Friday, January 15, 2021

Ten LAWFUL Acts of Political Resistance for Liberty Guerillas

A few years ago, my co-blogger Partyzantski had mentioned the self-help book,
"Total Resistance", which is this week's SHTF Self-Education From The Library book review selection in an online "conservative" discussion forum.  Many of the comments from those without any military background or training were negative - they couldn't understand the value of a manual dedicated to "Total Resistance", and found that the guerilla operations information to be unsettling and unhelpful in a "peaceful democracy" like the USA.

Well - things have changed, haven't they?
The concept of "Total Resistance" is just that - TOTAL Resistance.  More than just some key outlines for nascent partisan groups, the very concept of Total Resistance begins within the individual, and begins with changing one's personal perceptions.

You don't need to conduct acts of guerilla warfare to conduct Total Resistance.  As the security situation in the USA continues to deteriorate - and it will, because it's baked into the cake (take a look at the turmoil within Europe for a Heads Up) those who wish to not only survive, but to thrive and be part of the cohort that changed the course of history from one predestined to a new servitude to one that reclaimed personal liberty and rebuilt a great nation, need to learn how to practice Total Resistance and form the personal mindset required therein.

For the purposes of this discussion, this post will review only acts of Political Resistance, although that form of Resistance is but one of several that need to act in concert to effect Regime change.

Therefore, for discussion purposes, I present

 "Ten Lawful Acts of Political Resistance for Liberty Guerillas"

Many of these will be familiar to those who actively try to "Go Galt" whenever practical as their personal Resistance to Tyranny and Exploitation:

1.  Document the Opposition's Transgressions.  Von Dach specifically mentions this in Total Resistance, and the same tool has been used by guerilla forces ever since.  When the Fabian socialists were the "outgroup", Alinsky et al advised in their community organizing workshops to "make the enemy live up to its own book of rules".  It is important for liberty-seeking people to make the Regime know that their transgressions are being noted and that the demand for them to be held accountable will eventually reach the point of no return.  We are close to this tipping point with the festering resentment that Hillary Clinton is not being held accountable for her role in Benghazi, let alone her Classified E-Mail breaches.  Street artist Sabo has been at the forefront of keeping the "transgressions" front and center with classic guerilla counter-propaganda.  The "Sticky Note" campaign was viewed as so threatening to Organizing for America (Obot propaganda shock troops) that considerable resources were exploited to infiltrate blogs and websites "warning" people that posting counter-Regime sticky notes in public places could be prosecutable as "acts of vandalism".  The escalation of trending Twitter hashtags like #IndictHillary or #HillaryforPrison2016 in addition to guerilla street actions and the diffuse sticky note campaign serve to simultaneously document the enemy's transgressions, demand that they be held accountable, and to signal to others that they are not alone in their anger and feeling that no one is above the law.

2.  Unplug from Big Media.  Big media and the cable companies that pipe it into your homes are purveyors of the "Big Lie".  The "news" is not about dispassionately informing, it's about framing the Narrative and shaping your world view to something compliant with the bigger goals of those who wield the levers of power.  As the credibility of the corporate media continues to erode, the number of people turning to alternative sources of unbiased information escalates. This will turn out to be one of the biggest linchpins for success for the Liberty-minded. A secondary benefit of "unplugging" is that it denies the Fabians another source of slush funds (mandatory channels included in package lineups, surcharges, levies and taxes tacked to every cable bill) to redistribute monies to in-groups and dole out perqs and privileges to the "right" people.

3. Withdraw from Big Banking. Literally.  This has been written about extensively elsewhere; so I won't go too much more into the concept.  While it is true that the "Too Big To Fail, Too Big to Jail" corporate banking behemoths don't really "need" mainstreet's deposits, they do need them as a fig leaf to maintain the fiction of reserve banking.  Catherine Austin Fitts has been at the forefront of the warnings that the role of the corporate banking industry has been to assist in the erosion of the middle class and the planned massive transfer of wealth from the middle class elsewhere.  She has also written extensively about rebuilding from the ground up, starting with investing in local small banks and my personal favorite, small credit unions, as well as investing in local businesses.  Legislation authorizing "bail-ins" of depositors funds, dramatically changing the traditional relationship between depositors and banks, is now on the books in most G-8 countries, including the USA and Canada.  What does this mean for the "average" person?  Don't leave any money in the "stewardship" of any of the major banks, unless you can afford to lose it and have it appropriated.

