Saturday, January 7, 2017

Saturday Schoolhouse: Understanding Islam and Why it is a threat to Western Civilization

Islam is an ideology that has spread virulently throughout the world because it uses deception to gain a foothold in non-islamic countries.  Once Islam reach a tipping point in numbers, they employ threats, escalating to actual violence and then total oppression to maintain their power, control and dominance.

Islam was invented and then spread by Mohammed, who was initially welcomed as a "Refugee" in the city of Medina, who then turned on his host community.

This video interview of Usama Dakdok is a great primer for those who remain naive about the true nature of Islam and the long-term goals.  Our military FAO's who have studied Islamic culture, the Koran and hadiths have told us the exact.same.thing.

The time to wake up is past.

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15Fixer said...

Another timely and great article! I'm glad you are back posting. Happy New Year, praying for you both.