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SHTF Self Education Series ~ From the Library: A Review of "Civil War Two"

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Originally published April 12, 2016.

In 1996, Thomas Chittum published an interesting book that offered a glimpse of a theoretical future America.  In 2016, a mere 2 decades later, it is illuminating and quite revealing to look at where we were when the book was released, and where we are today.  What we are yet to be is a unfinished question.  Based upon analysis of trends and a knowledge of human organization through history, Chittum provides a logical explanation for what he forecast.  While I am not 100% sympatico with his vision of the future, you must give kudos to the man for how close he called it 20 years ago.

Author's personal copy, Amazon photo was too grainy for my quality standards.

Although the book is somewhat dated in the fine points of numbers, demographics and the like, if Chittum went to Vegas with the odds as he predicted the outcome, he'd have the wealth of Croesus.

The copy I am reviewing from my personal library is ISBN 978-0929-4081-70,
published by American Eagle Publishing, 1997.

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The initial discussion in his work is a chapter on America - is it an Empire, or a Nation?  He makes the convincing point that America will experience "a second civil war that will shatter America into several new ethnically-based nations".  Is this a fair statement?  One only need look to the homicide rates in inner city hell holes like Chicago, Newark and Baltimore to take a peek at the truth of the matter.  For the record, Chicago sees more killed in black on black violence than the entire casualty count for the Iraq War.

The core difference in Empire versus nation is that Empires are multi ethnic, multi-religious entities.  Nations are (largely) homogeneous across the board.  Around page 5 (you don't have to wait long), the degree of democide is delineated.  Would you consider the relative loss of 3,000 Caucasians a DAY to be a genocide?  If not, how many is your personal threshold for genocide?  I suggest that you ponder that, then get back to the book.  That is 1.095 million people a year, keeping pace with the Third Reich's final solution, btw.  Think not?  Do the math.

Next up, Chittum discusses the nature of a tiered and unstable society.  Look around you... can a presidential front runner who has committed all manner of acts that would see (and have) seen lesser people get charged with crimes exist in a system where all are equal before the law?  No?  That is a sign of a tiered system of rewards and punishments.  Look at the array of ethnic organizations that thrive in America, while any indication of a "White only" group gets pounded flat.  Black only colleges and "universities" (HBCU)... political activism and intimidation by the NBPP (not prosecuted).  Look at the "justice" system... run through with race privilege, black "Bar associations" and cronyism.  Look into the military and its holders of power....  competents, or crony placements and sinecures?

The chapter titled "Mao Tse Tung's Rules for Revolutions" is a point of epiphany.

Mao only had 3 rules - that he only needed active support from 10%, as long as the rest were quiescent or afraid.  Next, that sanctuaries existed.  In the modern American sense, sanctuaries exist in the inner cities, in crimmigrant infested areas and in prisons, all places where recruitment and networking take place.  The final rule was for foreign financial aid to come in.  When that money comes from our own government in the form of "programs", SNAP/EBT and outright grants to various grievance constituencies... well then, draw your own conclusions.  It can be reasonably argued that Mao's 3 conditions/rules for revolutionary warfare have been met or exceeded in modern America.

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Regarding the Reconquista, I would say that the reality today has far surpassed what may have been dismissed as fevered paranoia in 1996.  It does not take a genius to figure out why there are no jobs for your kids when corporations find ways to employ the crimmigrant horde for less than prevailing wages.  This kills the blue collar element of America, as they cannot compete on cost.  The chapter makes for riveting reading, and functions as a checklist to recognize what is happening.

Discussion of black seizure of power is interesting, in that the evidence of it is clear.  Many urban locales have become de facto one party mini states, with entrenched corruption and influence peddling.  Consider any inner city area to functionally be the equivalent of Zimbabwe.  These black power structures, against the prediction of Chittum, have been shown to be welded to the rotting corpse of the DNC and are in no danger of splitting off from the party that supports them and employs them as a blunt instrument, acting as their Special Republican Guard formation/SS/Regime Survival units.  They will not separate from the behemoth that shields them from what will ultimately come about (see page 41... pure Clausewitz), they will not give up the teat of the dole and officially sanctioned favoritism and privileges.  Even as we approach the main event.

