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The Color Revolution Comes to America ... and the color is RED not BLACK


The recent uptick in racial terrorism in America has caught the imagination of the public at large. There are many responses to this development, ranging from “clutch the pearls shocked” to far more sanguine thoughts. I won't dwell on that aspect, but will address the role of this spate of events and the American development of the so-called “Color Revolution”.

Gene Sharp, architect of the Color Revolution ideology
What is a “color revolution”? you may ask... it is a concept developed by Gene Sharp of the Albert Einstein Foundation (currently run out of his home near Logan Airport in Boston). 


You can read all of his other works from the links at  I highly recommend reading his work, it is well thought out and flat out works. It can also be used AGAINST tyranny at home. Consider it a free source book on local, non-violent resistance. Download all his works while you still can.

Consider ALL of his listed 198 actions... how many can YOU pick out in your daily news?

Sharp's writings on "Civilian-Based Defense” were used by the Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian governments during their separation from the Soviet Union in 1991. Lithuanian Defence Minister Audrius Butkevicius declared at the time, "I would rather have this book than the nuclear bomb". 
Gene Sharp has a long history of agitation and “peace” activism behind him, but his work has been used to fuel both misery and chaos abroad, notably in Egypt and Ukraine. Now, his methods are being used against Americans at home.
Billionaire George Soros funds "Color Revolutions" and coordinates with the Clinton Foundation
Color Revolutions are generally non-violent political revolutions that use students, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and identity politics to overthrow existing power structures. The history of “color revolutions” really is the path of American hegemony over the globe. Consider if you will the map of known color revolutions, and the before/after comparisons regarding American interests (business and political, NOT the average person).

Color Revolutions use gradual escalation to force regimes to overplay their hand, which generates international pressure and opprobrium to “change”. The useful idiots at the front lines are “martyred” and fuel further activity. Established rule of law is stymied and paralyzed, then swept away in favor of globalist structures. These structures are often associated with the likes of George Soros and the cabal of globalists, sellouts and the “elite”.
Note that each of these locations advanced American interests in some fashion.... oil, energy, ideological. Note that Syria is NOT on that map, but it should be. The turmoil and depravity in these locations is shielded from Americans by a complicit lapdog media. Nevertheless, the chaos and destruction is real. Other nations use the methods of Gene Sharp to defeat oppression, notably the Baltic Republics. While American politicos see the technique as a low cost means to impose “democracy” abroad, it is also seen as a means to topple uniparty states, like China and Russia. 

The Eastern counter to the color revolution is the “special warfare” as seen in Ukraine, where the Russian tactic and operational method of  “Little Green Men” is used to good effect. See the excellent work of John Schindler to better understand the concept at . It is worth your time to read ALL of his work. It will take time, but read it all you should.

Domestically, “color revolution” is used as a tactic to IMPOSE a uniparty state. Let me repeat myself for emphasis:

Domestically, “color revolution” is used as a tactic to IMPOSE a uniparty state.

Think about it. America is perhaps one of the most intensely propagandized nations on earth. Think about all the “white privilege”, #BLM, racism, “can't we all get along”, pro perversion (gay, trans, queer, etc.) messaging and pressure that you see. Think about how much your CHILDREN are exposed to. What America is experiencing is a top down imposed color revolution - not from external forces or elements. The waves of rapefugees and crimmigrants are a mere tool of the Federal Regime and its goon squads (HOW many rounds of ammoand HOW many sworn officers with arrest powers exist?). They are the social and physical forces to subjugate Americans.


So, now that I have made my case that America is under siege by its own “Government”, what will this color revolution be named? I posit that it will be the Red Revolution. Red for the Communists trying to impose it upon us, Red for the States that will stop it. Red for the blood that has already been spilled by the forces of globalism and the New World Order of honest Americans. Red for the blood that will wash in the gutters of American streets.

Make no mistake – I do not want this for any American. However, like the weather, wanting or not wanting it is immaterial... it just is. Trim your sails accordingly.

You may also find reading "5 stages of Urban Guerrilla Warfare" informative.

Written by StopShoutingBlog contributor and #FAB50 Blog Award Winner Partyzantski, coolest cat on teh inner webs, retired Mustang, former FID embedded military Advisor, SASO trainer and scenario developer, Electronic Warfare Aviator, PME instructor, certified Force Protection and Anti-terrorism officer and combat seasoned USMC (0202) field grade intelligence officer. When not blogging or maintaining weapons proficiency at the range, he enjoys cat herding and travel to off-the-beaten-track locales. You can follow him on Twitter @Partyzantski  

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