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5 stages of Urban Guerrilla Warfare - 2016 Edition: A Two Front Assault on America

In light of the recent Black Lives Matter turmoil, a repost seems appropriate.
Originally published June 21, 2016.

PZ Comments: The history of urban guerrilla conflict informs understanding of contemporary American political discourse and protest, which is exclusively done in urban areas as seen on your nightly news.  Our founder and intrepid staff writer/researcher YTZ unearthed a RAND report by terrorism and security expert Brian Michael Jenkins from the dusty recesses of 1971 to highlight elements of this dynamic.  
To refresh your memory or to give context to those younger, in 1971 gas cost 40 cents a gallon,  postage was 8 cents per stamp, the NASDAQ appeared and fresh turkey was 43 cents a pound.  Vietnam was winding down, Apollo 14 made the 3rd moon landing, Nixon was President, the Weather Underground led by Bill Ayers (of Obama buddy fame) bombs the U.S. Capitol Building and the legal decision Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education establishes the failed federally mandated public policy of “busing”.

Link to Jenkins' Full 1971 Rand Report (pdf)

Into this volatile domestic political mix, Americans experienced riots, mass protests, the publishing of “The Pentagon Papers” and numerous signs that the American age was changing direction under the leadership of Richard Nixon. Interestingly, the reclusive RAND think tank issued this paper into that environment.  Tellingly, it elucidated upon the failures of the Maoist rural rebellions and shone a light upon the emerging focus of guerrillas into the cities.  
What was forecast back then has become solid reality today – the Islamist massacres in Paris and Orlando, 2016 Marxist political mob riots in San Jose and Chicago and the urban core violence perpetrated by ethno-militias acting as the armed wing of the Progressives who now control the Democratic Party. 

 Watch: Ferguson 2014: Stepfather of deceased Michael Brown exhorts the mob to "burn this bitch down"
The upcoming convention of Republicans in Cleveland this summer likely will show this phenomenon in 1080i HD to a rapt audience.  That the forces for such can assemble, perform actions on the objective and disperse with full media coverage should indicate to all but the densest that it is a coordinated, well funded effort at political intimidation.
What characteristics do modern American political/guerrilla entities exhibit? How will you know them to recognize what is happening?  YTZ has distilled the source document in her inimitable fashion to its essence, a politico-military bullion cube for some strong thought on your part.  Let it steep and infuse your mind with the flavor of the times.  Without further delay, for your review and consideration, here is YTZ's summation and contemporary spin on Jenkin's hypothesis:

YTZ notes: I had found an old RAND report that according the footnotes
"this paper was written originally for presentation to the working group on Military Operations in Urban Areas of the Military Operations Research Symposium at the Naval Postgrad school, Monterey, California, November 17th, 1970.  Subsequently it was requested for use in course work by the United States Army Institute for Military Assistance, Fort Bragg, North Carolina".

It has been my observation for quite some time now that we are under attack by an urban guerilla insurgency and that it is a two front war - the first is by Collectivists of the Progressive/Fabian flavor who seek to destroy the foundations of private property, free markets and individual liberty to impose their marxist utopia, headed by elite technocrats who know how to make the "best" decisions for everyone enforced in a unilateral, top-down manner.   The pointy tip of the spear for this front is Black Lives Matter and Social Justice Warriors.  The second front is an attack by Totalarian forces, who seek to weaken/threaten/intimidate the West to bring it under the umbrella of the worldwide Caliphate they are seeking to build.  The shock troops for this front are Islamic jihadists and refugees funded by the Saudis and exported worldwide.  The two groups for the moment are allies for the moment as a free and open West is their common enemy.  Jenkins' paper lays out a foundation for action that both Progressives and Islamists within the West, and in particular, the US, are exploiting and "community organizing" around.
Stage 1:  Violent Propaganda Stage

Publicity for the guerrillas is the key objective of the first stage.
“The World is watching”.  Consider that almost all guerrilla operations are really “armed propaganda” for mass consumption to convince a population to accept the "new consensus".  Public relations "experts" and their handmaidens in the media craft a "narrative" that they relentlessly project through all channels of mass media. As a contemporary update, look at the "narrative" myth created by Ryan Julison that Trayvon Martin was an innocent, unarmed child ruthlessly gunned down by a white vigilante and to this day has resonance as "truth" in many communities. Everyone has a personal electronic device at this point and any event can make it onto the “news”.

