Thursday, January 21, 2016

Creative Home Security Ideas ... Defeating the Criminal and the Potentially Dangerous

Creative Alternative Uses for items at your local hardware store.....

The world of home security remains an exercise in creativity and staying ahead of the criminal and dangerous.  Quite often, you see something that is listed for a given purpose, but you realize quickly that it is "dual purpose".  Using your creativity can save you some coin as well as provide a degree of security through the unusual that a common criminal may just not want to mess with.

As in previous posts, we will only touch on three ideas per week to keep these posts simple and succinct:

The first item up in today's Tuesday Prepping Security post is the anti-roosting bird spike strip.  They are effectively lengths of metal or plastic with an array of pointy, stiff spikes on them,  They are applied to window sills with adhesive.  I am sure that you could use mechanical fasteners as well. What I am referring to are often found in public architecture, in places such as bridge structures to prevent birds from roosting and leaving droppings.  Bird droppings are immensely corrosive and can pit or corrode structures, sometimes dangerously so.  Amazon has a stainless steel bird spike kit.

Example of bird spike strips on a federal building deters not only birds!

As you may see in the example above, these legal and easily purchased and installed spike strips go on any sill or part of the structure that you do not want anything unwanted on.  It sure does look uninviting!  If you were a felon or felon flunkie, would YOU want to be the guy sent to climb that roof, or enter that window?  I am sure that you can adjust the size and parameters of the strips to fit your surfaces and needs with your good quality compact multitool, like the Leatherman MUT (you do have one, right?)

Sonic mosquito vandal deterrent  is commercial technology to provide a sonic level of discomfort to those who should not be there.  On the lower right side of their webpage linked above, there is a rather interesting interactive that will play a set of tones that you can hear at various ages. This is the beauty of the "Mosquito", in that most felons start young, this device is aimed at making them uncomfortable enough to move on quickly. Home owner's associations and close neighbors may have something to say, depending on how old they are (based upon sound response). These devices are used commercially to prevent loitering of youths that mill about and make the paying customers uneasy. 

mosquito mcd
Picture credit to

PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor fired water sprinklers are just that - an unholy marriage of water sprinkler head with a PIR to activate them.  Burglars and thugs probably won't like getting a fresh soaking while waiting to mug you as you get out of your car or lurk near a window. While this may not work out in very cold weather, in most of the United States this would be unpleasant to get hit with any time of the year. This sprinkler looks like something Darth Vader would use, plus it works day OR night:

The utility of the "not immediately apparent" can be leveraged to help you to keep your home free of pesky and lethal criminal activity.  This is not only ethical, it is environmentally friendly and uses gentle, non-harmful methods to encourage any nuisance, be it pigeon or a larger 2 legged format, to move on.  It is my hope that you find value in this topic series.  If this is your first visit to Stop Shouting's Tuesday Prepping Home Security Series, check out the previous articles:

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David said...

This article is the best of your series. Had heard of the sound system in concept but did not know of commercially available units. And had not connected the bird strip with human diversion, I like it. The PIR sprinkler system is something I want to learn how to add to our home systems.
Keep up the good works.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

" If you were a felon or felon flunkie" " This is the beauty of the "Mosquito", in that most felons start young"
Do you really believe that every single felon is a lifelong criminal that continuously robs and rapes, kills, and breaks and enters and assaults? Could you not use the term "bad guys" instead?
I am a convicted felon. I received probation and since my release, married, raised a family, went to college. My profession took me into public and private schools, churches, city county state and federal buildings for many years.

Stop shouting... said...

Dear Anon @9:01

The terminology is accurate. While we congratulate you on your alleged redemption, the cold hard facts are that the majority of felons (~68%) are repeat offenders within 3 years of their release. So, while not "every" felon is a "life-long criminal", statistics cite that the vast majority are.

Partyzantski said...

Anon @ 0901,

I congratulate you on your redemption and re-entry to society. Your comments regard the emotional and not the factual. I stayed with fact in this, facts will save lives.

There are many examples of felons only stopping when they are escorted off this mortal coil. Unless caught or otherwise permanently removed from the threat matrix, what incentive does a felon have to give up that life? You obviously found a way out of that life, but seriously - what incentive is there to quit? Even quitting carries risk.

Take a read of this: and let me know if I have mis-characterized my comments.

Mike Mckay said...

Having worked in security for several years I thought I might throw in some ideas

With doors their weakness is partly due to the locks tending to be in a relatively small area

Fitting fixed hinge bolts to the hinge side of the door and dead bolts top and bottom combined with all locks being equally distributed around the door means that it works like a safe door and shares any impact around the entire frame rather than just a small part of it

Top and bottom locks can be fitted with keyholes ONLY on the inside for use when inside the building as too can any top and bottom on the opening edge

A sturdy door handle mounted centrally to rest a brace against or a sturdy chair if you don't have one also gives cheap additional strength to the centre and having the entire inside of the door and frame covered with steel plate can make them almost impenetrable even to law officials or at the very least delay a breached entry by quite a long time which could make a bit difference

for security when not in the premises the absolute best solution is both an alarm with a dialer of some description to notify you of an activation immediately and is far cheaper than a monitored system and when backed up with a CCTV system that has both overt and covert cameras with audio gives someone the ability to examine the property instantly to see if an alarm is valid or false

Its also not a bad idea to set up a dummy CCTV recorder in plain sight whilst the main, or real one is well hidden, this allows a burglar the delusion of safety if they think they have destroyed the recorder that is in plain sight which in a perfect world would actually be a real and functioning one with no fewer connections than the number of visible or overt cameras and adding a UPS to both the DVR and camera power supplies as well as routers and any other equipment needed for remote notification means that everything continues to work even during a power outage

Mike Mckay said...

Also, a gun safe for any guns left unattended also makes sense as does removing guns kept in easily accessible places like bedside cabinets and securing them in a safe

The reasoning behind that is to stop an unarmed burglar being armed if you arrive home unexpectedly and unaware of the break in and resulting in the home owner being shot with their own weapon where otherwise if they have a CCW they would otherwise be the ONLY person armed in the situation

Plus as many studies are showing that not just a large amount. but most handguns are getting into criminal hands through burglary it helps to stem this flow of free firearms to criminals and is a responsible habit for any gun owner

Once home guns kept in easy to reach locations can then be removed from the safe and placed back in their normal locations meaning that at no point are guns ever left unattended and in easily accessible locations for a burglar to find them

Isabel Macayan said...

burglar alarm installation or wifi camera at home?? Please help me

Yano Rivera said...

While I employ different forms of home security devices, I never resort to anti bird spikes, they need homes too. And if you want to deter would be burglars from scaling your walls and etc, you can do something cheaper, broken bottle glass on cement.

My primary defense is a high wall with the aforementioned broken glass, and a sturdy and spiked gate. And inside I got a
smart home security system

(Which you can check out on my blog) and paired it up with an Uninterruptible Power Supply in case an intruder cuts off power, I could still record around 10 minutes in case of a break in