Monday, February 8, 2016

An appeal to Reason - Catholic Bishop states "Germany must take in fewer refugees"

From the english language German paper, "The Local" - because the cultural marxists who control the mainstream press will never report on this.  Only those who wish to save Western civilization will.

"As a church we say that we need a reduction in the number of refugees," Cardinal Reinhard Marx, chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, told the Passauer Neue Presse daily.

Germany cannot "take in all the world's needy," Marx added.

The question of how to respond to the migrant crisis, he asserted, should not solely be a matter of "charity but also reason.""


Anti-Islamic group Pegida, which began as a movement in Germany in mid-2014 and has since spread to France and other European countries, called on members and sympathisers from across Europe to march Saturday under the anti-migrant banner of "Fortress Europe".

The Cardinal also cautioned against "right wing extremism" in the interview published on Sunday. 

You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me."

Anti-invasion rallies continue to grow throughout Europe, in spite of the heavy handed attempt at "shaming" by the state and corporate press.  In preparation for each rally, the police were on high alert to contain and disperse team "Fortress Europe" while abandoning their posts in the confrontations with the Islamists, and elsewhere the police are overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of invaders.

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