using permanent-type stickers.

The beauty of the Post-It notes is that they can't be construed as "vandalising" someone's property, the way the union thugs in WI are advocating.

If you want to add a sticker to someone's else's sticky note that has already been put up as a sign of agreement, that would be fine.

Erkl Holder said...

@@ Stop Shouting -
Thanks - you make a good point!!! Hadn't thought of that angle!

Ron said...

When you go to the movies, the back of your theater seat would be the perfect place.

Anonymous said...

I think a good sticker to place on gas pumps would simply say "Ouch.", with the "O" being the Obama "Hope and Change" "O".

Anonymous said...

Excellent essay.

Not to sound vulgar in any way, but I can't help but remember hearing some of Chris Christie's retorts on youtube being referred to as "conservative porn".

Your essay is that times a million.

Also, I think your words will be the ultimate impetus of my finally getting involved with the local Tea Party group in Middletown, NJ. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Posted several in my local grocery store on Saturday...AND saw my first "Tax Cheat" Geithner dollar bill last week!

Anonymous said...

my Star War themed:

A New Hope: NOBama 2012

Stop National Debt said...

A more important concrete message that needs to go viral:
Be among the first to join the new Facebook cause "Stop National Debt" : since if you don't spread the word, who will?

"POLL REVEALS: Americans Are Still In Deep Denial About The Deficit" If they realized how bad it is politicians would need to act. Non politics-junkies tune out numbers in the $trillions so we need to rephrase the issue:
The federal government will need >$1 million per household to pay its IOUs!
> $116 trillion ="official" debt plus money  short for future social security, medicare, etc
Even its "official debt" of $14.2 trillion  is $123,754 per household!
Details at with links to contact congress & complain.

People who don't pay attention to the news won't realize how bad it is and wish change unless we go viral.
Facebook causes let you invite your friends to easily allow it to spread.

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea. Some patriot should creat and sell pre-printed sticky notes we can use everwhere.

Jeff Scism said...

Love the "Moon is a Harsh Mistress" reference to Simon Jester.

Anonymous said...

Oi... I can't wait until 2012 and we kick obama out. The rate he is going he will/is worse that Jimmy Carter, The running joke here at my house is Obama = Jimmy Carter 2.0. Is it safe to say he is worse than Carter? I would even say he's worse than Nixson.

Penny Pincher said...

You can buy sticky note glue, print your own notes and glue them up. That way you don't have to mess around with a sharpie, or you could make 100 notes that all just look like someone did them with a sharpie, but are photocopied or printed.

it's called "Scotch restickable glue stick". It's available online or probably at Staples.