Friday, April 29, 2016

Calls to DeBaathification

 ~ Violence, Intimidation and Intolerance have ALWAYS 
come from the Left ~

OK folks, this has gotten serious.  Understand that your class and ideological enemies now are floating the idea that you (and me, brother) are to be subject to some form of political tribunal and "rehabilitation" or adjudication, as the case may be.  If you don't think this is serious, might I remind you of what happens when your group falls into the hands of our class and ideological foe - as an example of the extreme ends of this ideological dipole, I present to you the Katyn Forest Massacre.  If you have time, review the 400 page list of the dead.  Imagine the format filled in with Americans and you will begin to see where this "progressive" idea has led to in the past.

Back to the title of this article... "De-Baathification" of Iraq.  This process saw hundreds of thousands of soldiers, bureaucrats and politicians cast out into society, with no means to support themselves or their families.  The nascent insurgency found a deep well of talent in that dismissed talent pool. Debaathification of America would be an ideological cleansing to disenfranchise, unemploy and otherwise make opponents to the entrenched progressive Regime untouchable, as in beyond the pale.  Consider it the equivalent of being a resident of Stalingrad and having them take your ration book from you.  It is a death sentence!

Besides the well established pattern of liquidating class enemies, history is replete with examples where liquidation was just a step too far given the resources at hand.  In such cases, "re-education" and "self criticism" were used to dehumanize and gradually eliminate the "other" through non kinetic means.  Do you think that your "fellow" Americans will not do this to you?  I ask you to reconsider.  The clear indications state otherwise.  One need only see what goes on within the University to see this process in full swing.  Safe spaces, black propaganda and the relentless onslaught of covertly funded subversion all are rendering the ivory tower a bastion of 5th columnists, vanguardists and fellow travellers.

De-Baathification has the cultural weight of American and Allied De-Nazification programs post WW2.  The implementation of the Morgenthau Plan in the wake of WW2 saw many multitudes (some state 12.5 MILLION) of Germans killed AFTER hostilities ended.  The Morgenthau Plan was gradually softened into JCS 1067, then JCS 1779 and finally the well known "Marshall Plan".  Check out this documentary to get a sense of how this was implemented:

That the regime and its adherents are floating the idea throughout social media that you can be sent to a camp for the thoughtcrime of supporting Donald Trump is troubling and an indicator of the level of fear felt by the establishment facing a potential political upset.  Even if you are an "independent" voter, or a "liberal" or "progressive", this should deeply concern you.  One must come to terms with the Rubicon that statements like that make.  It is a statement of intent, an indicator of sentiment... signals are being sent that Trump supporters are to be seen as subhuman by the Regime and its adherents/beneficiaries of the existing political order.  After dehumanization comes the horror of democide, genocide.  If that comes to pass, are Trump supporters to be stripped of legal and Constitutional protections?  The Regime has already taken toe-in-the-water test cases with the weaponization of the courts and the IRS against its ideological foes. LIEberals seem to think so, if this telegraphed intent is anything to go by.  In the Intel world, we would call it an "indicator".  This one happens to be blinking neon in a dark political night.

"Liberal Fascism:  The Secret History of the American Left, from Mussolini to the "Politics of Change"

In researching this article, I found a pdf document that is crucial to understanding the Baath Party, its internal mechanisms and its historic role in Iraq and elsewhere.  Read if you read NOTHING else on the subject.  After reading that, ask yourself if the Baath Party model is the true framework of the Demopublican party, or not.  The gears in the machine are the same here, as well as there back in the day.

Of note in the article, it mentions that the top political power slots were reserved for Sunni.  Although many Shiites were in lower party ranks, the core was solid Sunni.  You may wonder why I bring this up.  To an Arab, religious affiliation is a key element of identity, both tribe and individual.  One of the Iraqi Officers I worked with was a Sunni in a overwhelmingly Shia unit.  He was killed under odd circumstances that reflected the religious strife within the Iraqi unit.  Let that sink in. He was not the only one. That ISIS is a Sunni movement should be no surprise.  Reports of the sectarian strife often do not inform the reader just how Shia centric Iraq is these days.  It is really a civil war between the Sunni ISIS and the Shia-government vassals.  Here are some visuals to inform you of just how bloody this process is.  I remind you that American LIEberals are trying to do the same thing to decent, hard-working Americans who happen to have a political view opposed to theirs.  Read THIS.

