Tuesday, June 14, 2016

One Stop Self-Education: A review of previously published posts about Islam and Terror

We've welcomed a lot of new Readers to StopShoutingBlog (SSB) recently, so in response to a Reader request, linked to some of the previous published posts on terror and Islam:

"Clear as a Bell:  Understanding Islam's True Enemy - Individual Liberty"
Posted December 3, 2015

"About those Stolen Propane Tanks"
Posted December 13, 2015

"US Intelligence Community:  ISIS will seek to exploit "refugee" crisis"
Posted December 22, 2015

***Review of the Congressional Final Report on Combat Terrorists and Foreign Fighter Travel Task Force***
Posted December 22, 2015

Taqqiya, Kitman, Maqama, Oh My! Self-Education to disarm liars about Islam
Posted January 16, 2016

Sabra and Shatilla:  Past as Prelude
Posted January 17, 2016

Rivers of Blood, Prophecy Realized
Posted January 19, 2016

What does the mass crimmigration mean?
Posted January 21, 2016

***Uncomfortable Truth Telling in "Tet Take Two" - The Left Singularity Approacheth****
Posted February 5, 2016

Fisking a UN Technocrat's Defense of the Status Quo
Posted February 7, 2016

Violent Balkans Past as Prelude in FUSA - Manufactured Crisis and Ethnic Unrest
Posted April 18, 2016

Hamas, Rockets and the future of asymmetrical warfare
Posted May 24, 2016

Connecting the dots:  Egypt Air, Fundamentalist Islam and the Not-so-friendly skies
Posted May 24, 2016

***5 Stages of Urban Guerrilla Warfare - 2016 Edition:  A Two Front Assault on America***
Posted June 12, 2016


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