Sunday, January 31, 2016

Truth, Reconciliation and TRUMP - Understanding the Depth of Anger in the USA - The Prequel

The Trump phenomenon has caught the chattering classes by surprise, and that makes THEM angry.  Very angry.  The self-professed "smartest people in the room" have been wrong, time and time again, when it comes to distilling the meteoric and cross-party rise of Donald J. Trump.

 "Trump is angry", "his supporters are angry" became the latest arrow in the quiver of indignance worn by the corporate press.   

The anger is deep-seated and rooted across America, not just in "fly-over country" or the "bible belt" or any other regions the media like to dismiss with an airy wave of their well manicured hands as "uneducated" and "unsophisticated" and therefore, "unworthy".

Unfortunately for the Progressives and their partisans in the corporate media, that anger is not limited to "fly-over country" or other repositories of the "ignorant" and "uninformed".  That righteous, simmering anger is deep - down to the bone deep - and is brewing in districts that are blue, blue, blue.

This prequel post to my more in-depth analysis is my attempt to explain to those out there who are not Trumpophiles some of the - not just attraction - but intense allegiance to teh Donald that borders on fanaticism, with a heavy handed dose of fatalism for good measure.

Trumpophiles truly come from all corners - from many friends I know in the military services, to recently naturalized US citizens, and even my own "always check Democrat on every ticket" New York relations.

It truly is remarkable in that aspect.

That allegiance is indeed grounded in understandable and a righteous anger, but it's also tethered to a sense of fatalism - something neither the Republican establishment or the pundit class truly understands.

It's like the citizenry find themselves seatbelted into a tour bus from hell, which has employed corrupt money-addicted mechanics for maintenance and servicing, and a cocaine abuser for a driver.  They have finally roused themselves from merely watching the scenery go by to becoming fully cognizant that they are headed for the metaphorical cliff, at the bottom of which lies only ruin, chaos, bankruptcy and the complete rupture and fracturing of all the civil, economic and legal framework that held the rickety bus together.

They completely understand this, with a sense of resignation but also resentment.

The time to dissect the reasons for their current mental status passed several exits ago; when they had made valiant attempts to change mechanics, suppliers, drivers and especially the road travelled.

Instead, here they find themselves "pedal to the metal", hurtling towards oblivion, in full knowledge of the anticipated pain and long uncertain recovery - if any - that awaits them over the cliff.

They've tried the soapbox, the ballot box and they've tried to challenge the road map to hell through the courts and have been stymied time and time again through deception, dishonesty, more trips down side roads and temporary "look, squirrel!" diversions, with the occasional helping of outright scorn and contempt heaped upon them - but being told time and time again the ultimate end state and destination has never changed.

With "nothing left to lose", they're now looking for a spectacular box office finish.  The timely appearance of the rugged Hero, who muscles his way through the crowd, tackling anyone who dares obstruct his path and grabs the wheel, to the cheers of relief and hope of the other passengers.

To the Trumpophiles, THIS election is their "Let's Roll" moment.

How will this end?  Will the Hero put the brakes on and end this careening bus of future tragedy and bring it all to a screeching, thrilling halt at precisely the last possible moment necessary to avoid complete disaster?  Plenty of Trumpophiles earnestly believe so.

Will this Hero grab the wheel and change direction just before the bus heads over the cliff, with a hard right or a hard left turn of the wheel?  Many Trumpophiles are counting on just that outcome.

Or will the Hero wrest possession of the wheel, muscling himself into the driver's seat and drive with even more speed and more intensity, undeterred from any calls for caution from the passengers, straight to their preordained destination - and - in the ultimate Hollywood finish - bail out deploying the only parachute on board, hidden under the driver's seat, saving himself, floating aloft while looking down at the imploring masses with a look of hurt - not anger - at the ultimate and final betrayal.

They don't know.  If you ask them without presumption or signalled derision, they will tell you so.  But they've decided to gamble that if there's one Hero in the field, it's Trump. 

To be continued.

Part Two - Explaining Trump Truth in Medicine, Mexico and China

Part Three - Signalling decimating Saudi Arabia, ISIS and the Reconciliation


Anonymous said...

Great article. Absolutely agree.

Anonymous said...

Spot On. So far, so good. Look forward to the rest of your analysis. GOPe doesn't understand.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article. Well-sustained metaphor. Helps explain why all the "seasoned" (experienced) candidates are being left in the dust, while the "outsiders" (newcomers with no political track record) are being warmly embraced. Hope springs eternal.

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