The obverse of this unsettling development is that the Democrats, an openly acknowledged front group for international communism (socialism with a slipped mask), have now paved the way for the same to be done to them when the inevitable election of Trump happens.  You can't call for the political re-education, disenfranchisement, round up and potential execution of your class enemies and then complain when the shoe is on the other foot.

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lineman said...

Your community is your country and if your surrounded by those type of parasites then don't be surprised when they show up at your door because the whole town ratted you out...Still believe that the only way we have a chance to survive and thrive is if we are forming Patriot Community's... Not just tribes but where the whole community from the butcher, Baker and candlestick maker is a Liberty minded fellow and will fight for that Liberty...

idahobob said...

Mr Hussain needs to be found at the end of a short rope attached to the top of a tall tree, and covered in pig blood.


Arminius said...

Timely and eyeopening.

Anonymous said...

- Grandpa

Zed Mitchell said...

Mr. Hussein is already on the list...

Charlie Mitchell said...

So, Mr. Murtaza Hussain, what happens when the power curve swings against the Murtaza Hussains of the world? Will you still support de-Baathification then?
I didn't think so.

Zorost said...

We will need to do our own deBaathification or we'll go through this every election until we lose one. Retreating to a village is a good idea if you think things are going to fall apart, but what if they don't? You are just making yourself the last victim.

lineman said...

You retreat when your weak and advance when your strong... Freefor is weak right now so let's fall back and build up and then advance...

Unknown said...

A suggestion: Next time you cite a tweet like this, I recommend you archive it first.
That way, if he decides to delete the tweet, or even go as far as to delete his Twitter account, you have irrefutable proof for what he said. As it happens, this tweet was archived already:

Doug said...

They be making us the Kulaks now.
Me thinks they are sticking their heads in a hornets nest.
I say come on. It's the Molan Labe of my race and culture. You want them? Come get em'.
I take the philosophical path on Baathification too, Kulak, Blalkanization, pogrom, what have you.
It is thus with my guns, my property, that is the first thing. My property. It is is also my living body and my heritage that belongs to me. Screw you. It is mine. I see no reason why I'm giving these things up. None.
There are other parallels too. They are all targets for the cultural marxists, because they are all the same thing in one way, they are my Liberty. Take living instead of arguing the ideals of secession, because it is all the difference in this argument, which then is not an argument, because I'm not going to argue. You want them, I'm going to shoot you too keep them. For keeping all these things is possible when it begins with each of us.
Like voluntary slavery to the state, it is to be naturally afraid of self determination. Mini totalitarianism. The totalitarians little helpers. That is how these useless idiots get to where they are. I think most of them don't have a clue in their hearts. Their fear of liberty, liberty being the ultimate in responsibility, is so strong they are blind to all else. This fear of being free is a national malaise, it is fear which literally rules their hearts. The idea of being faced with the choice of freedom terrifies these slaves, they are horrified with what they see as existential discomfort. Remember no one or nothing is really forcing them to choose to do these things, and to do these things to others, as it is really consent we are talking about, and nobody can make you to consent to anything, you have to choose to consent, or not. It's not that freedom, anachronism, secession, guns, property, self determination what have you is wrong to them, it is as simple as they like being slaves and the benefits garnered upon them for remaining faithful and loyal subjects and they are yellow belly little miserable pieces of human garbage not fit to be a part of the great idea of liberty.
Slavery to the state and enabling this serfdom is the path of least resistance, it is safe, it is the lazy way through life, but where these lazy Amerikan's go wrong is that THEIR enablement of slavery of the state is a beast that is not satisfied with voluntary enslavement, it must have everyone a slave. So by extension, your slavery is rubbing off on my liberty. So you can have your precious slavery and denounce me and my freedom, but your consent for slavery is the ultimate in double standards, the greatest contradiction in terms imaginable.
There is no reason or rational on God's green earth why I as a freeman must adhere to your slavery for your continued benefit. To submit to that is akin to being the slave of a slave.