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The Corporate Media – Swirling Down the Drain into the Cesspool of Irrelevance…

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The Corporate Media - Swirling Down the Drain into the Cesspool of Irrelevancy

It has become well established that the Corporate Media, as it exists today, no longer focuses on objective "reporting", but serves solely as a high priced conduit for editorializing a particular point of view or Agenda.  Even the "News" pages are mere fig leaves for proselytizing the mantra that is au courant.

A recent example of this egregious behavior is in the rush by the Progressive Left to politicize the shooting in Aurora, CO as the work of the "Tea Party".

Disingenuously,   Brian Ross of ABC News "reported" (/sarc/) that the alleged shooter was a "Tea Party" member, and nationally "outed" on live camera a local resident and Tea Party activist. Except that Brian Ross was wrong.  Very, very wrong.  And if he knew - he didn't care - he rushed to live camera to breathlessly report what was an acute error.  And hopefully - a very expensive one for ABC News.
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There is no "correction", no "mea culpa" that can help you recover from that.

Once again, the Corporate Media was unmasked as not a "News" agency, but as a Propaganda Outlet.

Want to know why Newsweek was sold for a $1?  Why Microsoft disentangled itself from the failing MSNBC franchise?  Why the head of the flailing CNN stepped down?  Why do many local convenience stores no longer even stock the "newspapers"?

Because no one reads them.  Or watches them.  Let alone believes them anymore.

And certainly - no person without an Agenda - wants to "speak" to them anymore. The Corporate Media is left in a downward vortex of irrelevancy of their own making, by their own hands.
VILLAGE SQUARE: Muckraking In The Age Of Twitter Some of the 21st century’s best explanatory journalism is happening on Comedy Central; Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and South Park’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone have the Peabody awards to prove it. These modern-day Mark Twains provide a national audience the kind of fact-based, impossible-to-ignore editorial voices that [Florida] used to take for granted.
Anyone voluntarily quoted or highlighted in today's current Corporate Media is there solely to use the Media to advance their message or Agenda.  Nothing more, nothing less.  It has nothing to do with the "news", let alone "objectivity".

Treepers are well aware of this as they have followed the "news" coverage of the Zimmerman case, when so many pertinent items, which would be covered in a unbiased press, go unasked - unanswered.

However - every little tidbit that reinforces the meme first advanced by Ryan Julison and Benjamin Crump - although long ago outed as disingenuous - is salaciously extrapolated and expounded upon.   Some would argue the only reason for their effort at all is to increase their "Social Media Cred'... as they track their on-line self importance and One Hundred and Forty Characters of narcissism.


 There was a time, in the distant past, when whole households across the Nation would gather together and watch 60 Minutes or other "Newsmagazine" programs.  The topics of the prior night's broadcast would be the talk of the water cooler at every office building or factory floor across America.  No more.  What changed?


The Corporate Media decided that dishonesty was okay, as long as it advanced a point of view.  They cynically calculated that the "average person" was too obtuse to figure it out.

They were wrong. America has figured it out.  And the result is a Corporate Media Complex, (broadcast and print) that is on its knees and gasping its last breaths.
Photographers surround Richard Jewell prior to his testifying before a House Judiciary Crime subcommittee hearing on the Olympic bombing in Atlanta. Jewell asked Congress for an independent probe of the FBI's investigation of him as a suspect in the bombing. Richard Jewell received numerous libel and defamation awards from both print and broadcast media.
Examples abound.

The outrageous smearing and rush to judgment of the Corporate media - more specifically, the "Atlanta Journal" - with the specious claims that Richard Jewell - who was actually a hero in the Atlanta Olympic bombing episode - was the "bomber" - on the flimsiest of "evidence" is a timely citation.

In the Jewell case, the Atlanta Journal rushed to print that he was a "suspect" :

  "But three days later, he found himself identified in an article in The Atlanta Journal as the focus of police attention, leading to several searches of his apartment and surveillance by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and by reporters who set upon him, he would later say, “like piranha on a bleeding cow.”  (New York Times)

 NBC anchor Tom Brokaw said on live TV:
“The speculation is that the FBI is close to making the case. They probably have enough to arrest him right now, probably enough to prosecute him, but you always want to have enough to convict him as well. There are still some holes in this case”.
Both The Atlanta Journal and NBC feebly attempted to shield their irresponsible speculation from litigious accountability, and failed.  Richard Jewell secured a significant financial Judgment from the Journal, and from NBC.   NBC's reputation as well as the reputation of that previously well-respected broadsheet never recovered.



It seems from recent "coverage" (and I use the term loosely) of the Zimmerman case, no learning has occurred.  None.


 So, Brian Ross of ABC  ( Note: the same ABC who employs the notorious serial liar, Miami-based Matt Gutman of chyron-head-injury-covering-scammed-and-maliciously doctored police videotape fame (see a pattern of behavior yet?) )

yes, Brian Ross, whom has shown he enjoys "outing" people without vetting or verifiable, rock-solid facts -  "Journalist" Brian Ross - sit back and enjoy that you are now - (deservedly so) - the butt of mockery throughout the new media.

I guess if there is a "moral" to the story,  it would be - 

Out At Your Own Peril

**The following is re-blogged from the site "UnAmusement Park", but also covered at length by Glenn Beck and Free Republic

 "....But after I had dug a little deeper into this story (a little do-it-yourself Chief Investigative Correspondent-ing), I made a truly shocking discovery: someone by the name of

Brian Ross is a pedophile!

Here is the proof (
Explicit photos and text messages to two girls has landed a 37-year-old Mentone man in jail on suspicion of sex-related charges, according to Fontana police and jail records. Brian John Ross was arrested at 5:35 p.m. Thursday at Sierra and Merrill avenues in Fontana and booked on suspicion of contacting a minor and arranging to meet with a minor via the Internet for the purpose of having sex, jail records show. His bail is $50,000. On March 13, a 10-year-old Fontana girl received a text message from a man who would later identify himself as a 38-year-old named “Brian,” police said in a written statement. Brian sent the girl a face shot along with a photo of himself exposed, according to the statement. “Brian asked (the girl) to send him pictures of herself,” according to the statement. Similar text messages were sent to the girl’s 13-year-old cousin from Redlands.
Now, I’m certainly not suggesting that

Brian Ross, ABC’s Chief Investigative Correspondent, actually is a pedophile.

I am merely pointing out that someone named

Brian Ross wants to have sex with 10-year-old girls."

Read the Full blog "Brian Ross is a Known Pedophile" at
UnAmusement Park Blog ~ HERE:

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