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Taqiyya, Kitman, Maqama oh my! ... Self-Education Series to disarm the Liars defending Islam

Blogger Baron Bodissey has been fighting in the trenches against Islamic encroachment for years, and part of his self-identified mission is to help educate others so that they can effectively join in the battle in beating back the very real, and existential threat that the current assault of Islam on the West presents.

ISIS self-proclaimed 10 year plan for invasion and conquest
Just recently he battled with a silver tongued and rhetorically agile muslim, who had shown up at his site to engage commenters in an effort to deceive and deflect from the true beliefs of Islamic adherents.  Baron Bodissey cogently lays out the back and forth with the "Maqama Troll" and informs the Reader how Taqiyya is practiced to disarm critics of Islam.  Tellingly, like other movements that operate by exploiting fear over appealing with reason, "guilt" is often invoked by muslims as a tool to browbeat their critics into submission and capitulation (reference to the crusades, jewish pogroms, etc).

Sacking of Christian Constantinople by the Muslim Invaders

A key excerpt below, but PLEASE pour yourself a cup of coffee and take the time to carefully read the whole post:

Baron Bodissey on said:
Yes, I know that people are convinced by emotional arguments, not logical ones. I’m using logic here demonstratively, aimed at people who are already convinced.

As I said before, my larger goal is to recruit Red Pill Cadets. Most of them will be convinced by non-logical arguments. One of the things that will prevent them from being convinced is the fact that “moderate” Muslims seem more calm, reasonable, urbane, and tolerant than the Counterjihad people who argue with them. They [muslims] are, in a word, nicer guys.

This means that when you use invective in arguments with Muslims, you lose.** Not the argument itself, but a small skirmish in the larger war. Some Westerner out there who has not yet been convinced, and, as you say, relies on emotional arguments, will be turned off by your invective, and conclude that, yes, “moderate” Muslims are reasonable, decent people, and therefore no war exists or is necessary. And he will have reached this conclusion emotionally.

If you fight this way, you lose. And if there are enough people who fight the same way, and never understand what we are up against, we will lose this war.

Muslim won most of his engagements with other commenters because he understands all this, and they don’t. Under those circumstances, people who reach their conclusions based on emotion will come down on Muslim’s side. Is that really the outcome you prefer?

**Editor's Note:  This sage advice also applies to arguing with Progressives/Fabians.

Please:  Pass On, Share, Educate ..... 

Self-Education References:

Taqiyya,  KitmanHiyalMaqama

A Muslim Blogger who keeps a meticulous record of those in the West who have historically been deceived and/or submitted to the fallacy of Islam

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