Monday, February 1, 2016

Truth, Reconciliation and TRUMP - Not a "True Conservative", but neither is America - Trump Truth on Big Insurance and the Unholy Trinity

This is a continuation of my explanation for the Trump phenomena which most of the official pundit class doesn't understand and therefore, can not adequately address or comment on.

In this post, I will briefly outline that Trump, over and above the partisan pundits of both sides, completely understands and reads the psyche of the modern American voter, and is a brilliant transmitter of shorthand messaging.  I predict that college political science and journalism classes in the future will be using the 2016 primary season as a lesson in target marketing and messaging for years to come.  It will set a new standard and in retrospect, so many will say,
"Of course I saw that coming ...."

This post will address some of Trump's seemingly contradictory statements that don't bother or upset Trumpophiles, but rather, to the frustration and dismay of the National Review Arbitrage Class, his "wishy-washy faux conservatism" further emboldens and energizes his base.

Let me break it down for you, NRO Political Hedge Fund Desk Jockeys and score-keepers of the Acceptable and True Conservative Caste.  (AATCC).
This highlight reel post will address one of the major current hot button positions that have the AATCC apopleptic because the voters aren't staying on the Official Policy Ranch and are going Rogue!!

National Review Hedge Fund Managers Issue Buy, Not Sell, GOPe order!


Trump has stated his intention to repeal and/or scrape Obamacare, which on paper the AATCC state is important to them, but in reality, their actions and their PAC and lobby money funding has demonstrated that they like Obamacare, they just want to tweak it a little so more of their big money funders can skim a bit more and the fig leaf "opposition" Progressives a little bit less.  By their cheque-writing ye shall know them.

The grassroots have been spooked by the Republican Judas Goat and are refusing to walk down the ramp to their own economic slaughter.

Trump has spoken at length during the primary campaign season about his frustration as an employer trying to negotiate for, and purchase, affordable and comprehensive coverage for his employees.  As a responsible employer who wishes to stay competitive in the marketplace and attract and retain the best qualified and competent workforce, this is a rational and understandable thing to do.  So far, so good, right AATCC?

The alleged "Trojan Horse trap" that the AATCC claim to be angry about and have fallen on their swords over are statements made by Trump that a "National" plan is needed - one that "covers everybody" as yet "moar proof!" that's he's a dishonest stalking horse.  What the AATCC doesn't understand, because of the profound disconnect between them and the rest of working America, is that it is not thinly disgusted communists hiding in the Trump Medical Coverage Horse, it's an army of independent and small business owners, and the employees who work for them, that are the ones ready to spring from the bowels of the beast on election day and begin slaying the anti-little guy Trinity dragons: Big Medicine, Big Pharma and Big Insurance - that have aligned against them and have stripped the flesh from their bones rendering them defenseless, destitute and desperate.  The Trumpophiles are angry about the Republican betrayal.  Moderate Democrats are angry about the betrayal.  They are both highly attuned to the signals Trump is sending them with respect to levelling the playing field and meeting the standard of First World Expected Human Right of comprehensive and affordable medical insurance and more importantly - actual, delivered, competent medical care.  They are well aware, sleight-of-silver-tongue verbiage of the pundit and White Paper Class otherwise, the difference between having medical insurance and having access to medical care.

Trump:  "We've never had a free market in health insurance"

The problem with the AATCC's umbrage over this "Conservative Litmus Test" failure is that Trump is correct and many from the Right have written extensively about the true, rotten core of the "private insurance market racket" and the insurance industry's enablers and co-conspirators in the unholy Trinity: Big Medicine, Big Pharma and Big Insurance.

There is no reason health insurance in the US - one of the biggest markets in the world, and still the leader in medical and biotechnology innovation, can't construct a system that is cost-effective, affordable and comprehensive and meets the health care needs of the majority of Americans.  In every other industry, technology and innovation leads to decreased costs and an increased base of happy customers; in the health care field, the opposite is true.  Is it unreasonable to call out and challenge this discrepancy and suggest that perhaps something untoward may be "afoot"?

