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SHTF Self Education Tuesday Book Review - Militant Tricks: Battlefield Ruses of the Islamic Insurgent

Today I am reviewing "Militant Tricks- Battlefield Rules of the Islamic Insurgent", by H. John Poole.

My choice of book review seems even more timely and almost prescient (it was drafted prior) with the Jihadi attacks in Orlando and Amarillo.

A word on structure and context is in order.  The book is copyrighted 2005 (ISBN 0-9638695-8-2 / Posterity press), right after the early bulge of utter chaos in Iraq.  It is written in a hopeful, helpful tone along the lines of "what we need to do to WIN!", this is well before the non-surrender and shameful abandonment and pullout by the cowardly, spineless annelids in D.C. that cast all the hard won local successes like so much contaminated ash into the dustbin of history.  Poole writes for an American viewpoint and describes the many ploys and misdirections that the enemy used to that point.  The work remains relevant and will for the remainder of time.

What I suggest Readers consider is that they read this not as what to fight against, but rather what worked, what works and how it is structured.  This is the compelling "What's In It For Me" (WIIFM). By reading this book, the Reader may gain insight in how forces in opposition to American styled forces win despite severe materiel and resource issues.  If you fail to grasp this, you are missing the whole point of the book.

Poole states explicitly that the United States Military is fundamentally unequipped to fight such a war due to Political correctness and Cultural Marxism that has disarmed and rendered moot much of the internal cohesion, power and trust within our military... the one that we as taxpayers fund to the level where it is a colossus, but ever more apparently a colossus with feet of unbaked clay.  I find this hard to state, as I was part of it, like many of you.  You and you alone can assess the truth behind my mere commentary and that of Poole's deep, searching work.

Upon reading this for the first time years ago, my take was somewhat different than it is with the benefit of hindsight.  Reading it now, the only visual that comes to mind is that of being ushered into dark, silent halls by a mute butler.  Every door that opens reveals a yawning chasm of swirling miasma, enthralling and horrifying in its timeless depths of history as Poole dissects Eastern strategems and concepts of warfare.  The American Military Planning process is SO not adequate to address the temporal element, the cultural dislocation and ideological mismatch between American concepts/expectations of war and the Cthulu-like Eastern methods of warfare.

Amazon Link to buy a copy of "36 Strategems".

For me to dissect the book as some sort of recipe for success is to utterly miss the point, it would be like a food critic discussing some morsel that you would miss out on.  You should deeply savor this morsel for yourself, I merely call your interest to it.  The key ingredients boil down to patience, creativity, willingness to suffer, and patience.  I mention patience twice to emphasize to you the importance of patience.  The Americans may have the Timexes, but the insurgents/guerrillas have the TIME.  They have ALL the time.  Decades of time.  Americans won't go there, historically for the temporal aspects of this.

In the Preface, the author states:
"For those deeply committed to defeating the Iraqi and Afghan insurgencies, this book will be spellbinding.  For everyone else, it should be treated as an intelligence reference manual - to be read a few paragraphs at a time..."
The work is arranged in 3 parts, a military triptych.  Part 1 has an update circa 2005 (dated in this respect, but well worth it).  Part 2 reflects upon the 36 Strategems to explain the techniques.  Part 3 is provided as an antidote to the Eastern, indirect way of war.  In this closing, the author wrote perhaps before the true extent of force protection and casualty aversion would be felt and his tactical suggestions, while feasible and quite interesting, would never have been allowed by the perfumed princes of the 5 sided foxhole.
Post from https://twitter.com/ramsteinairbase

The red ink I used to underline and make marginal notes to myself defy the confines of the usual space and time I devote to reviews.  As such, I leave it to you as the Reader to absorb this work.  Part 2 of his book will be of the greatest utility in understanding the current tactical, operational and strategic strains that will define the next Civil War in America. I kid you not and I urge you to read this book.  Find a copy that you can mark up.

I write this as news stories bubble up today that dependents at Ramstein AFB in Germany may be in the process of being evacuated due to the local security threat.  Read the book and get your mind around how this may be, that Islamic operational art may be directly impacting American military BASES in Europe.  Terror may have followed us home and Lord, we surely do not want to "keep them"!  If you see the rabbit hole, come join me at the bottom of it and let's discuss.

Post Script - The Islamic Terrorism attacks in Orland and Amarillo punctuate the editing of this review in a long, unending series of ellipses.  Consider your local operating area and YOUR risks, as well as your risk tolerance.  Prepare accordingly and don't drop your guard.  America is now infested with maniacal, Islamic zealots who mean you harm.  Thanks, Obama.

This should bring back memories...

THIS resource will walk you through the planning process just as military staff do it - Self-Education for those who want to be prepared.  Amazon Link for BSS5 Battle Staff Smart Book.

Buy H. John Poole's "Militant Tricks" on Amazon.

ADDENDUM: For light-duty civilian use, if you want to keep your comms "secure-ish", Motorola sells a frequency hopping, spread spectrum radio that you can own (Motorola DTR650). Amazon has them for shipment at about $230 (each). The way that frequency hopping spread spectrum radios operate is that they very rapidly transmit your conversation on a large number of frequencies in a discrete order programmed into your radios. Anyone monitoring a given frequency will get nothing, unless they have your exact pseudorandom sequence. You get what you pay for.


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DTG said...

Keep the reviews coming. Thanks for the insight!

Poole, IMHO, is indispensable in providing analysis and comparison of what works against standard, 'Western' hi-tech doctrine.

The first book I recommend to people wanting to learn/understand what it's going to take to protect their families and homes is, "The Tiger's Way." Usually, from there, the student will begin a trek through Poole's works and get, "Militant Tricks" along the line.

Great discussions ensue!

mobius wolf said...

I bought that and forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder. I believe I'll bump it to the top of the list.