Friday, May 3, 2013

Cultural Marxism: "Any Race but Caucasian" ...

Cultural Marxism: “Any race but Caucasian”

Cultural marxism is predicated on destroying the concepts of family, faith, stability, individual effort and personal responsibility.  It works by the politics of division and envy, and by the assignment of indulgences and patronage to favored groups to ensure loyalty.  Meritocracy and true equality based on effort is anathema to cultural marxists.
Take a look at a recent CraigsList employment posting for a new children’s show host posted by “Kids CBC” (Canadian Broadcasting Corp – a government sponsored, public entity)

The requirements are listed as:

1.   Male between the ages of 25 and 35 years.
2.   Any race except Caucasian.

Can you imagine an ad that would be tolerated if it listed ~

Any race except African – American
Any race except Latino
Any race except Asian

So why is “any race except Caucasian” perfectly acceptable in 2013?

“It would be wonderful to pretend that this sort of thing only happens in Canada, and not south of the border. It would also be wonderful to pretend that a thumb is not on the scale against Caucasians in this (and many other) job offerings. This is a sign of the times, the era of state-sponsored racism.”

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rumcrook™ said...

The trend is to scapegoat and demonize. Now all over classes on white privilege are going on and white students are expected to own it and be ashamed and contrite or something, it's the lite version maos cultural revolution, Hitler's kristalnact. You have to have a bad guy to reeducate or eradicate.