This is not a "Republican" issue or a "Democratic" issue.  It's a quality of life "American" issue.  On this issue, the majority of Americans fail the AATCC "Conservative Litmus Test".  If continuing to enrich private insurance, pharmaceutical and mega-hospital companies at the expense and impoverishment of the little guy is cast as a "Conservative value", I can assure you that America is no longer a "Conservative" country.

The health care industry can provide no acceptable rationale for the existing status quo whereby someone who is uninsured, or underinsured, pays extreme rates for medical care, while someone who has paid protection money to the Big Insurance Mafia does not.  It's a RICO violation of breathtaking magnitude, if not technically de jure than most assuredly de facto.

The cost of a procedure or any medical care offering should be transparently visible and consistent with the actual cost of delivery with a reasonable markup irrespective of who the ultimate payer is.  The cost and markup should not only be open to inspection by the market, it should be fair and non-discriminatory.

The current state of the provision of medical care in this country is beyond wacky and certainly defies comprehension.  It's akin to finding yourself needing a gas station in an unfamiliar place late at night, when you are anxious, afraid and out of your element.  The only gas station you can find not only refuses to post the rates they charge for their gasoline (and that's perfectly legal), they will only inform you what your bill is after you've filled up your tank, based on their best estimation of how much they think they can gouge you for.

Can you imagine walking into a McDonald's and none of the items on the menu had a price written beside them known to you and everyone else in line?  And if the price of their same, standard hamburger varied widely depending if you were single or male or female or a member of a certain economic class or had or hadn't paid a monthly "Hamburger Price" protection vig to the Hamburger Insurance Mob or if you were foolhardy enough to think you could wander around, unprotected, because you don't always need to eat hamburgers, and therefore, felt it more reasonable to pay cash when and if you wanted or needed a hamburger?

It's ridiculous.  And indefensible.  And unacceptable. And very much the antithesis of true Free Market Principles and basic fairness.

Trump understands this, and communicates it powerfully to his grassroots.  It's one of the issues that earns him support across traditional political lines, because it's a universal issue of anxiety and concern.  As an employer who must remain competitive in the marketplace and someone who cares about his employees and wishes to do "right" by them, Trump instinctively knows and understands the unholy and self-serving alliance between the AATCC, Congress, the lobbyists and other special interests in the Big Medicine - Big Pharma - Big Insurance Unholy Trinity.

Families with adult children who have aged out as dependents for health benefits but are underemployed and living at home, squishy middle independents who are stymied trying to find alternatives to their already too-expensive insurance and FDR seniors struggling to find providers who will accept their insurance cross ideological boundaries and all are attracted to Trump as a potential problem-solver of this universal dilemma and source of genuine angst. They neither trust nor believe what the establishment Republicans or Democrats are offering them.

To them, offering to find a "National Coverage Solution" isn't a siren call to latent socialism or government-provider single payer, it's someone finally responding to their desperate SOS.

To be continued..


Anonymous said...

Thank you ... I will be sharing and posting on FB because the conservatives in the mainstream media won't publish anything that doesn't "trumpet" uncritical support of their donors and their donor agenda. We the little people are supposed to hold our noses again, and vote Jeb? Not!

Anonymous said...

The problem with public/private schemes is that the public gets left with all the hard (expensive) cases. Obama care slows that down, but doesn't put an end to it. If someone is truly sick, they will still end up with welfare paying their outsized medical bills, after they lose their job, life savings, and can no longer pay their insurance premium. Doesn't matter if their life savings is $5k or $500k if they are sick it is a guaranteed outcome unless they die first. Private insurance only works if you are going to send people who can't pay off to die. Otherwise there is no risk pooling; the public part will get the hard cases, and private insurer's will skim profits off of healthy people.