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Violent Balkans Past as Prelude in FUSA - Manufactured Crisis & Ethnic Civil Unrest

     As an icebreaker, I am writing this to tune up my neurons for my next book review.  It has occurred to me that the dearth of historical understanding in the X/Y/Z generation calls for a brief review of what functions were performed to effect national policy in the Balkans.  I am writing this from the view of Serbia, although the lessons in this are universal and need to be understood.  Take advance note that the so-called "Western" style of warfare gives short shrift to these topics.  These are not for the squeamish, as it addresses the intersection of Europa and Islam, of who gets to rot in a field and devoured by the crows, and who does not.  Never forget that the propaganda of such events is of critical importance.

"Diary of an Uncivil War" written by Canadian soldier/journalist Scott Taylor, editor and publisher of Esprit de Corps magazine.  Written from firsthand observations inside Yugoslavia and Macedonia

     Begin with the concentration of a population into disadvantaged pockets (to ensure cultural/ethnic/class enemies occupy scattered, not mutually supporting terrain).

     Manufactured/created conflict acts as a driver to the prey, it gets a group/population to do "something" (reaction), such as move or get into conflict/proximity with the other as a "cat's paw".  Although this is a macro view of FUSA, your local area will reflect similar issues.
     Tactic of burning/destruction of shelter and sustenance as a deliberative means to force movement, control resettlement, erase cultural history.  Recent examples:

-American Civil War (burned records counties; burning of the Shenandoah Valley,  "breadbasket of the South")
-Nazi invasions

-ISIS (Palmyra)

-Taliban (Bamiyan)


     When strength does not allow direct elimination of a pocket of opposition, the default tactic is to encourage third parties to evacuate them for "humanitarian" reasons.  Note that the third world is not giving up their power players and competents/functional, just detritus, rapists, felons and assorted scum (Mariel Boat Lift, trans Mediterranean crimmigrant hordes, Lesbos Island crimmigrant route).

"Relocation failures"

     The goal of these principles is to homogenize an area by removal of the other.  Ask yourself how "section 8", HUD diktats, and stealth "refugee resettlement" ("unaccompanied minors, "Syrian Refugee crisis")  is/are a method of accomplishing this in your area.  Take a look at the graphic below and ponder a moment how ghettoization worked out then.
     If external players interfere, strike back on their own soil.  This widens the war and generates political pressure against external involvement.  If the warmongers/Neocons/Communist vanguardists sense real and up close personal risk, it forces a recalculation of if "the juice is worth the squeeze".

THIS is why you A) take the key terrain/high ground AND take it FIRST.

     Seizure of "peacekeepers".  They are leverage, no matter how they are treated.  Hezbollah snatched 2 Israeli soldiers, goaded Israel into an unwinnable war.  There are lessons in this for all.

     Show great contrast in how captured belligerent groups are treated... it forces fractures in any coalition.  This peels away coalition members who do not see it as existential.

     Above all, while they watch the clock, you and yours watch the calendar.  Outlast and WIN.  As a closer, consider if you will if/when you will see the equivalent of THIS in America.  Ponder if #BLM killings of police are the same with reversed roles.  It strikes me as uncanny how similar this sequence is to the demise of Lee Harvey Oswald.  How long until FUSA has this moment?  Has the moment come and passed to the next exciting stage under Obama?

Nice S&W Air Weight in action.  Note that the VC suspect here received street justice for wiping out the family and personal friend of the Police Chief.  The media conveniently forgets that.

Here is LHO on his day with Jack Ruby...
Early LHO.....Kind of reminds one of Bradley/Chelsea Manning, no?

Just like the Saigon Police Chief pic: victim, killer, shocked bystander roles filled.

I'll leave you with a video of a classic American song, by "Filter".  Cogitate well.

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