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The Swiss Report

Back in the days of big hair, walkmans and God knows what else, the "Swiss Report" was issued by the Western Goals Foundation, a think tank of conservative and patriotic bent.  The authors produced the report for USMC Gen (ret.) Lewis Walt and Army Gen (ret.) George Patton.

It is a study of how the Swiss organize, train and equip the citizen militia that has kept the wolves at bay.  I offer it as a discussion point because it reflects cohesive, strategic thought and purpose for militia structure.  While many will argue minutiae, this short study (really, how long will it take you to read and absorb 30 pages?) should get you thinking about systems, logistics and the reasons why.  Why?  Because all effort requires a guiding focus, a principle, a drive.

Go read and save this document before it gets memory holed!  It is free (for the time being) at

Of particular interest to the Readership is a personal packing list for Swiss militia found on page 9.  For your convenience, here it is:
This list is accompanied by a poorly reproduced photo, essentially a "junk on the bunk" with a Swiss Militiaman in the middle of a gear display.  This list, good enough for the Swiss, may inform you of what you may want to have on hand or decide to not buy.  They have put a lot of thought into this, your mileage may vary.

You may also wish to read the American published, "Soldier's Load and the Mobility of a Nation", reviewed HERE on this blog.

The real meat of the report, however, is found on page 17 of the report.  The "Territorial Service" describes the role and functions of a concurrent shadow government (see shadow government article from our archives HERE).  The day to day functioning of a well conceived shadow government as an intermediary layer between civil and military society is a feature of what one may aspire to.  The mere existence of such an entity is enough to put the lie to tyranny.

In looking through the report, one can suss out the vertical and horizontal integration of the militia plan.  It encompasses all aspects of life.  Of note, there is a department on the organizational chart for "gymnastics and sport".  The increasingly sedentary and portly American youth could use some of that... preferably in sports that have some applicability to the profession of arms, like small bore target shooting, fencing and archery.  Something, ANYTHING is better than them playing "Call of Duty" and thinking that it prepares them for anything.
K31 Schmidt Rubin loaders for sale!

The Swiss arguably have serious chops in deterrence and a long, verifiable history of being martial bad asses from medieval to relatively recent days.  It would be wise to absorb some of what they have done and assess how you may apply it in your own corner of your local Oblast.

Swiss Army Volcano Stove (3 Piece Set)

For your reference:

A website dedicated to everything about Swiss military rifles, including the beloved K31.

K31 Technical Manual here (downloadable)

And this is what a center right party platform looks like, Swiss style.

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