4. Reject the Public School System  How you feel about this says volumes about whether or not you understand the concept of taking steps to being a free person, or whether or not you remain a victim of "Stockholm Syndrome".  Challenging the status quo and "settled social norms" especially with respect to state constitutionally mandated "public schools" is difficult.  I know - I used to be one of those people who viewed families who chose the Homeschooling option with skeptical eyes.  However, once you complete even some cursory investigation into the history and purpose of "mandatory schooling", seeking out alternatives becomes a matter of urgency.  There are lots of options beyond the model of children being instructed inside the home by a parent - many communities now have thriving, creative "homeschooling co-ops" which balance the positives of homeschooling with the negatives, such as isolation, lack of similar-age peer interaction, and evaluation by impartial instructors.  This is probably one of the most important steps any parent can take, and should take, while it is still legal to do so!

Given that your local school board, especially in large urban and suburban districts, is no longer about "education", but about control, indoctrination and wealth transfer/redistribution, the time to act is now for the next school year, so that any hurdles the local authorities may throw up in your path can be overcome.  Investing in a membership to the Home Schooling Legal Defense Association is worthwhile.

5.  Develop Alternative Systems for Securing Resources  The time to do so is now.  As has been proven time and time again, the modern American supply and logistics chain is very fragile.  It only takes a major storm or other temporary catastrophic event to remind us just how vulnerable our logistics system is.  The time to develop alternative systems for securing the resources you will need to thrive should the "disruption" to the supply chain evolve into something more than just a week or two of discomfort and inconvenience is now.

6. Develop Alternative Systems of Income I can not overemphasize this point enough.  Most Americans remain in denial about the true economic status of the country - perhaps because the reality is too frightening.  Denial will not prevent you from experiencing the consequences.  Taking even small steps to develop alternative income streams can make a big impact and help set you up for success should things fall apart.  As I have written about before, my husband volunteers at a small family farm to slaughter chickens and gets paid in free-range chickens and eggs (this is more to stay plugged into the small family farm network, rather than our overarching need for free chickens), and I successfully bartered developing and managing a public relations and marketing plan in exchange for expensive fencing lessons for one of our children.  Our older daughter exchanges tutoring for housecleaning services.  This also has the side benefit of building stronger local communities - something that will be an absolute necessity when things get really ugly.  The "Ithaca Hour" is one such model that has been operating for a very long time, and has been a model for other communities. 

7.  Consider the expenditure of every Federal Reserve Note a political act
I'm not advocating a papier-mache puppet parade, left wing bullying style boycott here, but simply understanding that the US Dollar, aka "Federal Reserve Note" is simply a piece of paper.  It has value (a) because of government fiat and (b) because the majority of people accept it as a medium of symbolic exchange of labor and/or tangible assets.  A Federal Reserve Note does not have any "value" beyond that, and its status as an accepted medium of exchange could change at any time, and revert to its intrinsic value - as a piece of paper.

Whether or not you choose to hold Federal Reserve Notes beyond what is required to conduct transactions with the government, and how you choose to spend/disperse the Federal Reserve Notes in your possession, is in and of itself, a political act of Resistance, that in the aggregate, has the power to effect Regime change.  Shopping at and supporting small liberty-friendly entrepreneurs, converting Federal Reserve Notes to tangible physical assets and other acts all symbolically and silently make a powerful statement.

8.  Buy a Firearm and Join the NRA.  This is a post about "Political Acts of Resistance".  As the country was founded to resist tyranny, and numerous examples throughout history demonstrate that oppression of a free people can only be completed if they are defenseless, owning a firearm and joining the nation's primary political organization defending the right to bear arms is an act of Resistance.

9.  Reject both major political parties; support bonafide Independents.  There really is no need to discuss the corruption of the contemporary Democratic party as the handmaidens of tyranny and oppression, but the astute observer will recognize that the nominative "opposition" party has been gelded and is Opposition In Name Only and serves as a fig leaf to continue to present the appearance of "choice".  The only way to circumvent this "Hobson's Choice" is to support, fund and elect true grassroots independents not part of, or beholden to, any established political party. Those who advocate not voting fail to appreciate that for our complex society to function, we must delegate governance, but it is up to us to choose wisely and to not surrender that choice to the transnational global class.

