Friday, April 29, 2016

WARNING!! Interrogation techniques are being used in the schools

     While America has slid down the slippery slope during the "Global War on Terror" and the concomitant rise of the fascist American police state, a once innocent venue has become more like a Guantanamo Bay waterboarding session than not.  Yes, you read that correctly... interrogation techniques reserved for hardened criminals and terrorists are being used on YOUR children, in schools that many of you willingly keep sending them to.

The Juvenile "Criminal" population is a fast growing segment in the private prison industry

     This article by Lambert Strether lays it out for you.  The purpose of this is apparently to shake down confessions out of the student body.  I submit to you that it more likely is a means to provide coercive control over the students.  The fear of interrogation can be quite a motivator to keep your head down and color only between the lines.

     Creating criminal confessions from students with no experience in resisting or even knowing what is going on has another purpose.  That purpose is MONEY.  If students, easy pickings as they are, can be siphoned off into the prison/industrial complex, much money can be made from that arrangement.  In debased, corrupt America of 2016, do you think it unpossible that some sort of "finder's fee" does not come back to the schools, the police departments for setting this up?  Take a gander at this document (circa 2009) which shows a cost PER DAY in the klink of $240 ($7,200 a month / $86,400 annually).... per juvenile.  Fast forward to today, where the private prison/industrial complex needs fresh meat to stay viable, and you will see what a cash cow this is for tyrants great and small.  Think this is delusional?  Check out THIS story of "Cash for Kids" by that den of arch right wing reactionaries over at National Public Radio.  They are in the news because they were caught.  How many others are out there, running their own little plantations?

     Now that we have touched on the substance of the article, that it happens, that it is a known source of corruption and kickbacks... let us turn our attentions to the Reid Technique and the organization behind it.

     It is appropriate at this point to direct you to several resources that allow you to read about this in the words of the firm.

This one is pricey, there are less expensive editions out there.  This is a collector's item.

And you can get some more insights into this ancient yet modern practice with:

The nuts and bolts of the so-called "Reid Technique".  It has 9 steps to it:

1- confronting the subject 
2- theme development
3- handling denials
4- overcoming objections
5- getting/retaining suspect's attention
6- handling suspect's mood
7- presenting an alternative question
8- have suspect relate details of the offense
9- convert oral into written confession
     As you can see, this is a time and resource intensive process.  To save time, expect that any authority figure will be rather heavy handed in treatment of little Timmy or Sally when Samir and Mohammed claim to be traumatized by the ham sandwich that Mom packed for them.

     How should anyone, ESPECIALLY children, deal with this sort of advanced psychological abuse?  The answer is simple.... they need to clam up, admit nothing, demand their parents as well as an attorney.  Teach your kids what the 5th Amendment is and how to use it.  I know, what kind of country is this.... yadda yadda... feelings and emotions aside, the harsh reality is that the life you save may be your own child's before the school system puts them through a kangaroo court to get the bonus bucks for adding a new serf to the prison/industrial complex's plantation.

You all need to WATCH these videos to be able to tell your kids what to do.

"Don't talk to cops, say a NYPD detective and lawyer" 

"Busted! - How to handle the police until you get a lawyer"

     Perhaps the best way to introduce this to your kids is read THIS book with them.  I bought it years ago and had my kids read it.  It is well worth the money for the professional insights of Attorney Dale Carson.  As soon as I find my copy, I'll review it for you here at!

Click to Purchase a Hard Copy of "Arrest-Proof Yourself"

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