Tuesday, December 22, 2015

US Intelligence Community: ISIS will seek to exploit "Refugee" pipeline

Republican contender Donald Trump is excoriated and demonized in the national and international press for suggesting that a moratorium on immigration intake – specifically, “refugee” resettlement from middle eastern majority muslim countries - be enacted immediately as a matter of national security.

The Uniparty Establishment of Politics, Media and Academia of “Enlightened” Thinkers immediately rushed to brand anyone who agreed with Trump a “bigot”.

I suppose then, that those in the nation's intelligence services, screened, vetted, trained and entrusted to manage the threats to our country are also “bigots”:

“ISIS has said in their own words that they want to exploit the refugee program to enter the West. They have already proven their ability to do so with the attacks in Paris, which were reportedly perpetrated by terrorists who infiltrated Europe through refugee flows. I have deep concerns with what I have heard from the intelligence community regarding the vulnerability of the U.S.-bound Syrian refugee pipeline, and these revelations reaffirm my belief that we need tighter security to keep terrorists from slipping into the United States."

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