Thursday, June 9, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Baltimore, Foco Theory and Urban Unrest

5 points to know about the confluence of Foco Theory 
and contemporary American urban unrest - originally published Sept 2015


Frantz Fanon, Black Lives Matter and the Philosophy of Absolute Violence

originally published May, 2012 at the height of the post-Trayvon Martin shooting manufactured hysteria and racial rage

All is going according to plan .....


Abe said...

Link broken for " Baltimore, Foco Theory and Urban Unrest" ?

Stop shouting... said...

Thanks for letting me know ... after having the link found to be "inactive" multiple times today, culminating in a "post no longer available" (a first for us here at SSB), we recreated the post from notes and have republished it. How long it stays up and available remains to be "seen" (pun intended).

Thanks again for your patronage and visit.

Anonymous said...

Does radio work with encrypted municipalities?