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Update: Back in stock .. SHTF Self-Education Book Review: Wolves Among the Sheep....

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** A very special thank-you to long-time member of the Patriot/Liberty community and loyal Reader MaryfromMarin for bringing this book to our attention, and for kindly sending us a copy to review.

Dear ReadersI am reviewing a book today that may be the most important that I have done to date, as it is applicable RIGHT NOW in YOUR life and those around you. Although Dr. Isaac's well researched work approaches the issue of "safety and security" from a different perspective than I do, once I cracked open the covers and read the first few paragraphs I was hooked - and completed reading the book in one uninterrupted sitting.  You should strive to get this book into the hands of as many people you care about as possible.

It is a book concerned with recognition of danger and of malefactors.  On the surface, it would seem to approach the topic from the point of view of solely concerning Churches and other ministry activities, but to dismiss it as such is to do yourself and your loved ones a profound disservice.  I approached this topic with some skepticism and from the viewpoint of a lapsed Catholic life, thinking this was only about Churches.  I was so, so wrong, as it is so much more than that.  The book rewards those with faith in the message itself, not in any specific faith overview.  It is eminently practical advice of great utility in anyone's life.  If you have children, even more so.

     The author of this work, T. Craig Isaacs, M.Div, Ph.D. is an ordained Anglican Priest.  His biography is tucked away on page 220 of his work that I have reviewed here - he is a man of high achievement, deep intellect and a professional who is seeking to help others preserve what is good in life while having a gimlet eye on the sordid reality that makes up much of the rotted moral fiber that is gnawing away at our Republic and our individual as well as group safety and security.  His foreword is by Lt. Col Dave Grossman (USA Ret), a man who needs no introduction to most of the Readership here, and is an acknowledged terrorism expert and author of "On Killing", "On Combat" and "Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill".

     The structure of Dr. Isaacs' work is two part in nature - a book and a separate companion workbook that would be paired up for what people receiving the training in a guided group setting would set aside two and a half days of study to complete. The stand alone book is not wasted on an individual, but it would most likely be of great added value to engage the author to instruct your like-minded church or civic group as a presenter, moderator and facilitator for the content as a group.

     Each chapter is concluded with a summary of the contents of what you have just read, to further reinforce the knowledge and assist in your retention of the work.  You can contact the author directly at .  I have not to date provided direct contact data to the author for any other work  I have reviewed, but this work is of such urgent utility as to warrant it.  You can purchase the workbook through the author there.

     It does not take much research to determine that church related violence, school violence and other so-called "safe spaces" or historical sanctuary locations are experiencing severe problems with security and preserving the lives of those within them.  Assault, murder, spree killing (see Dylan Roof), rape, robbery and crimes against children gravitate to places where trust and peace are assumed and human guard is let down.

     An aspect of what Dr. Isaacs terms the "tyranny of the immediate" is that churches and other entities are resource limited.  It is not just finite money, it is finite amounts of time to devote to security before the primary mission becomes a failure.  It is the 5 meter target that dominates our day.  That some balance must be accepted so that a "satisficing" level of mission accomplishment is accompanied by a realistic, prudent degree of internal security and continual assessment is a fact of life.  By placing out of mind the idea that "it can't happen here" or assuming some fantasy that God will intervene and save you from people who operate on free will and not necessarily with an eye to morality and right conduct will help move you out of the denial trap.  This is a key element - your awareness of evil around you, that you have a responsibility to yourself and others to protect them.  Contemporary life is rife with confirmation bias, that we see what we want and believe what we want as long as it meets our expectations.  The criminal, the terrorist, the con man use these very traits to kill, maim, rape and swindle.