10. Plant a garden.  A hat-tip to the "Liberty Gardens" of WWI, and "Victory Gardens" of WWII, in recognition of the drive to control, especially what we eat and drink, the symbolic act of planting a garden - even if it is a container hosting a tomato plant or a balcony box sporting cheerful mesclun salad mix, is a powerful emotional reinforcer that you can retain power over the choices in your daily living, and you can provide for yourself without the omnipresent Regime continuing to press its "cradle to grave" operant conditioning and control upon you. The Liberty and Victory gardens of WWI and WWII were masterful bits of pro-government propaganda; turning that on its head is an act of Political Resistance.

If you enjoyed this post, you may also enjoy reading "Ten Rules for Liberty Guerillas" (grassroots political activism) or co-blogger Partyzantski's Book Reviews.

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Arkindole said...

Q4 GDP comes in at 0.7%; during the Christmas season; when people are supposed to spend more than they have. About 2.5% is needed to just stay flat. And, how many of those <1.0's have we had. Truly epic times ahead. The feds may need to steal your toilet paper rather than your fiat money.

Anonymous said...

great article, everything here is pretty much on the mark, but number 9 doesn't go far enough:

9. Reject both major political parties; support bonafide Independents.

reject *all* political parties. don't vote for a president, we don't need a president - we can preside over ourselves.

the solution to government problems is not a government solution.

just like the solution to too much debt is not more debt.

Anonymous said...

Don't use USD as much as you can. Use bit coin or even another countries convertible currency. For example on the southern border, Mexican pesos are accepted at many places including grocery stores. Bitcoin, whatever. Use something else.

Ritu somani said...

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el gallinazo said...

I am always surprised to see comments on blogs like this quoting GDP numbers such as Arkindole. These numbers are always purportedly “real GDP” which is defined as nominal GDP minus price inflation. Price inflation numbers are rigged in oh so many ways. If you investigate real price inflation for the last 10 years, it is at least 7% annually and probably more. So let’s say nominal GDP last year was +2%. So 2% - 7% = -5%. Multiply that -5% by the last 10 years and you can see what is going on with the real US economy. It is imploding. And then there is the question of how nominal GDP is figured out in the first place. Maybe half of it is just from moving money from the right hand to the left by too big to jail financial institutions. In short, the real economy has been in a massive and escalating depression for years and the numbers, liked all the markets, are rigged.

The next question is what will bring the US dollar down? Since Kissinger went off the Bretton Woods gold standard in August of 1971, only two things have been supporting the USD, which has allowed the USA to trade useless paper (and now electrons) for real stuff from other countries. The first was US threats of overt and covert (color revolutions such as in Brazil now) for countries wanting out of the USD. And the second was the Petrodollar. The first is collapsing due to the rise of Russia’s military technology. Though the USA spends ten times that of Russia on its military, it is so rife with corruption that it cannot keep up. Take the useless F-35 as a poster child. However, the neocons running USA policy want a war with Russia anyway. If they get their way and it stays conventional or even tactical nuke, Russia will kick NATO’s butt. If it goes thermonuclear, the outcome is obvious. The neocons figure they can hide out in their massive and deluxe underground cities which existence perhaps one American in 100 is aware of.

And the Petrodollar is collapsing rapidly. Crude and NG producers are no longer afraid to sell in alternative currencies. As an aside, the SWIFT banking system was a major prop to the USD. But now Russia and China are testing an alternate system with good results. The Russians and Chinese are well aware that the USA empire will collapse immediately when the USD collapses, and are feverishly building alternative systems of trade and international wealth payment transfer

So what will collapse the dollar? It will happen when most of the countries on the planet refuse to ship real stuff, hydrocarbon fuels (I don’t accept that crude oil comes from dinosaur poop) as well as flat panel TV’s, to the USA in return for worthless electrons. Could happen before the end of this year. Some argue that the collapse of the Baltic Dry Index from 10,000 to as low as 300 represents this boycott of the USD.