Targets are chosen for maximum propaganda effect.  Most are symbolic of perceived "economic exploitation" or "oppression" (World Trade Center in '93 and on 9/11) and some meet other objectives for funding, resources, etc. In Latin America, several guerilla groups conducted bank robberies to fund their activities until they co-opted university students and gained access to student funds that were redirected to the "cause". Compare and contrast this with the recent Black Lives Matter occupation of university campuses, and their ever-escalating demands, usually centered around funding of "black only" faculty, support staff and "scholarships".

"We demand several black financial advisors whose sole purpose is to find and distribute scholarships and financial aid to and for black students specifically"

I would posit that the Black Grievance Industry is well past this checkpoint.
I would further postulate that the Saudi financed Islamic hijra movement has reached this milestone as well, with the high resale propaganda value of the 9-11 attacks, as well as the Ft Hood massacre and other attacks on US soil designed to signal their presence and intent to "fundamentally transform" America and fold it into the arms of the worldwide caliphate they are attempting to build.

Stage 2:  Organizational Growth Stage

Propaganda and delegitimization of the government or culture remains a key priority.  The “Government” has taken it on as a mission to auto-delegitimize under the guidance of radicals, leftists and fellow travellers deeply embedded in the infrastructure of the current Regime and each day brings a fresh outrage to average citizens at a criminal and corrupt Administration that is out of control, out of touch and untethered to any chains that may have tied it to the precepts of the Constitution.  "Sanctuary cities" are another example of Fabian propaganda and delegitimization at work.

Misdirection and forcing of resource allocation.  Section 8 and the new HUD/DOJ diktats mandated "disadvantaged" groups be resettled into successful, stable majority white communities is one modern disruptor that is a 2016 spin on an old doctrine.  Another contemporary example is the “1.9 Billon for Zika” and "Green Jobs" funding (Solyndra et al) ...  pray tell, to do what with?  Any emotionally tugging news story that is answered by vague Federal and State programs that cost Billions, with no elucidated realistic plan of action and milestones is, to put it bluntly, a mass extortion and graft scheme that enables selected groups and individuals to launder vast sums in a massive wealth redistribution scheme and further fund the American downfall.

Make conditions intolerable in order to precipitate a coup by disaffected elements within the government. The purging of white, Christian heteronormative male career military  especially within the intelligence and operations/combat arms elements and their replacement with ideologically pure “affirmative action” but not necessarily competent selections echoes the strategies of Leftist Latin American guerrillas.  As an example of how the existing organizational structure of the military is exploited to conduct the actual takedown of the existing structure, Jenkins outlines in 1944 young Army officers worked directly with student groups to coordinate street demonstrations, sit-ins and occupation of radio stations and other key targets as a joint covert operation to overthrow the government by the military.  The emplacement of loyal unquestioning partisans within the structure of the military, and specifically, intelligence and operations communities, is not by accident.  Remember, unlike Latin guerillas, modern Fabians advance their agenda incrementally and with great patience.  There is a reason the "turtle" is the unofficial symbol of the Fabian socialist ideology.

Violence is also deployed as a means of coercing the government (or culture) into refraining from or emplacing policies and procedures, such as gun control, banning conceal carry rights, ending "Stop and Frisk" street searches, etc. Contemporary examples in Ferguson, Baltimore and other vibrant locales illustrate this exact point.  The most recent example is the complaint of a co-worker of jihadist Omar Mateen that although complaints about him were lodged with HR, the company did nothing "because he was muslim". The rush to (over)charge in recent political trials (George Zimmerman, Baltimore PD) is deliberate in order to provoke riots, inflame already aggrieved minority communities and to disrupt the normal judicial process as well as delegitimize it.  Heavy handed DOJ "civil rights investigations" compel local police departments to sign "Consent Decrees" making equal application of statutes untenable.  The end to New York City's successful "Stop and Frisk" policy has caused gun violence to soar in the city.
In this stage, to grow the organization, the guerrillas need access to money and weapons.  This is interesting, as American small arms sales have increased year on year since Obama ascended into office.  America is now flooded with arms, some of which are redirected by the Obama regime to arm their proxies (Mexican drug trafficking organizations, Islamic terrorists and urban thugs.  See example of Fast and Furious BATFE arms smuggling and trafficking operation).

