Wednesday, June 3, 2020

I know I need a TEOTWAWKI Pantry, but where do I start?

WWII Rationing Food Line Up at Butcher Shop, England 1942 
The most recent 60 day (and counting) free trial of communism (the lock downs go way beyond mere “socialism”) offered up by the COVID crisis have caused many families to pause and consider what they would do if going to the grocery store didn’t just mean reduced quantities or choices in foodstuffs, but if literally the shelves were bare, and the resupply was uncertain. As in, Venezuela bare. As in, people in Poland “unavailable”.  Under communist rule, those in the Soviet bloc would join any line and buy whatever was on offer because inflation was so rampant that you had to exchange currency for SOMETHING tangible, tradeable or useful immediately, before your money was completely devalued and, supply chains in the modern American sense were a joke and so you bought what was available, when it was available, and a thriving barter economy resulted. Speak to anyone who lived in the Soviet bloc during this era and they are quite clear it sucked.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

SHTF Self-Education: Introduction to Pressure Canning

My interest in pressure canning began when I became concerned about the meat stored in our large chest freezer in the event of an extended power outage.  We had just purchased a custom butchered quarter cow and half hog, as well as game that my husband had procured and free range poultry he earned by volunteering at a local farm on chicken slaughtering days.  It would be impossible to cook/save all of it in the event of long term loss of power.  Anxious about potentially losing such a significant investment, I began seeking ways to diversify our food storage.

Investing in a quality pressure canner is investing in a piece of American history.  The number one seller of pressure canners in the USA is the "All American" brand produced by the Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry founded in 1909.  Their line up of pressure canners has stood the test of time, is heirloom quality and range in size from 10 qt to 41 qts.

As an aside, the Wisconsin Foundry also sells a line of electric sterilizers (autoclaves). In a pinch, your pressure canner could be a substitute autoclave to properly sterilize instruments, equipment and bandages.  Autoclaving sterilization works by steam and pressure to kill infectious organisms, which is the function of a pressure canner.

Beginning a Preppers "SHTF" Garden? Avoid the hidden hazards - Here's some important safety info you need to know.

Many prepping advice sites discuss in addition to long term food storage, the need to have an ongoing, long term food source you control, such as a garden or aquaponics setup. There are many excellent blogs dedicated to planning, setting up, growing and organically managing a SHTF prepper's garden.  This is not "that" type of post.

This post is about some basic safety information you need to know before you venture out and commune with the land.