Sunday, June 12, 2016

Propaganda Team rushes to frame "Gun Violence" narrative in wake of Islamic Terrorist Attack in Orlando

Classic agitprop.

If anyone needs further reminders that the media in the West is not "independent" let alone "impartial", the rush to frame the Narrative of the Islamic terror attack at an Orlando LBGT nightclub during Ramadan as an act of "gun violence" while remaining silent on the overt connections to Islamic intolerance, hate and use of violence and terror as a weapon to intimidate should remove any doubts from your mind.

Islam is a political system that is antithetical to the ethics and belief system of the open democratic West.  It is not compatible; it is not possible to "assimilate" Islam into Western societies.

The Jihadist attack at the "Gun Free" Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida was the US equivalent of the Jihadist attack at the "Gun Free" Bataclan theatre in Paris, November 2015.  The difference is, in November in Paris, the attack was accurately reported in the international press as a Jihadist/Islamic terror ATTACK, while in the US, the handmaidens of Totalarianism are spinning this as "gun violence" and a generic "mass shooting".

Those who fight for Freedom must be quick to pivot the discussion from false claims of "gun violence" to a long overdue discussion about the existential dangers Islam is to freedom and our culture of individual liberty and free will.
We are under attack and the mainstream media is the propaganda arm of the anti-freedom forces.

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Add:  Not trying to be cynical, but if you have the misfortune of visiting and/or working in identified "Gun Free Zones", you may wish to buy and carry a "severe trauma kit" designed for combat gunshot wounds and a bulletproof backpack to stash it in. Minutes can save lives until emergency responders can take over.

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