This also explains the new emphasis on occupying university campuses with demands for funding for "blacktivist" services and students, which will be used as a giant slushfund for street operations of the wider campaign. The fact that student activity fees are mandatory and generated mainly from "white, privileged" students makes the confiscation and redirection even sweeter in the eyes of the guerillas - an updated racial Robin Hood scenario. 

In my view, the Black Grievance Industry has passed these milestones successfully.  

Reports that the Islamists have been smuggling and stashing weapons into both Europe and the US should give any rational person pause, once it is placed into the bigger picture/timeline.  Mosques are used as indoctrination centers, weapons caches, logistics nodes and sources of funding for operations.  They also insert agents into front line positions at airports for intelligence gathering.

Stage Three:  The Guerrilla Offensive

Real, rather than symbolic targets become the objective. When Police Departments and other “control” points such as National Guard Armories start getting attacked, you know that you are in this phase. This has already happened in Ferguson, Missouri in a limited fashion.

Armed assaults grow in frequency and intensity.  Note the demographics of who is assaulting whom and that the absence of racial category information in mainstream news indicates that the perpetrators are not of a group that helps the progressive cause or advances the narrative.  This is so common in the current year that it almost does not bear mentioning.  That armed attacks happen notably in very restrictive zones for firearms hints that the real purpose of “gun free zones” and restrictive firearms legislation is paradoxically TO PROVIDE UNARMED VICTIMS that will drive fascist control efforts.

*Update:  As we were finishing this up to post, an Islamic jihadist attacked a prominent and popular "gun free zone" gay nightclub in Orlando, FL.  The Mayor was quick to declare a "state of emergency" which fits with the template to force the state into over reaction and creation of discomfort for the innocent residents of the area attacked.

Read:  50 Dead in Orlando, State of Emergency Declared 

Police and other security forces withdraw into garrisons, allowing the guerrillas to control the streets and begin to construct a shadow government-in-waiting. 

Controlling the narrative and communicating the guerrillas' long term aims to the masses becomes the main focus of propaganda.  This happens DAILY in contemporary America by a fawning, collaborationist press.

Arms are stashed in anticipation of an armed uprising.  Complementary to the guerillas' actions, middle class America is arming itself at a rate that boggles the uninformed mind but is perfectly logical in light of decades of progressive pogroms to disposess and disenfranchise them - a not irrational reaction to the insane policy choices made by our current radical Marxist, Islamic leadership.  To paraphrase Bill Ayers, you don't need a weather forecast to tell which way the wind is blowing.

Stage Four:  Mobilization of the Masses

Provoking repression becomes a key objective in order to generate mass support and momentum. This is also part of the aforementioned auto-delegitimization.

They must force the government (or culture) to act as oppressor to convince others of the righteousness of their cause and that the government is no longer an ally but an enemy.  This is the forcing of a Fort Sumter moment upon the people, who will be strongly encouraged to grant moral superiority to the guerrilla cause and all its minions.  Think on this point with every “police brutality” incident or “dindu nuffins gets shot in da hood” news item.

The judicial system is a core target.  If documents can be destroyed, witnesses intimidated, evidence tampered with etc then the government is forced into extraordinary measures to carry out justice, giving rise to claims of repression, corruption, illegitimacy etc.  Also consider the role of racial Balkanization within the Judiciary, particularly relevant to the current Judge Curiel/Donald Trump brouhaha. With radicalized, activist judges embedded within the structure, biased judgments to achieve political ends are ever more common.

Continued violence directed at police to induce them to become “trigger happy” allow the guerrillas to claim that the police unilaterally brutalize the population without cause and goad the government into punitive measures such as curfews, which inflame the larger resident populations inconvenienced by such decisions.  In Obamerica this has resulted in a rising toll of Police duty deaths as urban enclaves and whole cities relaxed any policy of policing deemed “racist” by the political charlatans that activate the guerrilla forces and other radical agitators.

