Saturday, March 12, 2016

Familiar Tactics: American Progressives and Palestinians

"American progressives and the tactics of the Palestinians"

I ran across this article on Twitter.  I am posting it here because it accurately compares and summarizes Palestinian struggle movement tactics with what is happening in the realm of the Trump campaign protests.
Go there and read it.

I want you to consider that the BlackLivesMovement/#BLM and the globally diverse (but really linked) "liberation" movements are all ideological allies.  They may differ on a point or issue, but they are all pulling the rope in about the same direction.  Under the single organizing principle of "ever leftwards!", they inch the world closer to armageddon on one hand and chattel slavery on the other.  I know, some "choice", right?

A large component of the anti-colonial struggle that they all fashion themselves after is the use of not too subtle propaganda.  It is a complete "other-ization" of the class enemy.  They do not cover in "commie agitator 101" and the "fellow traveler workshop" exactly what the COMINTERN/CFR will do with the obvious fault lines and internal schisms that have been papered over in the conflict after they achieve the goal of global communist revolution.  As seen throughout history, if you run out of enemies, just create some.  Millions of dead communists would agree.

If you are an ardent Reader, there is a wealth of subject material to read that you can draw comparisons between Quranic sources and Marxist-Leninist folderol.

What it all boils down to is minor variations of "no war but the class war".  You can see the same strains of thought and action in the "La Raza" literature, in Black Liberation Theology as well as the larger "civil rights" movement.  I have a movement too, but that is only because I have a strong cup of coffee in the morning.

In summary, Americans need to correctly identify the enemy... it is not hundreds of "grass roots" type organizations, it is all one Borg-like entity, with convenient costumes to differentiate the local office. These pressure tactics have worked in the past, which is why they keep trying them on. Trump appears immune to the politically correct cyanide syrup that his opponents lap up like Socrates mixing up a vodka and hemlock nightcap.

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