Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Connecting the Dots: EgyptAir, Fundamentalist Islam and The Not So Friendly Skies

Today, it became clear that the EgyptAir flight #MS804 reported as "vanished from radar" astonishingly via Twitter, has been confirmed as crashed and lost.  Infrared imaging points to a working hypothesis of an explosion from a detonated bomb or bombs.  The point of departure for this flight was Paris, France.  This is not the first terrorism incident EgyptAir has dealt with in 2016.

Fundamentalist islamists seeking work at airports, principally as ground handlers and aircraft groomers - with limitless access to parked aircraft - has reached a troublesome apex.  The "CGT" union, which represents Air France workers, has had numerous run-ins with confrontational "Islamic fundamentalists" over the past several years, which reached a climax in December of 2015 when 25% of unionized Air France workers were excluded from the union by the CGT management.  This news story, of course, was not reported in the North American media.  Sit for a moment and digest those numbers.

"The CGT is once again mobilising against what its chief has called “Islamic fundamentalists”. In an interview on December 2, Philippe Martinez, the secretary general of Air France’s CGT union, revealed that the corporation had “cleaned out” its ranks: the organisation identified nearly 500 of its 2,000 members as “fundamentalists” and then excluded them from the union.

"We lost 500 union members due to this matter," Martinez told France Info. “They are not all radical. When we talk about matters of this kind, we’re talking about Islamic fundamentalists, not the religion, per se.”"

If 25% of the unionized workforce at Air France, the national flag carrier, was excommunicated because of fundamentalism, what does that say about the balance of the workforce employed at other airlines?  If 1 of 4 workers for Air France was accused of being radically aligned, what would be the logic extension for numbers at an airline like Air Egypt?

It would appear that not only Air France has a problem with islamist infiltration.  American Eagle, a commuter airline rebranded as "Envoy" also provides ground handling services in many secondary airports.  In the past year, two incidents involving threats from muslim employees have again underscored the danger posed to unwary passengers by the progressive obsession with multiculturism at any cost.  A third incident involved a former employee, who actively sought extra work hours when supervision and oversight was less.  

DHS has admitted to at least 73 airport workers who are on the terrorism watchlist - but has not cancelled their airport security clearance credentials.
Speaking off the record, those who work in the aviation industry admit that number in reality is much higher.  What is even more troubling that as you are "date raped" by your friendly TSA screener simply for wanting to board a plane, 297 airports claim they lack the personnel and funding to screen airport employees before they start working in secure and sensitive areas at the airports.

This of course does not even begin to plumb the almost limitless reports of DHS allowing and TSA clearing illegal aliens with false identities to work at airports in the most secure areas with access to aircraft and equipment. 

It is also telling that any news reports of muslim overt threats involving aircraft or other employees has effectively been scrubbed from the major search engines.  A search string will not return reports of actual threats made by muslims, but will instead return pages of opinion pieces of "muslims facing backlash" over "perceived terror threats".  Sell the lie, suppress the truth.  Totalarianism 101.

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