Chittum goes to great lengths to describe the tribal armies that will fight Civil War 2.  I recommend you to his book at this point, as he is both exhaustive and convincing in his treatment of the topic.  As chaos tends to greatly simplify things, the black concept that "one's skin is one's receipt" becomes the model of IFF (identification, friend or foe) that will prevail in upcoming chaos. That is what will be part and parcel of the tribal nature of what is not just coming, but is already here.

The nature of Civil War Two is going to be gruesome.  While I disagree with his view that American Civil War Two will feature the use of organized indirect fire (artillery, see pages 86-87)  the retail end of atrocity has the potential to be of epic proportions.  Chittum breaks the disintegration of America in the next Civil War into 4 phases.

Phase 1 is "foundational", and the examples he cites, well... you need to read it yourself.  You may wear out a pencil checking things off as they appear on the page.

Phase 2 is the "terrorist" phase, and it does not take a genius to figure out that we probably are well into this part of the action.   

Phase 3 is guerrilla in nature.  Depending upon how you consider the ethnic crime wave, as social phenomena or as state-sponsored militia banditry and mayhem, that may color your perception regarding if we are or are not there yet.

Phase 4 is all out warfare, and no one in control of their faculties can claim that we are there yet.

Ethnic enclaves are an interesting phenomenon.  People want to be with other people who share their values, origins and culture.  This is possible in an ethnic enclave.  It just so happens that the Federal Government will effectively stomp out any place, area or institution that remains "white only".  HUD actively imports the worst of the crimmigrants internationally and places the dysfunctional, the illiterate, the HIV and other antibiotic-resistant infected amongst functional majority white communities by design.  Blacks are given vouchers to move into white areas, driving prices down and causing whites to flee for safety.  We now live in a nation where the official policy is that no white is to be left alone, let alone be permitted to reside in a homogeneous community composed other culturally and socio-economically similar whites.  The map below from the University of Virginia shows the problem on a city level for New York City.  Nationally, the issue exists on a much broader scale.

Crimmigrant ethnic enclaves created by official policy become de facto no-go zones for white citizens as well as for police, EMS or fire officials.  Sharia zones, black empowerment zones, whatever they are called or are effectively, these become mini seceded parts of what was once a cohesive whole.  Yet, one does not see the FBI Hostage Roasting Team pulling a Waco or Ruby Ridge on these openly hostile, anti-American, anti-white communities, just on white folks (see LaVoy Finicum for the latest example).

By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use,

LaVoy Finicum gets shot in the back for his troubles, this Musloid clown not only gets to live - he has a girlfriend, and is lauded in "Rolling Stone".

An entire chapter is devoted to statements by other appropriate voices.  These voices are not all right wing supremacists, not at all.  Gore Vidal, Martin Van Creveld, William Lind as well as several establishment liberal publications are quoted in the research.  It is quite clear that Chittum has cast a wide net and is not looking at this from an ideologue's entrenched position.  He is looking at the cold, hard facts of the matter and simple math.

European patterns in history are addressed by Chittum.  I direct readers to page 133, where I have no choice but to quote direct from the work:
"Of the European countries, the median size of the second largest ethnic group is 5%.  In America, our second largest ethnic group (the Blacks) is 12%.  By this measure, America is again not as stable as most European nations.  Twelve European nations have  secondary ethnic groups that are 12% or more of the total population.  Four are fighting wars, two are occupied by foreign troops, one is fighting internal terrorists"
Thomas W. Chittum, p.133 of Civil War Two

Given that this is based upon demographics 20 years past, understand that this is actually a benign statement compared to what is going on today in Europe and America as states have openly sanctioned murder, rape and mayhem upon their own citizenry by crimmigrant masses imported for this purpose from Africa, Arab areas and South/Central America as the case may be.

The concept of Imperial Conversion is discussed on pages 141-152.  This is a rather clinical look at the matter.  Again, Readers should break out the pencil and mark off what has happened of his predictions.  Consider how reality has actually exceeded this measure by measure.

The end of the book has a rather astonishing title, "Civil War Two Checklist".  Consider this to be an event tracker that will mark the end of what we know and the dawn of something horrifying.  Read through them all, and decide for yourself if it is bunk, or is he on to something?  You need to be brutally honest in your assessment, as the only thing of value that hangs in the balance is your life and the lives of your loved ones.

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In conclusion, I most assuredly recommend this book to you.  My copy is dog eared from lending it out and my periodic reference to it.  "Hope" really is not a plan, so plan to read this book soon so that you can better understand what has, is and will be happening.

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