Thursday, January 21, 2016

What does the mass crimmigration mean?

As Europe continues to be swamped past the limit with all manner of crimmigrant flotsam and jetsam, it is useful to take a few minutes and think about this situation and what it means.  Sure, there are numerous voices raging against the wind, such as the Visegrád Hungarians, the Poles and the Czechs, among a few others... they are like modern day Diogenes, whose lantern is fading.  But consider if you will if we turn this global issue around 180 degrees.

The mass crimmigration is a physical vote of no confidence in the Dar al Islam.  Would happy people be willing to trek away from kin and homeland?  I suspect the answer is a resounding "no".  If Islam was working out for them, they would not take to the streets and rafts as they have.   How bad must it be in Syria, in Saudi Arabia and the so-called "Maghreb" for them to swamp Europe like so many diseased parasites?

Consider Mexico.  Mexican crimmigration (all credit for this wonderful term of art goes to, where I read it first) is a relief valve for the politics of Mexico.  Back in the "good old days" of the Cold War, the CIA did not assess the Soviet Union as the biggest threat to America, they assessed a disintegration of Mexico to be the prime issue.  American policy, at least since arch criminal Ted Kennedy put his grubby mitts on the tiller of immigration in 1965, has been the safety check valve for the failure of every single craptastic so-called "state" out there.  Allowing the mass migration of the desperate from failed states like Mexico and North Africa leaves the status quo of corruption and wealth disparity in place and unchallenged, while forever more reshaping the cultural fabric of the "receiving" nations.  While it is clear that the "migrants" benefit from unrestricted movement into first tier developed nations, the "gains" are entirely one sided, as the negative economic and social impact on the "receiving" nations is almost impossible to quantify.

Unchecked migration is a pressure relief valve for corrupt and failed states

So, the imaginary southern border was de facto turned into a mere suggestion of sovereignty through the hubris and fiat of a few wreckers and political pirates in Washington.  How bad could things have gotten had they bottled up the flow of Mexicans and OTM's (Other Than Mexicans?), and how would that have changed the balance of power there?  Mexico still stands, despite hideous levels of drug violence, fueled by insatiable appetites for drugs by Americans, and partially supported by the BATFE smuggling at least several hundred and probably many, many more modern firearms into Mexico.  The ATF "Fast and Furious" looks more like a covert resupply of a faction in Mexico and less and less like stupidity.  One could ask hundreds of innocent, dead Mexican citizens, but they lie silent in the grave due to American governmental transfer of industrial size lots of arms to drug armies.  If one were an inquiring sort, you might consider who on this side of the border benefited financially and politically from that transaction.  The Mexican government won't ask it publicly, but you should wonder about that.  The Mexican establishment perversely benefits by the outflow of malcontents and likely get a cut for encouraging the migration, it is the same the world over.


It is interesting to note that many hours in an annual military training schedule are taken up with anti-human trafficking classes and awareness.  The main gist of it appears to be "don't partake of hookers, as that feeds trafficking", and "things to look for as indications that someone is being traffficked".  This training is known as CTIP, and is often taken as on-line classes that you print out a certificate and hand it to your supervisor to "prove" you meet the training requirement.  At the link, you will see the truth I speak on this point.  Now for the kicker... if so much time and effort is spent educating the U.S. military about human trafficking, why then is our border (for it is not just Mexico, but the Canadian one that is porous, let alone Florida beaches) so obviously sabotaged from high office?  Somebody is NOT getting the memo.

If the POTUS is "all-powerful" he surely would have the power to fix the border.  That he has not, and all his predecessors going back decades have not (yes, ALL of them) either indicates that they either do not understand their duty to keep Americans safe and assure a Republican form of government, or they do understand it but are so thoroughly incompetent at discharging those duties, or are actually enemy agents or paid 5th columnists out to destroy America.  It is one of those 3 answers, no others fit the physical evidence.  Take your pick from a bad lot.  Is it that they know the truth, but seek to slowly gaslight America until it is too late as they fatten their bank accounts and unsavory addictions?

Europe in the west is done for through the vector of the human wave/biological attack underway.  Does it matter if it is one infectious germ cell that gives you a 1918 level influenza case, or several trillion cells in unscreened bipedal form, massed with millions of other bipedal form biological agents all headed your way?  There is no difference at all in end result.

The civil war there is not coming, or incipient... it is already a rapidly unfolding nightmare that has ensnared the Eloi.  I do not expect that America as a government will provide any support to Europeans, but I do strongly suspect that they will pour on the resources to fund and support the absolutely insane invasion of Europe by barbarian hordes.  It will be up to history to determine what was worse in the aggregate for European Civilization... World War 2, or this globalist funded terrorism over the span of decades.  Yes, this will take DECADES to bleed out, and bleed out it is already doing.  The summer of 2016 may see bodies rotting in the streets of up until recently placid towns along the Rhine and the Seine, as the culture grinds itself into dust.  This year is pivotal, as it is the last American Presidential election season that may make any difference for a long time to come.
Cartoon Movement - The Frog and the Scorpion

Crimmigration does not require that an invading army be armed, or have much equipment besides cell phones and a track suit.  Being unencumbered thusly without the impedimenta of modern warfare, the very mass of humanity becomes a biological weapon... a weapon of mass rape, a weapon of brutality... a weapon that erodes thousands of years of culture, just as water wears down rocks.  Relentless application of pressure wears away the structure of culture, which is a Fabian progressive goal.

Why would the sole superpower seek to destroy its NATO allies by flooding them with criminals and murderers by the millions?  There is substance to illuminate this quest for answers in George Kennan's "Long Telegram".  The conflict laid out between capitalist states is still playing out, Britain was forced into an American vassal state role by World War 2... now, with the intentionally flawed EU, TPTB are going in for the kill.

Why Europe?  I thought we were friends!!!

Europe has no will to fight, it has few nuclear weapons to offer ultimate resistance (France and England yes, but Germany? Nein!).  So, it gets to understand what happens when 2 wolves and a lamb sit at the table and discuss what is for dinner.  In this, crimmigration is the perfect weapon of mass destruction.

It is through this massive destruction and disruption (per Alinsky, "the worse, the better" and Rahm Emmanuel, "never let a crisis go to waste') that Europe will cease to be what it was and will be remade into the proto state of the New World Order.  The EU was just the chrysalis phase.  In this, crimmigrants are the change agent.  To see the truth of this, just watch the news for content and "spin".  The locals will be depicted as worse than Hitler, the crimmigrants will be depicted in angelic and sympathetic tones.  The crimes are and will continue to be abominable.
 Biological Weapon Symbol

God will not hold us harmless for the actions of our elites and political class as they rape, sodomize and infect Europe by Islamic proxy.  Consider what you can do to get informed and help actual Europeans in what is their hour of need.

The invasion of Europe continues unchecked by the EU political class

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Anonymous said...

Excellent. Just re-read Enoch Powell's 'Rivers of Blood' speech delivered before the British Parliament in 1968. Prophetic, and now we see it being played out in fast-forward. Truly a Gotterdammerung moment for the West.

Best of luck with your blog.