The guerrillas may launch waves of terror against their opposition and pin it on the governments internal security forces.  This is a standard operating procedure in the Third World and is called a “false flag”. It also happens among allies and Western nation states.  One need look no further than the “Years of Lead” in Italy perpetrated by Operation GLADIO operatives, and one may even suspect it in the FLQ Crisis (kidnap/murder of Pierre LaPorte).
General strikes are called so that unoccupied workers may be converted into street fighters.  Long term deliberate and systemic unemployment achieves the same ends.  Consider that America's labor involvement of working age people shows 100 Million or so people who could work as out of the labor force, supplying a vast manpower pool as the guerrilla forces will require. A simple look at official vs actual unemployment illustrates the point that Americans are now the primary psychological operations target of their own “government”.  Idle hands are the Devil's plaything.

Riots occur with increasing frequency as a means of misdirection and to provide cover for the guerrillas so that they can carry out other operations, such as assassinations and armed assaults.  The goal of riots is also to provoke the government into over reaction and taking heavy handed measures that affect the population at large, triggering discontent and anger.  Paid agitators are deployed, and barricades are constructed so that the guerrilla forces can direct the mob and deny the government easy access to their own lines of supply.  This template was carried out during the ongoing “Ferguson” manufactured unrest. Ponder when “riot” came to be something you were no longer surprised by. Note the year of your observation.

Widespread riots quickly wear out the police, allowing the guerrillas greater freedom of action and movement. The police may even be driven out of entire areas of the city, ceding control to the guerrillas. The better organized guerrillas will move among the mob, further inflaming them and directing them to specific targets.  Rioting is by nature "directionless" and requires intervention by guerrilla forces to keep them motivated and on target. That professional agitators are at work in contemporary riots is undeniable.  Local governments act as professional agitators in their own communities for personal political aggrandizement at no cost to themselves - witness the shameful display of civic leaders in Baltimore in the wake of the Freddy Gray riots.  Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and her “space to destroy” ideology doomed the city.
Even more recently, there was the shameful coordination of the Mayor of San Jose and the police forces to redirect Trump rally goers INTO the center of the mob.

Stage Five:  Full on Armed Urban Uprising

The masses are armed.  The guerrillas are in control of the media to give directions to dissidents, and in control of the Narrative.  The guerrillas occupy or destroy key government facilities.  The objective is take over of the government, with a shadow government already staffed and in place.

Note before the final stage - full armed uprising and overthrow - that the shadow government already is in place.  Let that sink in. The unhelpful bureaucrat at the DMV, the guidance counsellor in your child's school, the Human Resources director at your firm.  As the last vestiges of civilization retire or are forced to resign, those sympathetic to the guerillas will be free to overtly engage in what they up until recently had to accomplish on the down-low.

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rmf00007 said...

This was a great piece.

I remember sitting one evening with former FBI agent and professor W. Cleon Skousen who had written a book entitled "Communist Attack on the U.S. Police" where he pointed out the "scientific techniques" of communist crowd control. In that study, he covered many of the aspects of creating the conditions for "urban warfare" as a tool of Marxist revolution. He also told me, in 1974, too look for this type of "Maoist strategy" to be used in the future just before the elites look for an excuse to "suspend" elections. Professor Skousen told me that is when that occurs, we will see the steps "speed up" as our constitutionally protected freedoms under the guise of "stopping the anarchist" erode into a quasi-Marxist dictatorship disguised as "solving the problem" of chaos and revolution. He reminded me of the strategy outlined in the book "...And not a Shot Was Fired" which exposed how the communists took over Eastern Europe using this same type of "guerrilla warfare" tactic. Black Lives Matter is following that same strategy.

Hal8196 said...

Many years ago I started my journey trying to understand why the country no longer seemed to work anymore. I read Skousen's book "The Naked Communist", and followed it up with Curtis Bowers' video "Agenda- The Grinding Down of America".

I agree completely with this well written article. The communists are using the Muslims and Black Lives Matter as the "tip of the spear'. Obama was the last piece of their puzzle to destroy America. We may be past the tipping point, but this unapologetic patriot will fight until the end.