     My marginal notes fairly litter my copy of the work as is my practice. Various acronyms and new ways to look at and categorize the evil in daily life are useful tools to help prepare, defend and perhaps deflect the forces of chaos, darkness and malicious intent from the lives of your family, group or congregation.  One KEY phrase in this book is found on page 30, "Misplaced trust is the predator's most powerful resource".  If you take NOTHING from the rest of this book, please take that to heart and realize that there are those around you who will know what buttons to push, what manipulations to pull to victimize you and yours.  This book gives you the framework to recognize several categories of evil and the humans that engage in it.  Personally, I believe that the section on subtle persuasion attacks as well as on recognizing signs of deception are worth your time and attention.

     Moving beyond general criminality, felons and that sort of behavior, the discussion leads to spree/rampage killers, terrorism and the like.  It is at this point that one of the many aspects of knowledge Dr. Isaacs presents will help you better understand and assess threats such as these.  Although I had never heard of it before, even as a collateral duty Anti-terrorism/Force Protection officer in the military, the term "Menninger Triad" on page 38 will enlighten as to this subject.

     This book is perhaps the most important that I have read, let alone reviewed, on a deeply personal level.  The heavily researched, resourced text allows the reader to gain access to much deeper bodies of knowledge as they see fit.  Of particular relevance are the statistics on rape (page 65), and a summary of information of particular concern for women and girls on page 72.  Pages 66 through 68 reflect a distillation of knowledge for recognition of sexual predators and the specific tactics, techniques and procedures that they use to mentally disarm their prey.  If you are fortunate enough to have a wife or daughter, PLEASE seek this work out and share it with them.  It is time for THAT conversation NOW.  Forewarned is forearmed, and the content of this work may help your loved ones avoid danger altogether and not have to use the other, more physical methods.

     On page 105, in a section on graphic symbolism, I was absolutely stunned to know the history of a common counter culture symbol.  There is much more there, but this one alone illustrates the totalitarian nature of American culture and the 1984/Orwell/MiniTrue nature of NewSpeak language and symbology.  I guarantee you that you will never look at many common symbols the same way again.

     One of the sections most useful to the community of Patriots that grace this site with their Readership will be the section on deception recognition.  You will get this at page 122.  To summarize this, consider it a spiritual and emotional counter-intelligence (CI) manual for group and individual safety.  This is specifically geared towards vetting of volunteers, and has wide use in daily conversation and interactions.  Remember, as America continues to fray at the edges while moral moth holes disintegrate the fabric of society, there are those out there that see you as a resource to be plundered or to co-opt you into providing them a hunting ground of trusting, vulnerable people.  It is your job to know this material and USE it.  Consistently.  Having this structure to base rational thought and decisions upon is an excellent use of your time and can save lives, perhaps even your own.

     To further assist his readers, Dr. Isaacs provides references and sources that can be accessed by the reader to start learning NOW.  One resource mentioned at several places in his work is The Paul Eckman Group, LLC.  This is the model that the hit television series "Lie to Me" was built around.  Go there and take a tour.  There are free demos for the paid products there.

     In closing, understand that this is not a tactical manual, or a work on small unit leadership.  It is, however, suitable for someone with zero experience in these issues to pick up and read, yet provides a depth that professionals will find great utility in.  This work is designed to provide awareness of a lethal problem, how to recognize, assess and categorize it - as well as how to engage, de-escalate and mitigate. This is a work by an experienced, credentialed man on a mission to help you save the lives of those around you.  The book is well worth your time and is a gateway to other works and authors that Dr. Isaacs lists and credits in his work.

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Update April 29th:  We've just been informed that the book is back in stock!
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Ordered a copy and look forward to reading. Please continue with these book reviews; they are very helpful to those of us who recognize the need to "self-educate". Time is short. Thank you for what you do here.

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Amazon is reporting it as "temporarily out of stock" - will you repost a reminder when the book is back in stock, like you did when "Coup D'Etat" sold out? I definitely want to buy/read. Thanks!!

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Yes, we were just informed by Amazon and the author's staff that it is temporarily sold out - we will definitely post a reminder when the book is back in stock and available for purchase. Thanks for your interest and support!

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Great review. Thanks MaryfromMarin for sharing. Great stuff.