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4th Generation Warfare and the Reluctant Suburbanite Part II of III

4th Generation Warfare and the reluctant Suburbanite
What it means for you and yours
A Three Part Series - Part II of III
By Partyzantski 
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In Part I, I opened up this series by saying this applies to you and your Suburban enclave, as well as your charges. It does. As that foreign dysfunction is now being imported directly here, it matters to you. That dysfunction, with Federal subsidies, payments and benefits that you do not even know about or are even eligible for (yet, YOUR tax dollars fund), are now going to compete with you and yours for jobs. It is as if the Romans made Christ pay for his own crucifixion. 

Look at the various expanded worker Visa programs and know the truth of what I speak. As I said, 4GW is more than just people lightly equipped, sipping tea and being too clever by half, quoting miserable Wilfred Owen poetry at one another.

4GW entails using all aspects of power (the acronym DIME applies here. Diplomatic, Information, Military, Economic) to achieve the political end state. The flood of crimmigrants (hat tip to are the pointy end of the economic spear that is being plunged home by the criminals in D.C. and all their local helpmates. It does not matter to the victim if one of the hands on the shaft of the spear says that he's “doing it for the children”, the result is the same. Cries of 'doing it for the children” or similar Prog rhetoric is merely to salve their own guilty as sin consciences. It is the moral equivalent of telling a woman she “deserved it” because of the way she was dressed. It lets the assailant and the bystanders off the hook. Your job in the 4GW paradigm is to NEVER LET THEM OFF THAT HOOK. Put them on that metaphorical hook. Unemployed and economically ruined is still an effective death sentence.  

This is the E for Economic warfare, it is the E in DIME.    

Buy, read and absorb Jean Raspail's classic Camp of the Saints (it's a short read)

A brief historical aside - the marginalization of dissidents and the "no longer useful" is a time worn tactic. The Soviets used to deny ration books to people, which was a defacto death sentence. Residency permits for desirable places, like Moscow, were routinely denied to people not in the inner /outer party. A historic figure who refused to be marginalized, refused to be cowed was none other than Vlad Tepes. Most will know him as Vlad the Impaler. This refers to his treatment of Ottoman invaders, not his success rate in the singles scene.
"The Ottoman Empire was at war with Wallachia. In 1462, Sultan Mehmed II fled with his army at the sight of 20,000 impaled corpses rotting on the outskirts of Vlad’s capital city, Targoviste... Upper limits on Vlad’s combined atrocities put the death toll at around 100,000.”
Vlad managed to get inside the OODA Loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) of Mehmed II, causing him to sense the direct threat to his existence. Mehmed II was made to know just how much skin he had in the game through the necessarily brutal presentation of a well used portion of the Ottoman Army. I guess one might say that he “got the point”. People who recoil at this and pity the poor Ottomans need to read this article by Walid Shoebat. Go ahead, click on the video links. Particularly the last one. Turnabout is fair play, so it is said. Mehmed II was probably called just “Meh” by Vlad Tepes. That sort of thing would have been "Yuuuge" if they had Twitter.
Central to 4GW, the OODA Loop was developed by Colonel John Boyd, and spoken of at length in his biography by Robert Corum. It is a model of how one perceives the environment in an ongoing competitive spiral. It is an iterative process. Looking at this model, one may rightly conclude that the enforcement of political correctness has irretrievably distorted the OODA Loop model inputs as Americans see them. It is why America, Americans, and the sellout horse holders and grooms are doubling down on importing dysfunction. Failing to ignite the next civil war in the past 8 years with all manner of incitement, official criminality and malfeasance under color of authority has led TPTB (The Powers That Be, for those new to this) to bring in ringers, the un-Americans. The decades of communist pablum and test marketed saccharine crap poured into the heads of our children, us and our forebearers has left us unable to generally articulate the dangers. To acknowledge reality is now officially a hate crime. DoJ has stated they will prosecute people for seeing and understanding, so there is that data crumb to illustrate my point. 

Consider the entire progressive pogrom to be cortical chaff that interferes with your ability to make sense of events. THAT is the 4GW application in the Information domain, the "I" in DIME. There is an aspect of 4GW and its intersection with diplomacy that we are seeing right now. Diplomacy is used to generate chaos overseas, which provides massive flows of refugees. These flows are then commoditized and weaponized against YOU. Look at all the crime blotters of American citizens, killed like dogs in the street by the disease that is crimmigration. 

Diplomacy is used at the local level to negotiate where these crimmigrants are to be dropped off to have the greatest electoral and social effect. To see an advanced case of how this is done, I refer you to Sweden and its new found status as the rape capital of Europe. Although not reported in the press, the "Swedish Problem" has arrived in the US.  Rape, especially gang rape, is a tool of war and specifically, genocide. The Gatestone Institute has been at the forefront of documenting this.

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So now, we see that the acronym of DIME has been explored to the extent of DIE. This is a good point to discuss the point that it is not diversity, it is DIEversity. Look at the news reports in your area. Who, exactly, is killing whom? 

The FBI tracks this in detail, but is behind the curve in tracking this by ideology. Imagine what the statistics would look like if you were to compare Mennonite crime to Somali? The mind boggles. The example of Blacks charged with murder in 2014 being 4,379 in total and Caucasians racking up 3,799 of the same does not tell the story. Blacks are only 13% or so of the overall population, yet have over half of the total homicide charges (8,373 for 2014) in their ledger book. That is certainly disparate impact, but not how your local EEO or thought police will spin it. This final aspect brings up the M for military in the DIME equation as applied to 4GW in America.

The conclusion of this series, Part III of III will be published next week.

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 The "4th Generation Warfare and the Reluctant Suburbanite" series was penned by StopShouting contributor and #FAB50 Blog Award Winner Partyzantski, retired Mustang, former FID embedded military Advisor, SASO trainer and scenario developer, Electronic Warfare Aviator, PME instructor, certified Force Protection and Anti-terrorism officer and combat seasoned USMC (0202) field grade intelligence officer. When not blogging or maintaining weapons proficiency at the range, he enjoys cat herding and travel to off-the-beaten-track locales. You can follow him on Twitter @Partyzantski

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